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5 Best Low Spin Drivers for Max Distance Off The Tee [2023]

5 Best Low Spin Drivers for Max Distance Off The Tee [2023]

Low handicap golfers with higher swing speeds often produce too many spin with regular drivers, leading to high ball flight as well as a loss in carry distance. To keep their revolutions per min down and their distance high, they turn to the best low-spin drivers.

This post will reveal the 5 best low spin drivers in 2023 to increase your accuracy and distance from the tee.

These drivers are more suited for advanced golfers, but they still offer plenty of forgiveness, ball speed and accuracy on all shots.

Table of Contents

  • Who are Low Spin Drivers Best suited for?
  • What to look for in a Low Spin Driver
  • Five Top Low Spin Drivers

Who are Low Spin Drivers Best suited for?

Low spin drivers suit golfers who are more agile and want to get further. Low spin drivers stop faster swing speeds from ballooning shots, which can cause them to lose vital yards off the tee.

What to look for in a Low Spin Driver

Low Launch

Drivers with a lower launch profile are often preferred by golfers with higher swing speeds. This is to avoid losing distance and ballooning tee shots. Low spin drivers can be found in moderate and low loft profiles, which allows for a lower launch.

A driver with a low and forward center gravity (CG), may be an option, in addition to the loft profile. These drivers are incredibly spin- and launch-efficient compared to low and back CG ones.

Flexible Clubface

Low spin drivers limit your revolutions per hour, which is great when you hit the ball in the sweet spot. It can be difficult to get the ball up if it is caught in the toe, heel, or club face.

This is why I recommend looking for a flexible clubface that maintains ball pace on off center strikes. TaylorMade Stealth+ has a Thru Slot Speed Pocket, which allows the clubface to impart enough speed and spin to the ball for a consistent launch.

Stiff Shaft

Flexible golf shafts can produce high spin and a high launch, which helps slower swing speeds get airborne and maximize the carry distance. A graphite-colored stiff golf shaft is the best option for a low spin driver.

This structure will reduce whipping into the ball at impact, which will improve control, energy transfer, speed, and control. You will have a better chance of launching your golf ball low with an increased velocity and restricted spin.

Five Top Low Spin Drivers

1. Ping G425 LST – Best Overall Low Spin Driver

Ping G425 LST Driver

Driver Ping G425 LST

Features innovative turbulators that reduce aerodynamic drag and increase speed. The T9S+ forged face, which is proprietary, accelerates flexing across its face for a greater distance. LST model is made with a pear-shaped, 445cc head. This allows for a lower spin.

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  • Rapid ball speed across the clubface
  • Forgiveness
  • Promotes straighter shots to improve dispersion
  • Adjustable hosel
  • For your preferred shot shape, you can moveable CG weight


  • Not the cheapest driver available
  • The loft profiles are not suitable for slower swing speeds

Golfers who have faster swing speeds need a driver that limits spin, lowers launch, and increases playability, but does not eliminate forgiveness. These areas are where the Ping G425 LST excels and will make it the best driver to lower spin for 2023.

Ping engineers used a refined 445cc head with a pear-shaped design to reduce spin by up to 400 rpm. This is in comparison to the G410 LST. As a result, I was able to launch the ball with greater control and a lower spin rate, allowing me to get maximum distance off of the tee.

The aerodynamic Refined crown Turbulators also increased my downswing speed for a strong strike across the clubface. The Internal Dragonfly Technology also gave me an increased moment of inertia (MOI), which allowed for better accuracy.

The Precision Forged Face increased flexibility, which helps maintain ball velocity when striking low-face targets. This resulted in consistent launch and yardage for all strikes.

Ping offers the G425LST in both a 9- and 10.5-degree loft profile. It also has an adjustable hosel with a moveable weight and a CG weight that can be moved, so you can achieve the shot shape and launch angle you desire.

2. Callaway Epic Max LS – Best Value For Money Lower Launch Driver

Value pick

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

This package is designed for players with low handicaps who want more speed, forgiveness, and neutral ball flight.

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  • It’s more affordable than its rivals
  • Adjustable CG weight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Clubface speed ball
  • MOI increased


  • For slower swing speeds, there are limited loft profiles
  • This driver may not be able to launch consistently at slow speeds.

If you want the best, a new driver will cost you more than $500. There are many affordable drivers that can be found for those on a tight budget. The Callaway Epic Max LS low spin driver is our best value for money because of its versatility, forgiveness, range, and launch.

