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Bump and Run in Golf: What It Is, When to Use & Drills to Try

Bump and Run in Golf: What It Is, When to Use & Drills to Try

The old style bump and run is presumably considered one of my favourite golf photographs because it has given me quite a few gap outs in 28 years on the golf course.

On this information, I introduce you to this superb chip shot and supply a step-by-step information on learn how to execute it successfully.

Regardless of its effectiveness, I barely see amateurs busting it out after they could possibly be saving strokes and enhancing the up and down file. After I clarify how this shot works and why you have to be enjoying it, I’ll present some drills that I make use of in coaching to spice up my efficiency.


Desk of Contents

  • What’s a Bump and Run in Golf?
  • When This Shot is Most Helpful
  • 3 Drills to Follow Getting Higher at a Bump and Run Shot

What’s a Bump and Run in Golf?

A bump and run is a shot that sends the golf ball rolling additional than it flies. Not like a normal chip shot, you produce a decrease launch and restricted bounce for good topspin and a larger probability of getting it near the cup.

Your ball is much less more likely to veer considerably off path when conserving it on the bottom, rising your possibilities of getting up and down.

To execute this shot, you will need to place the ball behind the stance, align the ball with the toe of your membership, and stand the shaft upright. Plus, you’ll want to strike the ball with the toe of your membership to take pace off the ball. You want optimum management of the golf membership right here as a result of if the clubface opens at contact, you’ll produce an excessive amount of toe spin and ship the ball vast of the goal.

As you possibly can see, that is completely different out of your typical greenside shot, the place you take care of a shorter shaft and intention to ship a shot-stopping spin.

I exploit completely different golf equipment for this shot, relying on my lie and the format forward of me. Nonetheless, I by no means use something weaker than a sand wedge or hole wedge, however a pitching wedge is my hottest selection for its diminished loft. I really feel {that a} lob wedge generates extreme launch resembling a chip reasonably than a correct bump.

If I’ve important inexperienced to cowl and the placing floor is fast, I could go for a 7-wood or a 2-utility iron. These stronger lofted golf equipment assist me induce ample pace and topspin to make it to the cup.

Conversely, you’ll discover a light pitching wedge nudge with a pendulum stroke is ample when you’ve got restricted inexperienced to play with. On mid-range bump and run photographs, I belief my 7 or 8-iron for the job.


When This Shot is Most Helpful

Lengthy Chip Photographs

I discover {that a} good bump and run works a deal with when you’ve got ample inexperienced to work with, however the placing floor is lightning, and I’m not feeling my putter. The opposite possibility is to make use of a sand or lob wedge and carry the gap within the hope that it generates strong spin and stops quickly.

Nonetheless, the upper launch prompted by weaker lofted wedges brings bounce into the equation, which might trigger your ball to deflect away from the cup. If the inexperienced is pacey, your ball might choose up pace and roll off the dancefloor.

The rolling nature of a bump and run eliminates this stress and means that you can use the contours of the inexperienced to your benefit.

Restricted Inexperienced To Work With

Opposite to the earlier level, I additionally use the bump and run when I’ve minimal inexperienced to work with. I discover {that a} pitching wedge affords a steadiness of loft, ball pace, and spin for larger management on these photographs.

All you want is a lightweight contact, and the load of the pitching wedge head gently propels your ball in the direction of the cup.

Up In opposition to The First Lower Of Tough

I’m unsure if any readers endure this destiny, however the {Golfing} Gods like to punish me by putting my ball up towards the perimeter, or first reduce of tough, across the inexperienced.

This lie makes it tough for me to get underneath the ball for a excessive launch and smooth touchdown. And if I attempt to putt it, I could catch the highest of the ball and lose pace.

That is the right probability to make use of a fairway wooden as a result of it incorporates weight within the head, minimizes spin, and produces clear turf interplay. Due to this fact, the clubhead glides by way of the turf and helps me impart ample tempo on the ball to make it to the opening.


3 Drills to Follow Getting Higher at a Bump and Run Shot

1. One Hand Swing

I discussed earlier that the setup for a bump and run differs from a normal brief recreation shot, which is why it will probably take some getting used to. The one-hand swing is a drill that has helped me with really feel, ball placing, and distance management on these photographs.

The mission is easy. Place a ball on the bottom, line it up in the direction of your again foot, seize a pitching wedge in your sturdy hand and place your left hand behind your again.

Make sure the wedge shaft is upright, then take a quarter-practice swing and comply with by way of. Repeat this 5 instances and get a really feel for the shot. As soon as snug, take 1 / 4 swing one-handed and stroke the ball to its goal.

In addition to familiarizing your self with the setup, this drill secretly helps you enhance your ball placing. It is because you’ve got restricted energy and depend on a clear strike to supply a component of pace for ahead roll. You’ll positively induce a couple of air photographs firstly, however it’s all a part of the journey.

Coin Golf Chipping Drill

2. Land The Ball on a Coin

The coin drill was in all probability my favourite as a junior as a result of it boosted my distance management expertise. I might sit on the chipping inexperienced for hours, attempting to land as many golf balls as potential on a coin. This labored for flop photographs, commonplace chips, and the bump and run.

The strategy was completely different with the bump and run because it required restricted airtime. I positioned the coin nearer to my ball than the others and positioned 10 balls.

If the ball landed earlier than the coin, I counted it as a bogey because it didn’t possess ample pace to make it to the cup. Conversely, when it landed over the coin, it was additionally a bogey as a result of it rolled too far previous the cup.

Lastly, I counted direct hits on the penny as pars, and I refused to maneuver to the following drill till I used to be a most of 4 over par.

3. Different Lies

As I defined earlier, the bump and run work in varied eventualities, together with up towards the primary reduce of tough on the golf green or the perimeter.

Place 5 golf balls in every completely different lie, and place a swing stick 2-feet behind the cup. Your goal is to get the ball to roll previous the cup, however not additional than the alignment stick.

When your ball lands within the goal zone, it counts as a birdie. However whether it is wanting the opening or passes the stick, it’s a bogey.

Your mission is to complete a minimum of -5, and in case you can’t, you repeat the drill.