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Breaking Down The Interlock Golf Grip & Its Benefits

Breaking Down The Interlock Golf Grip & Its Benefits

Do you know that three of the best golfers of all time use the interlock golf grip? 

Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy all make the most of the interlocking grip and it has helped them win a mixed 37 main championships. It’s exhausting to argue with these sorts of outcomes!

Undecided if the interlock golf grip will give you the results you want and your golf recreation? Here’s a have a look at the interlock golf grip, why it’s used, and tips on how to use it accurately. 

This grip could not show you how to win a significant championship, however it might be the hidden key so that you can shoot decrease scores.


Desk of Contents

  • What’s an Interlock Golf Grip?
  • The Advantages of This Golf Grip
  • Do Most Professional Golfers Use The Interlock Golf Grip?
  • Different Frequent Golf Grips
  • Robust vs Weak vs Impartial Grip
  • When to Use The Interlocking Golf Grip vs Different Grips

What’s an Interlock Golf Grip?

An interlock golf grip is a well-liked grip and it has been round for fairly a while. A lot of beginner {and professional} golfers swear that the interlocking grip is nice for making the fingers act as one unit. Right here’s how the grip works:

  1. Put the shaft of the golf membership in each your left hand and proper hand.
  2. Take your proper pinky finger and lock it in between your left index finger and center finger.
  3. Remember to wrap your proper index finger across the deal with of the golf membership to ensure the left thumb doesn’t slip off the deal with.
  4. In the event you’ve carried out the grip accurately, your proper thumb will probably be pointing straight down the shaft.

interlocking grip



The Advantages of This Golf Grip

A lot of golfers use the interlocking golf grip due to the numerous advantages that it gives. Take into account although that making any sort of grip change can take fairly some time to get used to. Here’s a shortlist of benefits that the interlock golf grip gives.

1. Makes the Fingers Act As One Unit

A standard downside for golfers is that their dominant hand desires to take over their total golf swing. When this occurs, the golfer’s clubhead velocity is lowered, which implies he’ll lose numerous yardage together with his pictures.

Because the interlock golf grip locks the fingers collectively, it turns into virtually unattainable for one hand to dominate the golf swing. This results in a extra balanced swing that’s each highly effective and correct. The 2 fingers working collectively in unison make it simpler for the golfer to sq. the clubface.

2. Retains the Fingers from Slipping

Have you ever ever had your fingers hold flying off the golf membership throughout your backswing? For sure, it’s tremendous irritating. Slippage tends to happen when golfers use the baseball grip (AKA the 10-finger grip) for the reason that fingers usually are not linked collectively in any method.

The interlocking golf grip makes certain that the fingers keep on the golf membership all through the whole golf swing. This provides the golfer peace of thoughts, understanding that he doesn’t have to fret about his fingers slipping down the shaft.

3. Excellent for Golfers with Smaller Fingers

The interlock golf grip is a wonderful selection for golfers with smaller fingers. Jack Nicklaus had small fingers and he was adamant that the interlocking grip helped him hold a greater grip on the golf membership. 

Tiger Woods doesn’t essentially have small fingers, however he additionally makes use of the interlocking grip. Nicklaus was Woods’ idol when he was a child, in order that’s why he began utilizing the interlocking grip.

4. Golfers Can Use Much less Grip Strain

Because the interlock golf grip retains the fingers collectively, the golfer can calm down the wrists and fingers a bit greater than he might with different grips. Making use of much less grip strain helps the golfer enhance his clubhead velocity, which ends up in extra energy off the tee.

A lot of taking part in good golf is counterintuitive. The lighter you grip the golf membership, the additional the golf ball will go. It might sound loopy however it’s true.


Do Most Professional Golfers Use The Interlock Golf Grip?

Although the interlock grip is taken into account a correct golf grip, it isn’t the most well-liked on the PGA Tour. In reality, almost 90% of golfers on the PGA Tour use the overlap grip (aka the Vardon grip).

Most golf instructors at present train the overlap golf grip to people who’re simply beginning to study the sport. This might be the largest purpose why most professional golfers use the overlap grip.


Different Frequent Golf Grips

Overlap Golf Grip

The overlap grip was made well-known by Harry Vardon, a extremely profitable professional golfer who gained 7 main championships from 1896 to 1914. This grip is taken into account to be the only option for golfers with massive fingers. 

Many golfers really feel that the overlap golf grip offers them extra energy for the reason that wrists have extra freedom to blow up by the golf ball at affect. Right here’s tips on how to use the overlap grip:

  1. Grip the shaft of the golf membership together with your left hand (for a right-handed golfer).
  2. Set your proper hand on the membership however set your proper pinkie on prime of the house between your left index finger and left center finger
  3. This grip is much like the interlocking grip however remember the fact that the fingers are NOT locked collectively. The fitting pinkie merely laps over the center fingers of the left hand


Ten-Finger Grip

That is also referred to as the baseball grip. This golf grip was probably the most broadly used earlier than the overlap grip burst onto the golf scene again within the late 1800s. The ten-finger golf grip is the only technique to study that every one ten fingers relaxation comfortably on the membership on the similar time.

The ten-finger grip is a well-liked selection amongst children and newcomers. Some golfers really feel that the 10-finger grip is probably the most snug choice. This grip isn’t seen on the PGA Tour for quite a lot of causes.


Robust vs Weak vs Impartial Grip

Along with the way in which a golfer can align their fingers to carry the membership, there are additionally 3 widespread grips that should do with the positions of your fingers:

Robust Grip

A sturdy golf grip is usually utilized by golfers who’re preventing a slice. With a powerful grip, the golfer will have the ability to see three or extra knuckles on his left hand whereas addressing the golf ball. Many golfers really feel {that a} sturdy grip offers them extra energy and management of the clubface.

Weak Grip

A weak golf grip helps gamers who’re scuffling with a hook. With a weak grip, the golfer will see two or fewer knuckles on their left hand throughout their setup. PGA Tour superstars like Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm use a weak grip.

Impartial Grip

With a impartial grip, the golfer will have the ability to see two or two and a half knuckles on their left hand on the handle. Each Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods use a impartial grip, which works nicely with their interlocking grip model selection. Impartial grips are rising in popularity within the recreation of late. 


When to Use The Interlocking Golf Grip vs Different Grips

Listed below are some causes to make use of the interlocking golf grip as an alternative of both the overlap or the ten-finger grip.

  • If you’re a golfer with smaller fingers or don’t have a lot forearm energy, go together with the interlock golf grip. The Vardon grip and baseball grip are respectable decisions however they’re a greater match for golfers with massive fingers.
  • In case your dominant hand tends to take over the golf swing (aka getting too handsy), go for the interlocking grip because it’ll drive you to make use of each of your fingers equally.
  • In the event you hook the golf ball fairly a bit, strive utilizing the interlocking grip because it promotes extra of an influence fade sort of shot form.
  • If you’re utilizing every other grip however having issues together with your accuracy, give the interlocking grip a shot. It has helped numerous golfers hit the ball straighter.
  • In case your fingers have a tendency to slide off the golf membership, think about using an interlocking grip. The interlocking grip could restrict your wrist motion a tad bit, however it’ll make it a lot simpler to maintain each of your fingers on the membership.