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20 Golf Driving Tips: Finally Start Hitting Longer & Straighter Drive

Driving distance and accuracy… the 2 issues that each golfer on the planet needs extra of.

Positive, everyone knows that placing is the important thing for achievement on the skilled degree, however as a leisure participant, you wish to have the boldness to step as much as the primary tee and smash a drive down the center of the green.

There are numerous other ways to achieve distance and hit extra fairways, however the actuality is straightforward. When you grasp the essential ideas of strong ball hanging, you must enhance your clubhead pace with a view to enhance your distance.

In case your driving of the golf ball is one thing that frustrates you, you’re in luck, you’ve got now discovered the final word useful resource for golf driving suggestions that can assist you hit longer, straighter, and extra constant drives.

Listed below are the 20 golf driving suggestions that can immediately aid you acquire extra treasured yards off the tee:

Desk of Contents

  • 1. Widen Your Stance
  • 2. Tilt Your Backbone
  • 3. Use Extra Loft
  • 4. Practice With a Lighter Membership
  • 5. Practice With a Heavier Membership
  • 6. Get to the Health club
  • 7. Set up Width Early within the Swing
  • 8. Implement a Stretching Routine
  • 9. Observe with a Launch Monitor
  • 10. Lower Your Spin Price
  • 11. Setup with Extra Weight in your Path Foot
  • 12. Observe Dangerous Posture
  • 13. Get rid of Early Extension
  • 14. Increase Your Left Heel
  • 15. Pull your Pocket
  • 16. Flip Your Head within the Backswing
  • 17. Preset your Hips
  • 18. Observe on an Uphill Lie
  • 19. Maintain Your End
  • 20. Swing Left Handed
  • Use the following pointers and begin hitting longer, straighter, and extra constant drives…

1. Widen Your Stance

Golf Driving Tips Stance Width

There’s a cause you may swing your driver sooner than every other membership in your bag. Merely put, the driving force is the longest membership in your bag and due to this fact has a bigger swing arc which leads to extra pace.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that you’ll swing the driving force sooner than every other membership and due to this fact want a strong base on your swing. Arrange so the surface of your shoulders prolong right down to the within of your ft at handle. This may guarantee you’ve got a strong sufficient base to swing the membership in steadiness and with authority while you begin to enhance your clubhead pace.

2. Tilt Your Backbone

Golf Driving Tips Spine Tilt

Though the essential parts of the iron and driver swing are the identical there may be one facet that’s fully reverse between the 2 photographs.

With an iron swing the ball is on the bottom and we should strike “down” on the golf ball. With the driving force, the ball is positioned on a tee and due to this fact we should do the alternative and hit “up” on the ball. Discover within the place above how the left shoulder is barely greater than the precise shoulder. It is a results of a slight tilt of the backbone at handle.

The aim of the backbone tilt is put the participant able to hit up on the golf ball, a key factor that it is best to give attention to when rising driver distance.

3. Use Extra Loft

Golf Driving Tip More Loft

What loft do you at present use in your driver?

After working with hundreds of amateurs through the years, we’ve discovered a direct correlation with driver loft and ego. Gamers with the most important egos are inclined to have the smallest quantity of loft on their driver.The explanation? Folks suppose that the decrease the loft of their driver the extra highly effective of a participant they’re.

Whereas it’s true that a few of the lengthy drive rivals use driver lofts underneath 6 levels, the overwhelming majority of PGA Tour gamers, probably the most elite group of golfers on the planet, are utilizing increasingly loft yearly on their drivers.

Because of developments in know-how, we all know now probably the most environment friendly strategy to “launch” a ball is with excessive loft, low spin and hitting up on the golf ball. Dustin Johnson, one of the crucial highly effective drivers of the golf ball on the PGA Tour makes use of an 11-degree driver!

No marvel he hits these towering tee photographs that carry properly over 300 yards. A lot of the drivers immediately include adjustable faces giving gamers a spread of about 4 levels of loft to experiment with.

Subsequent time you go to the vary carry your adjustment software and begin to experiment with a better loft, it simply is likely to be the important thing to unlocking a number of further yards.

4. Practice With a Lighter Membership

Driving Tip Lighter Clug

The common clubhead pace of a PGA Tour participant utilizing a driver is 113mph, whereas the common 15 handicap is 93mph.

