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Do Golf Balls Float? Answering This Age Old Question

Do Golf Balls Float? Answering This Age Old Question

Rising up, I’d apply the flop shot over my pool so as to add a component of hazard. Naturally, I miscalculated many pictures inflicting the ball to drop into the pool and sink to the underside.

New improvements optimize compression, distance, and spin, however do golf balls float now? That’s the query we’ll reply on this publish.

I handle the supplies and density of a typical golf ball and have a look at whether or not any particular design can float.

For these not moved by a floating ball, you could favor studying an article on find out how to clear your golf balls and make them look new.


Desk of Contents

  • Do Golf Balls Float?
  • Why Not?
  • Can You Make a Golf Ball Float (or Purchase Particular Balls That Do Float)?
  • Do Golf Balls Float: FAQs

Do Golf Balls Float?

The usual golf ball doesn’t float. When you ever hit a ball right into a water hazard, you will note it resting on the backside of the lake.


Why Not?

The core motive why golf balls don’t float is that they’re denser than water. There is no such thing as a air in a golf ball, they usually carry a good quantity of mass. USGA guidelines dictate {that a} golf ball not exceed 1.62-ounces in weight and 1.68-inches in diameter.

As well as, the typical density of a golf ball is roughly 1.09 grams/milliliter, which is greater than the density of water. Because of this, golf balls sink to the underside of lakes.

Golf Month-to-month explains the internal core of a ball includes numerous rubbers which mix with a surlyn or urethane elastomer cowl to maximise distance and spin. Though excellent for preserving your ball within the air longer, this mix dismantles buoyancy. Subsequently, inflicting your ball to sink and be part of the opposite lake golf balls.


Can You Make a Golf Ball Float (or Purchase Particular Balls That Do Float)?

Regardless of my earlier assertion {that a} golf ball sinks, various kinds of balls do float. Nevertheless, floater golf balls are a well-liked characteristic at driving ranges with ample water as a result of they scale back inventory loss.

Garret Clarke performed 9 holes with floater vary golf balls to match them to a typical design. He discovered that these balls generate elevated spin, which precipitated wooden and lengthy iron pictures to balloon, resulting in a lack of distance.

Though Clarke mentioned he felt little distinction, apart from the launch, these Surlyn cowl balls do not need the sturdiness for a course.

Added to the flexibility to hit floating golf balls, you can too embrace science to make them float. The Oregon Museum of Science and Business explains that saltwater is denser than a golf ball, inflicting it to drift in these circumstances.

General, you should buy golf balls that float, however they’re finest saved for apply functions. The balls that optimize your distance on a golf course will sink after they come into contact with H2O.

Floating Golf Balls

As I discussed earlier than, you’ll be able to purchase floating fashions, however they usually function vary balls. Producers use two strategies to provide floating golf balls.

The primary is to boost the diameter and keep the identical weight as commonplace balls. Conversely, producers could scale back the burden and keep the required diameter. Regardless of the totally different strategies, the important thing goal is to cut back the density of a ball in order that it floats.

A patent by Sutherland Golf particulars that their floating golf balls contained monomers, elastomers, polymerization initiators. By binding these totally different polymers and together with a small share of microscopic hole glass spheres, the ball might be manipulated within the manufacturing course of to cut back density.

Greatest Floating Golf Ball: Snugen Floater Golf Balls


  • Reasonably priced
  • Float
  • The 326-dimple sample works to optimize your ball flight
  • The 90-compression core ranking fits golfers with reasonable swing speeds
  • Features a carry bag.


  • Sturdiness
  • Produces elevated spin inflicting sooner swingers to balloon their shot.

The Snugen Floater golf balls are bought in a pack of twelve and are designed for the typical golfer to apply round water.

Crafted with 326-dimples, these balls ship a excessive launching shot, with elevated spin for a gentle touchdown.

Moreover, its compression ranking of 90 fits the typical golfer with a reasonable swing pace, producing related outcomes to when you had been on a golf course.

General, if the one area you need to hit is water, these floating balls are a worthwhile funding. It prevents a misplaced golf ball after every shot. Plus, it offers you the liberty to apply with out being judged by environmentalists for hitting plastic balls into your water supply.


When you listened in science class, it is best to keep in mind that saltwater carries a better density than its recent counterpart. Whereas freshwater has a 1g/ml density, including salt bumps up that quantity. Subsequently, a golf ball with a 1.09g/ml density ought to float in saltwater.

Simply since you add salt to your present pool or pond doesn’t imply it’ll float. You want to make sure that it accommodates adequate salt to make an impression. In any other case, your ball will sink to the underside each time.


Do Golf Balls Float: FAQs

What Makes Golf Balls Float?

Golf vary balls that float both characteristic an elevated diameter or decreased weight. This mix reduces its density to make it decrease than water. Subsequently, the balls float on the highest of a lake or your swimming pool.

Do Golf Balls Sink In Freshwater?

Sure, commonplace golf balls sink in freshwater. That’s as a result of the density of freshwater is roughly 1g/ml, in comparison with a golf ball’s 1.09g/ml. Because of this, the ball sinks to the underside at any time when they contact freshwater.

Conversely, golf balls don’t sink in salt water as a result of the upper the saline answer, the extra its density will increase.

How Far Do Floating Golf Balls Go?

In a YouTube video by GM_Golf, they confirmed that the floating golf balls precipitated them to lose distance. It may have been their swings on that day. Nevertheless, as stable golfers, the problem doubtless lies within the development:

The ball is ready as much as generate elevated backspin rpm, producing a better launch and gentle touchdown. Nevertheless, this causes sooner gamers to generate extra spin, resulting in a ballooned strike and a lack of distance.