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A Swiss Army Knife for Your Golf Bag, the Ascent Golfer’s Best Tool is a Must-Add This Season

The Ascent Golfer's Best Tool can be attached to a golf bag for easy access with its durable aluminum clip.

The Ascent Golfer’s best tool can be attached with its durable aluminum clip to a golf bag.

As you’re out on the course this year concentrating on the shot in front of you, minimizing distractions is crucial for success. 
Of course, there’s only so much you can do about Mother Nature and other golfers, including your playing partners. However, you can control what’s right in front of you…or on your side, that is. 
That’s where the Ascent Golfer’s Best Tool comes in. It packs a ball marker, club brush, stroke counter, divot repair tool, cleat tightener, groove cleaner and more all into one handy device you can wear on your belt — thanks to some durable aluminum — or hang on your golf bag. Despite having a variety of stainless steel tools, the tool is extremely lightweight and portable. This tool is a great value addition for any golfer, at a cost of less than $30.
All the features of the Ascent Golfer's Best Tool.

All the features and functions of the Ascent Golfer’s Top Tool.
“It’s very sturdy, as well,” says Busra Sert, Senior Manager of Product Management for Ascent Gifts. “Due to its size, it can easily fit in golfers’ pants or shorts pockets, tool.”
Featuring a rubberized grip that won’t ever slip out of your hands, the tool only weighs roughly a quarter-pound. As a result, virtually anyone can use it, including children (once you’ve taught them how to use each of its offerings, of course).
“Every golfer, from a novice to PGA Professional, should have this tool,” Sert emphasizes. “It will positively impact your round and, in turn, your scores, no matter how frequently or infrequently you play.” 
The primary reason? More focus on each shot, rather than wondering about where a certain tool is at the most inopportune times during a round — like a ball marker when you need to line up a putt. 
“Plus, if you prefer to not have it clipped onto your belt, you can place it on your golf bag instead,” Sert adds. “You just want to ensure that you place it wherever it’s easiest to find. Again, the product’s main goal is to simplify your round so that you only need to worry about your shots.”
The sturdy rubberized grip and aluminum clip make it easy for the tool to be secured on a golfer's pocket

The tool’s rubberized grip and aluminum clip allow for easy attachment to a golfer’s bag.
Here’s a breakdown of everything packed in the Ascent Golf’s Best Tool:
  • Bottle opener with a screwdriver
  • Club cleaning brush
  • Club groove cleaner (which can also be used to repair divots)
  • Golf shoe cleat tightener
  • Magnetic ball marker
  • A stroke count clicker, with a quick reset option
“With spring approaching, now is the time to purchase the latest item for your golf game,” Sert says. “Your concentration —and, consequently, handicap— will likely improve noticeably this season as a result.”

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