In an effort to enhance distance, one should slender this hole and start to swing the membership sooner. Some of the efficient methods to coach pace in your golf swing is to swing a lighter membership. Your physique consists of each quick twitch and gradual twitch muscle tissue that when activated are each necessary components within the golf swing. Swinging a light-weight membership will will let you activate the quick twitch muscle fibers in your physique.

The very best software we’ve discovered to do that (after attempting practically all of them) is the SuperSpeed coaching system. It contains 3 specifically-weighted coaching golf equipment, practically 2 years value of on-line video instruction and is utilized by greater than 600 tour professionals worldwide, together with Phil Mickelson.

In the event you don’t wish to use the SuperSpeed system you may apply by taking an alignment stick and swinging it as quick as you may out of your regular golf stance. When apply this drill give attention to making a loud “swoosh” sound with the membership after affect as you give attention to accelerating as quick as you may within the downswing.

5. Practice With a Heavier Membership

Whereas swinging a lighter membership is a wonderful strategy to apply constructing pace, practising the exact opposite can be helpful.

The SuperSpeed coaching system features a membership designed to be 5% heavier than a driver for this actual cause.

If you wish to attempt to recreate this with out the system seize two irons out of your bag and carry out apply swings holding the 2 golf equipment collectively. Swinging two golf equipment collectively can be considerably heavier than the alignment stick you simply used and can additional practice your quick twitch muscle fibers. We advocate switching backwards and forwards between each heavy and lightweight weight golf equipment to additional develop these necessary muscle tissue or following the prescribed trainings from SuperSpeed’s system.

After time, your muscle tissue will start to develop energy by swinging the heavier membership and it is possible for you to to extend your clubhead pace.

6. Get to the Health club

Golf Driving Tips Exercise

Take a look at the highest of each PGA Tour leaderboard every week and also you’ll discover one of the best gamers in immediately’s sport are all sturdy athletic specimens of energy.

Tiger Woods introduced a brand new era of golfers to the sport and with it the belief that health is a vital half in hitting the ball nice distances. Train is a vital a part of every day life as a human being, however additionally it is necessary as a golfer.

Whereas there are some very particular workout routines that immediately profit the golf swing (we’ll cowl that later) beginning any sort of train program that can enhance your total health may have direct advantages to your distance off the tee.

7. Set up Width Early within the Swing

Driving Tips Ben Hogan

Take a look at the classical swing of Ben Hogan and spot how a lot house he creates to start with of his swing.

We talked about earlier that you would be able to swing the driving force the quickest pace as a result of it’s the longest membership and due to this fact creates the widest swing arc. Persevering with with the theme that width equals energy, it’s necessary that your preliminary takeaway is one which will get the physique turning and your arms extending away from the physique.

Many amateurs provoke their arms too early within the swing by lifting the membership with a “cocking” movement of the wrists. Copy the lengthy hitters of immediately and apply a gradual, large takeaway with little wrist cock. As you begin your swing, think about the buttons in your shirt rotating backwards whereas your arms prolong away out of your physique. This may encourage you to make use of extra of your physique to hit the ball as an alternative of main with the arms.

8. Implement a Stretching Routine

Golf Driving Tips Stretch

We talked about earlier the significance of including a fitness center routine to your weekly routine, nonetheless one of the crucial neglected workout routines for golfers is the easy behavior of stretching.

As you age, your energy will lower over time, this isn’t a idea however a truth. One of the best ways to fight this lack of energy is to keep up a excessive degree of flexibility. With the ability to contact your toes, rotate your shoulders as shut as you may to 90 levels, and carry out a deep squat are all necessary workout routines that golfers ought to be practising on a regular basis.

The important thing with stretching is to make it part of your every day routine. Begin by utilizing the primary 5 minutes of every morning to apply these fundamental golf stretches. You’ll begin to see wonderful outcomes after simply 7 days. Stick with it for a whole month and you can be blown away by the outcomes!

9. Observe with a Launch Monitor

Launch Monitor Driving Tips

There’s a cause why increasingly PGA Tour gamers bringing cellular launch screens with them to each golf event. The very best gamers on the earth must know their actual numbers and pay shut consideration to spin charges, launch angles, clubhead pace and smash issue. Whereas we don’t suppose it’s needed so that you can exit and buy your individual launch monitor, when you have by no means frolicked on one it’s a terrific software to make use of to higher perceive your individual swing dynamics.

Go to your favourite retail golf store (shops like Golf Galaxy and Dick’s Sporting Items enable patrons to entry their launch screens to demo new tools) and usher in your present set and ask to match them with the newer tools. You don’t must buy something, however it will will let you see your necessary numbers like your clubhead pace, spin charge, and launch angle.

