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Do Golf Balls Ever Go Bad? (Plus How Often Replace Yours)

Do Golf Balls Ever Go Bad? (Plus How Often Replace Yours)

While you drop $50 on a field of premium Titleist Professional V1s, you pray and hope they are going to final perpetually. We all know how the story ends. 

You lose one 3 holes later and remorse spending prime greenback on urethane golf balls. That relies on whether or not the ball doesn’t spoil first. On this article, I reply the query, do golf balls ever go unhealthy?

As well as, I’ll train you methods to decide what form your ball is in. Plus, I element suggestions that can assist you lengthen the lifespan of your golf ball to cut back undesirable bills.


Desk of Contents

  • Do Golf Balls Go Unhealthy?
  • Methods to Inform If Your Golf Balls Have Gone Unhealthy
  • Issues That Trigger Your Golf Balls to Lose Efficiency
  • Methods to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Golf Balls
  • How Usually You Ought to Substitute Your Balls
  • Extra Sources to Discover Nice Golf Balls

Do Golf Balls Go Unhealthy?

In brief, sure golf balls do go unhealthy. Generally you’ll discover that your ball will cease flying or spinning constantly. That’s one of many telltale indicators that it’s time to interchange your ball. 


Methods to Inform If Your Golf Balls Have Gone Unhealthy

The truth is that you’ll probably lose a golf ball earlier than you discover put on and tear. Nevertheless, should you can maintain on to the identical ball for a couple of spherical, this listing helps you determine when to toss it out.

Scuffing And Degradation

You may detect seen harm on the floor of your ball with ease. First, verify for scratches and scuffs on the floor. These scale back your grooves capacity to grip the ball and produce optimum ball pace and spin.

Golf ball covers are predominantly crafted from urethane and surlyn. Urethane is a softer cowl sometimes utilized to premium golf balls. Nevertheless, these covers scuff simply in the event that they strike a cart path or bunker.

Surlyn covers alone boast superior sturdiness. That image adjustments when ionomer polymers accomplice with urethane. Entry-level 3-piece development golf balls typically include strong rubber cores, urethane outer casing, and surlyn cowl. These three options weaken the surlyn and trigger it to be as prone to scuffs as urethane.

A 2005 report by Golf Digest urged {that a} minor scuff may scale back your distance by roughly 6-yards.

When this happens, it results in the diminished aerodynamics of your ball. That causes it to fly inconsistently, improve drag and scale back carry distance.

As well as, you probably have a excessive spinning product that releases greater than traditional, the ball cowl might now not produce optimum spring and compression.


The bounce of your ball impacts your roll on longer pictures and stopping energy on brief strikes. Place your previous golf ball in a single hand and a brand new one within the different. The make of the brand new ball have to be the identical because the previous one to check apples with apples.

Then drop them onto a flat laborious floor to see how they bounce. If the bounce is per each, then your used dimples are nonetheless on level on this division, and you may put your new golf balls again into the storage compartment.


Steadiness impacts aerodynamics and ends in elevated drag and poor flight. This results in an absence of carry distance. In case your ball is sufficiently balanced, it can journey constantly and produce optimum yards on the fly.

I don’t recommend conducting this check on the golf course as a result of it requires water and Epsom salts. Bryson DeChambeau’s coach Mike Schy demonstrates methods to perform this check. 

Combine the salts into the water and place the ball within the liquid. Your ball ought to float under the floor line of the water, with the lighter facet of the ball seen from the highest. In case your used balls do that, then their steadiness is so as.

Ought to the balls sink to the underside, or the heavy facet is on prime, it’s time to turf the old-timer. Seize one among your unused golf balls and tee it up.


In case your ball is struggling to get airborne or it doesn’t fly constantly, you might have to play a brand new ball. When this occurs, your ball is unbalanced, or outer layer dimples hamper its capacity to fly lengthy and maximize your lengthy irons and driving distance.


It could be time for contemporary golf balls if you discover your complete distance dropping for no purpose. A scuff alone could cause you to lose a mean of 6-yards on every shot. Earlier than you toss away your ball, be certain that that it’s the ball and never your inconsistent swing speeds or mechanics.


Issues That Trigger Your Golf Balls to Lose Efficiency

Water On The Clubface

A moist clubface reduces friction along with your golf ball and causes your grooves to chop into the ball as a substitute of gripping it. That results in abrasions on the ball and everlasting harm over a time frame.


For those who spend a major period of time within the sand, your ball will begin to scuff, particularly if it has a urethane cowl.

Arduous And Dry Floor

When your ball strikes a cart path or a tough, dry place, it might probably scuff the quilt and scale back its shelf life. Keep away from bouncing your golf balls on laborious surfaces for no purpose. 


Timber, like different laborious surfaces, can inflict scratches in your ball. 

Regular Put on And Tear

Those that are lucky sufficient to have the identical ball for a number of 18-hole rounds will finally have to toss it. Finally, the ball will put on and tear with out you inflicting harm.

Warmth Injury

Warmth harm is a rarer type of golf ball destruction, however it’s nonetheless one to be careful for. In case your golf ball is uncovered to temperatures above 170-degrees Fahrenheit, it might probably trigger the polymer materials to soften.

Keep away from this by making certain that your storage unit is cool and dry and won’t trigger your balls to aptitude up.


Methods to Lengthen The Lifetime of Your Golf Balls

Wipe Your Clubface

A easy strategy to boosting the lifespan of your golf balls is to wipe your clubface earlier than each shot. Guarantee you might have a towel connected to your golf bag initially of each spherical to rid your face of moisture.

Clear Your Ball 

A golfers ball picks up grass, mud, and common dust throughout your spherical. If you don’t wipe it off, it’s additional ingrained into the ball with each shot you hit. Finally, the compressed dust will scuff the tender cowl, impacting launch, flight, and distance. So be certain that to wash your golf balls usually.

Do Not Bounce On Arduous Surfaces

As tempting as it’s to bounce your golf balls wherever you’ll be able to, I counsel you to chorus from doing so on laborious surfaces. Don’t throw your new golf balls and throw them onto concrete for enjoyable. That may rapidly scuff your ball and scale back its lifespan.

Hit Straighter

I do know my request is outrageous, however higher accuracy will provide help to keep away from the sand traps, cart paths, and different laborious, tough surfaces. Spend time on the vary working in your purpose and ball hanging to enhance your outcomes. Extra time spent on the golf green equals much less doable harm to your ball.


How Usually You Ought to Substitute Your Balls

An article by Golfweek suggests {that a} golf ball will maintain its form and efficiency for 7 full 18-hole rounds. That’s if you don’t scuff or misconfigure your ball.

The reality is, only a few common golfers will maintain onto one ball for such a protracted interval. In truth, a research by Golf Journal discovered that informal golfers lose a mean of 1.3 golf balls per spherical.


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