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Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X: Complete Comparison

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Chrome Soft X: Head-to-Head Comparison

On this put up, I share the outcomes from my Callaway Chrome Delicate vs Chrome Delicate X overview. I’ll reveal the primary variations between the balls and the professionals and cons of every building. Moreover, I’ll spotlight which golf ball flies additional, spins extra, and is the simplest to launch.

After studying this put up, you’ll know which swing speeds and ability ranges greatest swimsuit every golf ball. I’ll at all times talk about the delicate subject of costs and make it easier to decide if it’s value forking out a premium for each designs.

Earlier than we dive into the detailed discovering, right here’s a fast abstract of my testing:

Chrome Delicate

Callaway Chrome Soft

Chrome Delicate X

Callaway Chrome Soft X

Building 3-layer: SoftFast core, ionomer mantle, and urethane cowl 4-layer: SoftFeel core, twin mantle, and urethane cowl
Compression Rating Medium compression (Mid-90s rating) Larger compression (Appropriate for >97 mph driver swing)
Flight Straighter on account of elevated compression Extra workable flight (draw/fade potential)
Really feel Softer Firmer
Launch Medium to excessive Low to medium
Driver Spin Decrease (common 2440 rpm) Larger (common 3062 rpm)
Iron Spin Decrease (common 5608 rpm) Larger (common >6300 rpm)
Wedge Spin Decrease (common 9000 rpm) Larger (common 9800 rpm)
Execs – Low driver spin
– Quicker ball pace
– Longer distance
– Straighter flight
– Delicate really feel
– Larger wedge spin
– Constructed for sooner swing speeds
– Workable flight
– Low to mid-height launch

– Worth
– Decrease wedge spin

– Worth
– Slower ball pace
– Shorter distance
– Firmer really feel
– Not for gradual swing speeds
Goes Additional? Winner
Simpler to Hit? Winner
Spins Extra with a Wedge?
Worth $49.99 $49.99
Ultimate Verdict Finest for reasonable swing speeds & low and mid handicappers Finest for sooner swing speeds

callaway chrome soft 1

callaway chome soft x 1

Desk of Contents

  • Foremost Variations Between The Callaway Chrome Delicate and Chrome Delicate X
    • Building
    • Compression Rating
    • Flight
    • Really feel
    • Launch
    • Driver Spin
    • Iron Spin
    • Wedge Spin
  • Execs and Cons of The Callaway Chrome Delicate
    • Execs
    • Cons
  • Execs and Cons of The Callaway Chrome Delicate X
    • Execs
    • Cons
  • Which Ball Goes Additional?
  • Which Ball is Simpler to Hit?
  • Which Ball Spins Extra with a Wedge?
  • Which Ball is Cheaper
  • The Ultimate Verdict

Foremost Variations Between The Callaway Chrome Delicate and Chrome Delicate X


The amount of layers is the primary vital structural distinction between these golf balls. The Chrome Delicate sports activities a 3-layer setup with a Hyper-Elastic SoftFast core, an ionomer mantle, and a comfortable urethane cowl.

Callaway took an additional step with the Chrome Delicate X. A twin mantle design separates the urethane cowl from the Hyper-Elastic SoftFeel core. Though the extra layer helps quick swing speeds include spin and speed up velocity, it will increase the stiffness of the golf ball.

Compression Rating

Callaway Chrome Delicate golf balls tick all of the bins for a medium compression golf ball, suiting reasonable swing speeds like mine. Conversely, the Chrome Delicate is a compression ball, scoring within the mid-90s.

My reasonable swing pace struggled to constantly compress the higher-scoring Chrome Delicate X. This value me ball pace, elevated my spin charge, and resulted in a lack of lengthy recreation distance. It’s not at all times the case, however gamers swinging a driver over 97 mph stand to profit probably the most from the stiffer Chrome Delicate X.


In my expertise, the Chrome Delicate flew straighter than the X mannequin owing to elevated compression, decrease spin charge, and aerodynamic dimples. Quite the opposite, the Chrome Delicate X supplied a extra workable ball flight to induce a draw or fade on strategy.

Personally, I recognize the optimized workability to reinforce my management on strategy photographs, a sentiment most decrease handicappers will share. Nonetheless, the straighter flight from the Chrome Delicate fits mid-handicappers nonetheless in search of an air of reduction on heel and toe mishits.