The A.I. The Jailbreak Speedframe was able to produce exceptional golf ball speed due to its torsional stability and horizontal stability. The Speed Frame’s high MOI, the perimeter-weighted design was a great complement to the speed and accuracy.

Callaway included a weight adjuster to allow you to change your CG position for different shot shapes. It allows you to adjust the curve up to 13 yards, although it is important to not tinker too much. Epic Speed provides an equal amount.

The Epic Max LS also has an adjustable hosel that can be adjusted to adjust your loft, club face, or launch angle.

3. Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS – Most Forgiving Low Spin Driver

Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS Driver

Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond, LS Driver

This is the TOUR-proven Triple Diamond shape in a low spin option for more experienced players. It’s Calloway’s lowest spin offering, with a compact 450cc head.

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  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Preserves ball speed, lowers spin
  • For greater accuracy, increase the MOI
  • Lightning face
  • Adjustable hosel


  • The mid-launch may be a problem for some people with high swing speeds.
  • Expensive

Even a low handicapper can still benefit from forgiveness off of the tee to achieve maximum ball flight and yardage. My experience with the Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS is that it offers better leniency because of its flexible clubface and stable frame. It also has a higher MOI.

I was able to produce sufficient lift and distance, even though I struck the ball off center, to still be in contention on my approach shot. Combining a 20-gram Tungsten Speed Cartridge and a flexible A.I. The club face was designed to keep the ball speed high and reduce spin on every strike.

The Tungsten Speed Cartridge has a high MOI design that adds to the forgiveness. This structure was strong enough to resist twisting during the swing, keeping my clubface in contact with the target. This allowed for better accuracy, which resulted in better fairways and a regulation record.

Callaway engineers were able to reduce the spin rate by reducing the head size to 450cc. This allowed for moderate playability. Finally, the Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS can be purchased in a 9 or 10.5-degree loft. These lofts can be strengthened by 1 degree or weakened by 2 degrees.

4. Cobra LTDx LS – Best Low Spin Driver For Longer Drives

Cobra LTDX LS Driver

Cobra LTDX LS Driver

Multi-material weighting system, which includes steel, aluminum, and titanium positions mass low and forward, to combine low spin with a faster ball speed for maximum range.

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  • Extraordinary distance
  • Blistering ball speed
  • Enhanced sweet spot
  • Adjustable CG weight, hosel
  • Clubhead speed accelerated


  • The average golfer will find it very expensive
  • There are no lofts that can be used for slow swing speeds

Low spin drivers are often preferred by faster swing speeds because they provide more distance. The Cobra LTDx LS performed better than its peers in testing and produced exceptional ball speed and spin. It also features an adjustable hosel weight and CG weight, which allows for greater versatility.

I found the PWR–COR technology to be sensational. It helped me maintain ball pace and reduced spin across the club. It seems that pushing the CG lower and further forward can do wonders for spin control.

The H.O.T Face was used to optimize the thickness of the PWR–COR technology across a wide area. This enabled me to produce spin and speed on most strikes.

Cobra also included an adjustable heavy and lightweight CG weight as well as an adjustable hosel. The adjustable weight can be placed in the heel or toe of the foot to alter the flight bias. The hosel adjusts your loft and lie angle.

5. TaylorMade Stealth+ – Best Sounding Driver With Less Spin

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Plus+ driver

The nanotexture cover can be used to adjust launch and spin to optimize total range regardless of playing conditions.

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  • Amplified acoustics
  • Soft Feel
  • Attractive finish
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Optimizes launch distance and carry distance


  • Expensive
  • Larger clubfaces than in the past models

Our top-sounding golf driver is at the end of our list of best drivers with low spin rate. The TaylorMade Stealth+ has a combination of a 60X Carbon Twist face and a Nanotexture cover. This gives the driver a soft feel and amplified sound for tee shots.

The nanotexture of polyurethane nanotexture covers protects the 60 layers carbon and softens the feeling of each strike. It is supported by a strong internal ribbing structure that stabilizes the driver at contact and boosts MOI to maintain ball speed.

Asymmetric Inertia Generator also improves the aerodynamics and speed of the driver’s head. A Thru Slot Speed Pocket improves the flexibility of your lower clubface and ensures ball zip on all shots.

I also appreciated the versatility offered by the 10-gram sliding-track weight, which allowed me the ability to alter my shot shape. An adjustable hosel allows you to strengthen or weaken the stock lofts at 9 and 10.5 degrees.

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