Nonetheless, if you’re taken with buying a launch monitor that you would be able to carry with you wherever the one we most frequently advocate is the FlightScope Mevo. It’s probably the most moveable launch monitor in the marketplace, connects to your telephone and is utilized by a few of the greatest drivers on the PGA tour (together with Bryson DeChambeau).

10. Lower Your Spin Price

Most amateurs undergo from excessively excessive spin charges. There could be a wide range of causes for spin charge issues however one of the crucial widespread is a downward strike on the ball that places extra backspin on the shot. We will’t stress the significance of “hitting up” on the golf ball with a driver and can make the purpose once more. If you’re utilizing an iron setup to hit your driver (golf ball in the midst of your stance, flat shoulders, ball teed up too low) you’ll strike down on the ball and hit the kind of shot that balloons within the air and loses beneficial distance.

The longest drivers hit the golf ball with a excessive launch and low spin. Their spin charges common between 1,800-2,300 rpm (revolutions per minute). Once more, utilizing a launch monitor is a good way to see the place your present spin charge is and get immediate suggestions on every swing. Something above 2,800rpms and also you little doubt are giving up beneficial yardage.

11. Setup with Extra Weight in your Path Foot

Golf Driving Tip Back Foot Weight

You need to really feel slightly extra strain on the within of your proper thigh.

We’ve talked about the significance of “hitting up” on the golf ball together with your driver and among the finest methods to encourage this motion is to arrange with barely extra weight in your path foot at handle.

Take your stance and start together with your weight evenly distributed between each ft. The ball place ought to be ahead in your stance and your backbone barely tilted away from the goal. For the right-handed golfer, barely shift your physique till you’re feeling about 60% of your weight is loaded into your proper glute. Having a slight quantity of weight on the path foot ensures that you would be able to keep again and ship that highly effective upward strike into ball.

12. Observe Dangerous Posture

Golf Driving Tips Posture

Don’t fear that’s not a typo! In the event you wrestle with hip mobility, apply arching your again like a cat (left picture) to chill out your shoulders and degree your hips. It might not look fairly, however it can undoubtedly will let you rotate your hips extra. That is an particularly useful tip for these seniors golfers seeking to unlock a number of yards.

Not but a senior golfer? Training the “arching cat” posture within the left picture remains to be a superb drill to make use of. Curl your again up after which let it chill out and you could find your self in a extra impartial posture (proper picture) that can obtain the identical targets.

13. Get rid of Early Extension

Driving Tips Early Extension

Some of the widespread issues we see in a wide range of gamers from the PGA Tour degree to just about each newbie over a 15 handicap is an issue referred to as “early extension”. Early extension happens when a participant’s hips thrust towards the golf ball within the downswing somewhat than rotating and turning round. The explanation Early Extension is such a standard downside for a lot of golfers is that eliminating it on your golf swing requires a sure vary of flexibility.

Fortunately should you can efficiently study the Overhead Deep Squat, you may study to remove Early Extension. To carry out the train, seize a golf membership and maintain it with each arms, shoulder width aside immediately above your head. Get into an athletic setup place and carry out a regular squat whereas maintaining your again straight and golf membership above your head. Your overhead deep squat is taken into account successful should you meet the next 4 circumstances:

The golf membership doesn’t cross your head as you squat

Each heels stay on the ground

Knees don’t cross in entrance of the toes

Thighs break parallel to the bottom

As we talked about earlier, we really feel this motion is so necessary for the golfer that it is best to embody it in your every day stretching routine to assist enhance your physique’s well being and your golf swing.

14. Increase Your Left Heel

Golf Driving Tip Raise Left Heel

You may considerably acquire extra shoulder flip by merely elevating the left heel.

The most effective suggestions that may immediately rework your backswing dynamics includes a easy elevate of the left heel within the backswing.

Spend a while watching the classical swings of Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson and you’ll discover that every of those gamers elevate their left heel within the backswing. Elevating the left heel immediately advantages your swing because it permits your hips extra flexibility to rotate extra within the backswing, and it additionally permits the shoulders to show extra within the backswing.

15. Pull your Pocket

Golf Driving Tip Pocket Pull

Fake somebody is standing behind you and “pulling” your proper pocket backward to have interaction your hips extra.