Really feel

The texture of those golf balls off the clubface and when biting into them had been polar opposites. The Chrome Delicate supplied the softest really feel and was a pleasure to strike on brief recreation photographs. I discovered the 4-piece Chrome Delicate X firmer and fewer interesting than the usual Chrome Delicate.


The Callaway Chrome Delicate launched larger than the Callaway X, producing a simple lift-off and ample carry distance. By my requirements, the Chrome Delicate generated a medium to excessive launch, which is a candy spot for me.

Conversely, an elevated spin charge and diminished ball pace on the Chrome Delicate X prompted a low to medium launch. I personally favor elevated elevation on lift-off for constant flight and carry distance.

Driver Spin

I produced much less driver spin rpm with the usual Chrome Delicate, owing to its decrease compression and compatibility with my gradual swing pace. I notched up a mean of 2440 rpm with the massive stick once I struck the Chrome Delicate.

My Chrome Delicate X numbers had been the polar reverse, rising to 3062 rpm. The elevated spin revolutions stem from diminished compression at contact, inflicting a weaker, lower-than-intended launch and fewer yards.

Iron Spin

The iron spin charges of each balls differed, however the outcomes had been virtually unnoticeable with the bare eye. My 7-iron Chrome Delicate X photographs produced over 6300 rpm backspin, which noticed my ball cease quickly on strategy. Nonetheless, my distance was not very passable because of the elevated spin charges.

I produced far fewer revolutions on Chrome Delicate strikes, conjuring up a mean backspin charge of 5608 rpm. Though I seen extra distance general with the Chrome Delicate, I discovered the balls bit as shortly as one another.

Wedge Spin

The distinction with the bare eye appeared minimal. Nonetheless, once I checked the numbers, the Chrome Delicate X dominated on this division. Regardless of its firmer building, the comfortable urethane cowl gripped into my wedge grooves and left the face with enhanced spin revolutions.

I produced a mean of 9800 rpm backspin on Chrome Delicate X wedge photographs, resulting in an aggressive chunk and most greenside management. Quite the opposite, I conjured up 9000 rpm with the Chrome Delicate. Nonetheless, I didn’t discover any wild variations between the stopping management.


callaway chrome soft 2

callaway chome soft x 2

Execs and Cons of The Callaway Chrome Delicate


Low Driver Spin

I welcomed my low driver spin charge with the Callaway Chrome Delicate owing to its extremely compressible nature. I struck the ball constantly to cut back spin revolutions and retain ball pace for a strong launch.

Quicker Ball Velocity

The elevated compression helped me to spice up my vitality switch at contact, inflicting the ball to rebound quickly off the clubface. The ball launched into the air at a speedy tempo and surged ahead to optimize my carry and complete distance.

Longer Distance

The Chrome Delicate delivered spectacular driver, fairway wooden, and lengthy iron distance because of the low lengthy recreation spin and explosive ball zip. I discovered it a simple golf ball to launch with my reasonable swing pace, leading to constant carry and complete yardage.

Straighter Flight

I discover the straighter flight is a optimistic for mid-handicappers in search of improved accuracy off the tee and on strategy. Naturally, decrease handicappers in search of elevated workability and management could favor the form supplied by the Chrome Delicate X.

Delicate Really feel

My favourite characteristic of the Chrome Delicate is its delicate really feel, particularly on iron and wedge photographs and putts. Moreover the texture, the comfortable cowl was chargeable for etching into my wedge grooves and rising spin pitch, chip, and full wedge photographs.



The steep price ticket deters me from taking part in the Callaway Chrome Delicate frequently. A dozen balls set me again slightly underneath $50, inserting them within the league of a Titleist Professional V1. I don’t really feel the premium price ticket is wise for mid and high-handicappers since you’re extra vulnerable to dropping balls.

You’ll discover your golf ball bills skyrocket when taking part in these, which could possibly be prevented by taking part in inexpensive distance balls.

Wedge Spin

The Chrome Delicate registered a decrease spin charge than the Chrome Delicate X, which is why I listing it as a con. Nonetheless, I seen little or no distinction in the way in which of stopping management with the bare eye.


