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75 Golf Cart Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny, and Unique

75 Golf Cart Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny, and Unique

Golf Cart Names:

If you have not yet given your golf cart a name, do not worry as we have got you covered. We have compiled a comprehensive list of 75 potential golf cart names for you to choose from. These names have been carefully selected to ensure that they are unique, catchy, and perfectly fit the personality of your golf cart. So, take a look at the list and choose the perfect name that will make your golf cart stand out on the course.

1. Taz 

We needed to put this one on this checklist. It’s the nickname for the ever-so-lovable cartoon character, The Tasmanian Satan. All golfers are liable to frustration outbursts identical to Taz.

2. Boozer Cruiser

On your buddy that appears to all the time have one too many beers whereas on the golf course, this might be the right nickname for his or her golf cart.

3. Tank

This nickname is humorous nevertheless it additionally instructions respect.

4. Thunder

A sensible choice in your golf cart in case you are often called a golfer that’s lengthy off the tee.

5. Lightning

A catchy title that’s nice for any sort of vehicle, even a golf cart.

6. Rocket

One other snazzy golf cart nickname that might consult with the pace of the cart itself or to these low line-drive sort of pictures that reduce completely by way of the wind.

7. Seve

A cool nickname that can be a nod to probably the most charismatic golfers of all time, Seve Ballesteros. Born in Spain, Ballesteros racked up 90 skilled wins in addition to 5 main championships.

8. Bam Bam

An awesome golf cart nickname for golfers who smack the ball a good distance or who’re huge followers of the Flintstones cartoon.

9. Sunday Driver

This one is ideal for that one that all the time appears to drive the golf cart too slowly.

10. Miss Daisy

A cute nickname and an amazing film as nicely, “Driving Miss Daisy”.

11. Merlot

Are you a wine lover? In that case, why not title your golf cart after your favourite wine?

12. Bunkermobile

Let’s face it! All golfers spend extra time within the bunker than they’d care to confess.

13. Slicer

Since most newbie golfers battle a giant banana slice off the tee, this nickname is each humorous and relevant for a lot of.

14. Cobra

It is a standard golf producer but in addition a slick nickname for a golf cart.

15. Sizzling Rod

Right here’s an oldie however a goodie. You possibly can’t go improper with Sizzling Rod.

16. Homer

This title is a superb choice for hardcore followers of the long-lasting cartoon The Simpsons.

17. Birdie

Not a lot thought went into this one. Nevertheless, since there’s no such factor as a nasty birdie, we figured it could work as a golf cart nickname as nicely.

18. Midnight Rider

Need a title in your golf cart that’s each attention-grabbing and mysterious? This might be one!

19. Ace

That is certainly one of our favorites! A hole-in-one is also known as an ace in golf.

20. Hurricane

Are you thrilling however harmful behind the wheel? Hurricane could be the right title in your cart.

21. Dolly

A fairly little nickname whether or not you’re a spunky girl or a person who’s a fan of the good Dolly Parton.

22. Batmobile

In the event you all the time dreamed of driving the Batmobile as a child, this title is a pure alternative.

23. Superman

We are able to’t point out Batman with out mentioning the opposite standard superhero!

24. Sandy

One other good title alternative if you end up spending manner an excessive amount of time within the bunkers!

25. Flash

Is your golf cart sooner than most? Flash is a superb title alternative.

26. Samurai

A modern, but a robust title in your golf cart.

27. Indignant Birdie

A humorous title in your golf cart that performs off the hit sport Indignant Birds.

28. Bronco

Does your driver hit the ball a good distance however get sort of wild on occasion? Bronco simply could be the right title in your golf cart!

29. Twister

Do you drive your cart so aggressively that you just go away a whirlwind behind you? Go together with Twister as your title alternative!

30. Darkish Knight

One other cool nickname that can be a nod to Batman.

31. Crash

It is a cool title in your cart, simply strive to not crash on the course!

32. Offroader

In the event you suppose the “Cart Path Solely” indicators are only a suggestion, this title is a superb concept.

33. Tsunami

This title is just like a hurricane however with its personal twist.

34. T-Rex

For golfers that scare people off the tee and with their driving.

35. Hulkster

Excellent for Hulk Hogan and Lou Ferrigno followers.

36. Iron Horse

A reputation that’s elegant however nonetheless highly effective.