Some of the widespread errors we see with gamers is a lateral shift within the backswing. This motion, additionally known as swaying, is an instantaneous distance killer within the golf swing. In case your hips are swaying they will’t rotate, and with out the rotation of your hips your swing will lack some main energy. Greg Norman used to make use of the swing considered “proper pocket again” to start out his backswing.

In case you have bother sliding and swaying your hips within the backswing, take your setup place and really feel as if somebody is pulling your proper pocket immediately backward to start out your backswing.

16. Flip Your Head within the Backswing

The most effective methods to cut back pressure and enhance your flip within the backswing is permitting your head to tilt barely within the backswing.

This was a staple transfer within the full swing of Jack Nicklaus and have become the “set off” for his golf swing permitting him to start out his backswing by the tilting of his head. In the event you’re battling extreme pressure in your neck strive the next drill:

Setup in a standard golf stance together with your membership of alternative

For a right-handed golfer, slowly rotate your head counter-clockwise whereas maintaining your left eye centered squarely on the ball

This tilting of the top ought to occur on the identical time you provoke your backswing.

It is a very refined transfer. You solely must tilt the top about an inch to launch the strain in your neck and permit your shoulders to show extra freely. Begin with gradual apply swings after which begin hitting balls with this new transfer.

17. Preset your Hips

Driving Tip for Golf Preset Hips

In the event you undergo from an absence of flexibility together with your hips and shoulders, it’s good to suppose outside-the-box and discover inventive methods to permit your physique to show extra. The extra you may rotate your shoulders and hips within the backswing, the extra potential power you may create.

The most effective strategies includes presetting your hips and shoulders by dropping your path foot again at handle. With the path foot now behind, you’ll discover it a lot simpler to rotate and make a whole flip to the highest. As well as, this setup place will encourage a extra inside takeaway and aid you strategy the ball from the within resulting in a robust draw off the tee.

18. Observe on an Uphill Lie

The most effective methods to apply your excellent setup place on your driver is to discover a light upslope at your driving vary and carry out some apply swings on the slope. Most amateurs make their first mistake with their driver on the setup. With the ball on a mild upslope you’ll simply be capable of expertise an accurate drive setup.

Setup up your shoulders parallel to the upslope and you’ll really feel your backbone barely tilt away from the goal, your weight barely favoring your path foot, and the ball place clearly ahead in your stance, all the proper variables to hit the ball a protracted distance.

19. Maintain Your End

Driving Tips Hold Your Finish

Have you ever ever seen the wonderful steadiness that even the longest drivers on the PGA Tour have of their swing?

One among our favorites to look at is the 2017 PGA Tour Participant of the Yr, Justin Thomas. The lengthy hitting star swings the membership properly in extra of 125mph however appears to complete each swing in excellent steadiness. In the event you can maintain your place on the finish, you can be more likely to:

Have a extra sq. clubface at affect

Method the ball with a correct swing path

Set up a constant rhythm in your swing

Begin your subsequent apply session by hitting 5 consecutive photographs and maintain the end for at least 3 seconds afterwards. When you’ve mastered that drill, incrementally enhance your pace whereas ensuring you end in a balanced place.

20. Swing Left Handed

In the event you wished to be a bodybuilder would you go to the fitness center and solely work out one facet of your physique? After all not, steadiness between all muscle tissue is the important thing to profitable bodybuilding. For the physique builder their proper and left legs, arms, shoulders, and different physique components ought to be equal between either side.

Most golfers by no means even take into consideration coaching their non-dominant facet, however in an effort to create extra steadiness and energy, professionals are spending a big time within the fitness center, throwing, catching, and performing pace swings with BOTH sides of their physique. One of many key fundamentals in coaching pace is to have the ability to swing a light-weight membership roughly the identical pace between either side.

Observe coaching your non-dominant facet with an alignment stick. At first you can be noticeable slower, make it a purpose to get your non-dominant swing pace inside 5% of your dominant swing pace and also you’ll obtain the steadiness and energy that can result in longer drives.

The very best swing pace coaching packages will at all times insure you’re equally coaching either side of your physique.

Use the following pointers and begin hitting longer, straighter, and extra constant drives…

There’s nothing stopping you from enhancing your driving.  Head to the vary with these driving suggestions and put on them out!  Commit at the very least 1 hour per week implementing the following pointers you’ll be smashing stunning drives very quickly.

Get the boldness to KNOW you will hit the green.  There’s no cause why you may’t be a terrific driver of the golf ball and enhance your sport drastically.

You management whether or not or not you enhance your driving.  Put the time in and reap the rewards.