Execs and Cons of The Callaway Chrome Delicate X


Larger Wedge Spin

I used to be shocked to see the Chrome Delicate X producing extra enhanced wedge spin revolutions than Chrome Delicate. Regardless of its firmer really feel, I generated 800 rpm extra backspin with the Chrome Delicate X. Nonetheless, the distinction in stopping energy was minimal to the bare eye.

Constructed for Quicker Swing Speeds

The upper compression of the Callaway Chrome Delicate X is greatest suited to golfers swinging a driver over 97 mph. My reasonable swing pace struggled to compress the golf ball constantly, resulting in elevated spin and slower ball velocity on lengthy photographs.

Quicker swingers will get pleasure from the advantages of low spin, accelerated tempo off the tee, and optimum spin on strategy.

Workable Flight

I discovered the Chrome Delicate X simpler to attract or fade to navigate doglegs and keep away from hazards from tee to inexperienced. The decrease handicappers will recognize the workability, which boosts management and provides extra shot choices.

Low to Mid Top

I launched the Chrome Delicate X alongside a low to medium apex, which isn’t my desire, however fits the wants of expert golfers. The low to medium flight offers superior roll upon touchdown to extend your complete distance.



Just like the Chrome Delicate, the Chrome Delicate X is costly, asking roughly $50 for 12 golf balls. I don’t really feel it’s well worth the common golfer spending that quantity. Alternatively, have a look at high quality entry-level balls just like the TaylorMade Delicate Response.

Low-handicap golfers immune to dropping a number of balls per spherical might even see the worth in spending on a tour-level ball.

Slower Ball Velocity

I wasn’t a fan of the slower ball pace, however that has extra to do with my swing pace and smash issue than the ball. Different reasonable swing speeds could expertise the identical points and are higher off with the decrease compression Chrome Delicate golf ball.

Shorter Distance

My diminished compression at impression hampered my distance numbers, straight impacted by ball pace drop-off and spin improve. I really feel my fellow reasonable swing speeds will doubtless expertise related challenges and are higher off with the Chrome Delicate.

Firmer Really feel

I discovered the Chrome Delicate X was firmer than the Chrome Delicate, which was not my favourite characteristic. I favor golf balls which are comfortable off the clubface and amplify suggestions on iron and wedge photographs.

Not for Gradual Swing Velocity

I seen that the Chrome Delicate X isn’t suited to reasonable or gradual swing speeds. It requires a sooner clubhead pace to impart optimum tempo and low spin onto the golf ball. As a substitute, I recommend common swing speeds think about the comfortable, extremely compressible Chrome Delicate ball.


Which Ball Goes Additional?

Winner: Chrome Delicate

In my expertise, the Chrome Delicate travels additional than the Chrome Delicate X. The previous outclassed the X mannequin off the tee and on strategy. I despatched my Chrome Delicate drives 4 yards farther than the X. My 7-iron Chrome Delicate strikes ended 3 yards longer than the X vary.


Which Ball is Simpler to Hit?

Winner: Chrome Delicate

I discovered the softer, low-compression Chrome Delicate simpler to hit and get airborne. The reasonable compression ball matched my common clubhead pace and was a breeze to launch excessive and lengthy. My medium clubhead pace struggled to switch ample vitality for a constantly highly effective launch.


Which Ball Spins Extra with a Wedge?

Winner: Chrome Delicate X

The Chrome Delicate X delivered 800 rpm extra wedge spin than the Chrome Delicate. Nonetheless, if I eliminated the info from the equation, I might’ve struggled to inform the distinction.


Which Ball is Cheaper

Winner: Tie

Each golf balls carry the identical retail worth of $49.99, inserting them in a tie. Though low handicappers can warrant spending this premium, I see it as pointless for mid and high-handicappers.


The Ultimate Verdict

After testing the Callaway Chrome Delicate vs Chrome Delicate X, I discovered the previous greatest suited to reasonable swing speeds. The Chrome Delicate was simpler to compress, launch and generate optimum distance. I really feel it’s a superior choice for reasonable swing speeds and low and mid handicappers.

Conversely, the Chrome Delicate X proved itself as a well-rounded tour golf ball for sooner swing speeds. The largest draw back of each these golf balls is their worth, however if in case you have deep pockets and want to benefit from the tee-to-green advantages, they’re value contemplating.

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Callaway Chrome Soft X

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