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Can Golf Balls Get Waterlogged? Here’s What You Need to Know

Can Golf Balls Get Waterlogged? Here’s What You Need to Know

Through the years, I’ve heard tales of golf ball divers making hundreds of thousands of {dollars} retrieving misplaced balls from ponds and lakes. Whereas I’m impressed and tip my hat to them, I query the standard of those merchandise as soon as retrieved.

On this information, I reply the query, can golf balls get waterlogged. I take a look at the affect {that a} moist golf ball has in your unique form and carry distance. Plus, I clarify the method that refurbishers comply with to supply a recycled golf ball.


Desk of Contents

  • Are Golf Balls Nonetheless Good After Being in Water?
  • How Lengthy You Can Go away Golf Balls in Water
  • How You Can Inform if a Golf Ball is Waterlogged
  • Will Waterlogged Golf Balls Dry Out?

Are Golf Balls Nonetheless Good After Being in Water?

Gordan McKay, a Chemical Engineering Professor from Harvard, says water modifies the properties of the polymer cowl. That impacts the efficiency of your pictures. McKay says that the affect of injury depends upon the time golf balls have spent underwater.

The results of a waterlogged golf ball are a large lower in distance and erratic ball flight.

Though there may be proof supporting the affect of waterlogged balls, I don’t consider it to be a practice smash for informal golfers. Take a excessive handicap golfer, for instance. They don’t strike the ball cleanly and persistently and lose distance whether or not they’re teeing up a model new Professional V1 or a refurbished Srixon Gentle Really feel.

Due to this fact, a waterlogged ball is not going to be as catastrophic to your outcomes as it could be for superior golfers. A low handicap golfer could demand exact distance and accuracy as they try to attain from any place on the golf course.

If a waterlogged golf ball takes 20 to 30-yards out of your drive, it’s possible you’ll need to splurge on a brand new sleeve.


How Lengthy You Can Go away Golf Balls in Water

Vice Golf means that water will break via the outer layers inside 12-hours of the ball coming into the pond. They’ve discovered that the hydrophilic function of a urethane or surlyn golf ball is the offender.

A golf ball consists of hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts. The hydrophobic zones repel water whereas the hydrophilic areas appeal to it. This optimizes the efficiency of your golf ball in adversarial circumstances.

The hydrophilic sections assist the ball mitigate dangerous climate. Conversely, the hydrophobic zones assist maintain the inside of the ball dry.

The polymer outer shell works arduous to guard the golf ball core. Nonetheless, the molecular construction breaks down after a number of hours. Consequently, the hydrophobic zones repel water. Due to this fact water seeps via micro-cracks and drenches the ball’s outer and interior core.


How You Can Inform if a Golf Ball is Waterlogged

As soon as golf ball covers are dry, it’s troublesome to determine in the event that they carry water injury. The one approach you’ll know is within the golf ball’s efficiency.

Whole Mass

In case you suspect {that a} golf ball has endured water injury, you would possibly conduct a weight take a look at. Pull out the size and see the burden of a brand new ball from the identical vary. Then examine it to the previous one with liquid injury.

I’ve discovered that balls with water injury are heavier than typical, which impacts the consistency of your flight. If an excessive amount of weight exists in a single space, it could trigger the golf ball to deviate from its unique flight plan.


The colour of the golf ball cowl is without doubt one of the huge indicators it’s waterlogged. Plus, it’s the solely strategy to detect the ball’s situation with the bare eye.

Your ball could have been on the backside of a lake for someday if it carries a brownish-yellow tinge on the duvet. The water injury causes degradation of the coating, eradicating the glistening end on the ball.

You may restore some colour to the ball with a wash. Nonetheless, it’s troublesome to utterly eradicate the scars of water injury.


Whenever you strike a recent new ball together with your driver, it is best to hear a nice ping sound. That alerts to the opposite golfers on the course that you’ve got crushed your drive. Sadly, waterlogged balls don’t produce as pure a sound.

Marginal water injury could induce a light ping sound. Conversely, severely soaked golf balls could ship restricted to no acoustics.


We have now established that golf balls don’t float in regular circumstances. Nonetheless, when you place a recent golf ball in seawater or a diluted salt h20, it ought to float. If this doesn’t happen, it may imply that the molecular construction of your ball is broken, and the density of the ball is greater than the saltwater.

A regular golf ball carries a density of 1.09-grams/milliliter. That’s greater than freshwater. Freshwater reaches 1-gram/milliliter, which is why a golf ball sinks to the underside of a pond. Conversely, when salt is added to the equation, the density of the 2 components is on a par.

Consequently, when a golf ball sinks in saltwater, it carries a better density ratio than saltwater. This implies it’s heavier than it ought to be due to water injury.

Launch Monitor

The remaining methods to find out in case your ball is waterlogged require a launch monitor. The know-how offers correct knowledge in your launch, shot form, and complete distance. With no launch monitor, it’s difficult to find out this info.


Given the change of the dimple sample and the burden of the ball, you’ll be able to anticipate to expertise an inconsistent launch. In my expertise, severely waterlogged balls battle to get airborne. The dearth of friction, compression, and energy causes it to fly low and lose carry distance.

Inconsistent Flight

For instance, I used to frequent a spread with ponds scattered round. Their golf balls didn’t float. As an alternative, they positioned nets beneath that fed the balls right into a pipeline and again to the professional store.

The issue was that they sat there for hours on finish, turning into severely waterlogged. Typically, the ball would begin in a single path after which go the opposite approach. I induced a fade, after which it could draw again onto a straight line, mid-flight.

I’ve seen Rick Shiels use a Polara Final Straight ball that does that on function. Nonetheless, these vary balls weren’t behaving. Now, it’s possible you’ll not expertise that a lot of a deviation, however be careful for flight inconsistency and the space of your pictures. As well as, consider your launch and descent angles to see if they’re constant.

Loss Of Distance

Vice Golf explains that water harms the core of your golf ball. That’s the predominant vitality supply within the ball, and it helps you maximize your distance. After it’s broken by water, a ball can not improve compression and friction via affect.

Due to this fact, if a golf ball spends per week on the backside of a lake, it would have an effect on your tee shot distance by 5 to 10-yards. As well as, they’ve discovered that 3-months submerged in water can knock 20 to 30-yards off of your driving distance.

A 1996 article by Golf Digest discusses the affect of a waterlogged ball on complete distance. Of their examine, a golf ball was resting on the underside of a pond for at least 8-days. The golf ball in query was a 2-piece building, and the water was discovered to harden the ball, decreasing compression.

Consequently, the take a look at topic struck a brand new 2-piece ball 250.7-yards. Nonetheless, after they teed up the waterlogged design, it went 244.9-yards.


Will Waterlogged Golf Balls Dry Out?

The U.S. Military Analysis Laboratory carried out exams on waterlogged golf balls in 1998. They discovered that even when you dry the golf balls at excessive temperatures, it is not going to evaporate the moisture from the interior layers. Consequently, the ball is scarred with everlasting injury.