37. Speedy Gonzalez

For folk who drive so quick that they scare the beverage cart staff.

38. Rev

For people who want they may rev their golf cart engine.

39. Bullet

For folk that drive quick and presumably lethal.

40. Bomber

An awesome alternative for people who’re lengthy off the tee.

41. Basher

Do you bash five-foot putts by the opening? This could be the perfect title in your cart.

42. Mighty Mouse

Excellent for the golfer that’s each slight in stature but in addition sturdy.

43. Outdated Bessie

A superb title in your cart if it’s getting on up there in years.

44. Stealth

Is your golf cart quick however quiet? The title Stealth could also be match.

45. Eagle

All of us need extra eagles on the golf course! Naming your golf cart Eagle simply seems like a good suggestion.

46. Albatross

Right here’s a catchy title in your cart. Albatross is one other title for double eagle on the course.

47. The Love Bug

Do you wish to play golf along with your vital different? This could possibly be an acceptable title in your golf cart.

48. Cowboy

Are you wild off the tee and whereas driving your golf cart? Do you additionally attempt to get residence in two pictures, even on the longest of par 5 holes? Cowboy could also be title for each your golf cart and possibly even your self.

49. Cheetah

For the golfer who’s quiet however all the time able to pounce.

50. Roadie

Nothing fancy about this cart title nevertheless it’s nonetheless one.

51. Tigger

This title is nice for people which have Tigger from Winnie the Pooh’s persona. In the event you’re tremendous energetic and consistently bouncing off the partitions with enthusiasm, we advocate calling your golf cart Tigger!

52. Pooh Bear

Excellent for these odd golfers who all the time stay calm and candy, regardless of how poorly they might be enjoying.

53. Angel

There are not any angels on the golf course, however that doesn’t imply you may’t name your cart one.

54. Black Betty

This was a unbelievable track again within the day. It’s additionally an amazing title in your golf cart if it occurs to be black.

55. Increase Increase

A catchy title that additionally occurs to be Fred {Couples}’ nickname.

56. Cherry Bomb

Right here’s a enjoyable little title in case your golf cart simply occurs to be purple.

57. Delorean

Right here’s the perfect golf cart title for all avid Again to the Future followers. Simply be careful for Biff Tannin on the course 🙂

58. Cunning

A cute cart title that has a horny connotation.

59. Greenie

This one is a logical alternative for people who drive inexperienced golf carts.

60. Ice

Are you calm below stress on the course? Ice could also be an relevant nickname in your golf cart.

61. Lucille

A fairly cart title that will work properly for followers of Lucille Ball.

62. Mercy

All of us want mercy on the golf course, particularly after lacking a two-foot putt and yelling just a few curse phrases.

63. Popeye

Does your golf cart have a cool-sounding horn? Why not title your cart Popeye? In any case, the track says “I’m Popeye the Sailorman, toot toot!”

64. Pearl

Does your cart shine like a pearl? Would possibly as nicely name it that.

65. Phantom

Excellent cart title for a golfer that’s deep and mysterious.

66. Pace Racer

For the golfer that all the time appears to be in a rush.

67. Sassie

In all probability title for a golf cart with plenty of perspective.

68. Smoke

Do you drive your cart so quick that your consistently screeching tires? Smoke will be the good match in case you’re quick and mysterious.

69. Tinkerbell

For golf carts which are cute and tiny-looking.

70. Uber

For the golfers who’re all the time giving different gamers a trip.

71. Wainwright

Oddly sufficient, the which means of the phrase is for an individual that may repair carts.

72. Wheelie

For golfers loopy sufficient to attempt to pop a “wheelie” of their golf cart.

73. Zoom-Zoom

For the annoying golfer in your group that’s all the time zooming previous everybody else.

74. Princess

A fairly cart title, particularly if it’s pink or purple.

75. Bogey Buggy

Though a bogey shouldn’t be a desired outcome on the golf course, we nonetheless suppose this can be a hilarious title in your golf cart.


In conclusion, choosing a name for your golf cart can be a fun and exciting task that allows you to give your cart its own unique personality. With our list of 75 potential golf cart names, we have provided you with plenty of options to choose from. From humorous and catchy to elegant and powerful, there is a name on this list that will perfectly suit your golf cart’s personality. So, take a look at the list and choose the perfect name that will make your golf cart stand out on the course.