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An Honest PrimePutt Putting Matt Review

An Honest PrimePutt Putting Matt Review

Welcome to part 2 in our review series on practice putting mats. If you missed my review of the Birdieball green, you can find it here.

Why is it so important to find the right putting mat? The flat stick is the fastest way to improve your performance on the golf course. This is how it should be thought about. The putting green is where you’ll spend at least half of your strokes in a round.

In this installment, I’ll dive into what I like and dislike about the PrimePutt putting mat. My goal is for you to have enough information to make an informed decision about whether to purchase this mat.

Before getting into the pros and cons of the PrimePutt mat, let’s do a brief overview of it.


Table of Contents

  • Quick Overview of the PrimePutt Putting Green
  • What I Love About The PrimePutt Green
  • What I Don’t Like About The PrimePutt Putting Green
  • Overall rating and thoughts: 8 out 10

Quick Overview of the PrimePutt Putting Green

PrimePutt was founded by a true golf enthusiast with the aim of providing the best practice area on the market. The folks at PrimePutt know that no matter how much someone loves to golf, there just isn’t enough time to practice. PrimePutt’s practice rug solves this problem.

Thanks to PrimePutt’s premium putting surface and overall impressive design, golfers can now practice their putting on a daily basis. PrimePutt’s putting surface is a wonderful addition to any garage, home office, or home. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to practice your putting stroke whenever you have some spare time.

This practice mat also comes in incredibly handy during the cold winter months when practicing outside isn’t a viable option. It’s no secret that most golfers get a little bit rusty during the winter due to a lack of practice time. Golfers can reduce the rust with a putting tool such as the PrimePutt mat.


primeputt putting mat

What I Love About The PrimePutt Green

PrimePutt’s practice mat was very attractive from the moment I opened it. Here’s a quick list of the positives of this product.

  • Unbelievably FlatWhen you lay them out, most putting mats will have many air bubbles. That isn’t the case with the PrimePutt mat. The PrimePutt mat is ready to be laid flat on the ground right after you have installed it. You won’t have to wait several hours for uneven surfaces to sit flush against the floor.
  • The most realistic materialSome mats are too flimsy or too spongy. PrimePutt uses an astroturf type that feels very similar to natural grass. This results in a better practice experience. The material is also very resilient, so you won’t have to deal with any annoying footprints on the mat. The high-quality turf measures approximately half an inch thick and grades in the 10-12 range according to the stimpmeter.
  • You can get a pure roll every time:It’s amazing how my practice putts feel on this mat. The speed feels just like I’m on a real putting green. This is a massive compliment to the Research & Development team at PrimePutt
  • 3 Holes at the End:This makes it even easier. Many other practice mats only have one hole at their ends. That means that once you sink a few putts, there isn’t enough room in the hole for any more golf balls. This problem can be solved by having 3 holes rather than 1. You’ll spend less time chasing and collecting your golf balls.
  • Golf Balls sit at the Back of Cup Here is another unique feature that other practice mats don’t offer. The cup automatically places the golf ball at the back of the cup when you make a putt. This means that you’ll get another clear shot at the hole on your next putt.
  • Cup Depth Here’s another important feature that not enough folks talk about. How maddening is it when you hit a perfect putt, and it still doesn’t drop in the hole because that cup is too short? You won’t have to worry about that with the PrimePutt mat. The cups are made from the same plastic that’s used to make cups on a real golf course. Putts that are supposed drop in the cup will work fine.


primeputt putting green

What I Don’t Like About The PrimePutt Putting Green

As we often mention when doing reviews, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Even a highly rated training aid for golf like the PrimePutt green, there are still areas that can be improved. Here’s a short list of what I’d like to see changed.

  • It could be bigger: To quote the classic movie Roadhouse, “I thought you’d be bigger.” The company sent me a 3 x 9 practice mat to review, and the overall size left a lot to be desired. The mat was small and I had to stand half-way off it for putts that were aimed at the left or center hole. PrimePutt has resolved this issue by making the mat available in three sizes: 3 x 12, and 3 x 15.
  • Flimsy Flagstick:I had a lot of issues with the flagsticks. For one, they’re pretty top-heavy and will fall out of the cup very easily. They also tend to slip off the backing plates quite often. Since then, the company has taken steps to correct this problem.


Overall rating and thoughts: 8 out 10

PrimePutt’s putting mat was my favorite. It received an 8/10 rating, which is the highest score of all the three putting mats I tried. This green’s best feature is its material. It feels like real grass and gives you a more realistic feel for each of your practice putts.

Flatness is my second favorite aspect of the PrimePutt Mat. It’s pretty impressive how flat this practice mat lays on the ground right out of the box. There aren’t any annoying bumps or air pockets to deal with, which is also a plus.

Double-sided carpet tape is recommended for keeping the practice mat flat. This will prevent it from bowing.

Oh, and don’t forget about the unique cup design. The cup is positioned so that the golf ball moves towards the back of the cup every time you make a putt. This allows you to putt up to 4 times in a row, without needing to empty each cup. With 3 cups on 1 end, you’ll get more time to practice your stroke instead of having to constantly retrieve your golf balls.

I found the mat to be too small. The 3 x 9 just isn’t quite as large as I would like, especially for working on my putts from long range. So, if you want to give the PrimePutt mat a shot, I’d order either the 3 x 12 or the 3 x 15 size.

I also found a solution that solved the flagstick problem. These things slide off the backing plate and can cause problems when setting up the cups. Superglue worked great on them all.

Overall, I thought the PrimePutt was the best of all 3 practice mats I reviewed. Its 2 competitors aren’t terrible options, but the PrimePutt mat really outclasses them in material and flatness. The PrimePutt mat is easy to set up and takes only a few minutes.

Whether you’re a hardcore golfer looking to lower your overall handicap or just a weekend warrior that wants to putt a little bit for fun during the winter months, you can’t go wrong with the PrimePutt practice mat. Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

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