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Finally! How To Fix A Slice: 7 Simple Steps to a Beautiful Ball Flight

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Slices suck. 

They trigger you to lose distance, accuracy, and your mood… but most golfers don’t know easy methods to repair a slice.

It doesn’t matter what number of chipping or placing drills you do… if you happen to can’t hit the green, it’s powerful to play nice golf.

What causes a slice?

The most typical reason for a slice is an outside-in swing path. Because of this by means of the preliminary a part of your downswing, your membership is exterior the road of the ball (or additional away from you than it must be).

As a way to make contact with the ball, you compensate by swinging the membership from exterior the road of the ball, to inside this line.

Mix this with an open membership face, which comes from a pure intuition to counteract your outside-in swing path, and also you’ll have your ball spinning by means of the air like a ping-pong ball (and possibly going OB).

Methods to repair a slice?

If this sounds such as you, you most likely watch gamers hit lengthy, managed attracts and marvel how within the hell they do it. Luckily, there are easy options that you should utilize to repair your slice.

These 7 easy steps will present you easy methods to repair your slice and begin hitting straighter golf pictures.

The steps are ranked so as: 1 being the simplest to implement, 7 taking essentially the most follow to good.

For the aim of this text, we’ll assume you’re a proper hander. If you happen to’re a lefty, simply flip the instructions and use the identical steps.

Desk of Contents

  • How To Repair Your Slice: 7 Easy Steps To Straight Golf Photographs
  • Step 1: Don’t Purpose Left!
  • Step 2: Place Your Golf Ball Correctly in Your Setup
  • Step 3: Take Be aware of your Divots
  • Step 4: Repair your grip
  • Step 5: Hold Your Elbow Tucked in Throughout Your Backswing
  • Step 6: Switch Your Weight
  • Step 7: Launch the Membership Previous to Impression

How To Repair Your Slice: 7 Easy Steps To Straight Golf Photographs

  1. Don’t Purpose Left
  2. Place Your Golf Ball Correctly in Your Setup
  3. Take Be aware of Your Divots
  4. Repair Your Grip
  5. Hold Your Elbow Tucked Throughout Your Backswing
  6. Switch Your Weight
  7. Launch the Membership Previous to Impression

Step 1: Don’t Purpose Left!


The Drawback

Everyone knows the sensation: you crush one off the tee and see it flying down the center of the green.

Step by step, it begins to fade proper. This fade turns into a slice, and earlier than you already know it the ball is crusing off into the thickest group of timber on the course.

A typical response for golfers who commonly slice their drives is to intention left.

After all, this is sensible: if you happen to’re assured your ball will transfer considerably left to proper, intention left.

Sadly, this solely makes the issue worse, because the participant is then compelled to repeatedly make the identical mistake so as to maintain the ball in play. This reinforces a nasty behavior, one thing we don’t wish to do.

The Resolution

Purpose straight!

Play as if you’re going to hit your good shot. Perhaps your greatest pictures nonetheless fade somewhat – so be it.

Many PGA Tour professionals desire to hit fades. If so, certain, intention left.

Ensure that while you intention left, although, that we’re speaking left aspect of the green – not 50 yards into the tough.

In case your greatest pictures go lifeless straight, intention that method, and if you happen to typically hit somewhat fade, play for it. You don’t wish to encourage unhealthy habits.

You is perhaps shocked how typically you play the shot you arrange for.

Step 2: Place Your Golf Ball Correctly in Your Setup

trail hand pitching drill

The Drawback

Of all of the causes of a slice, that is maybe the most straightforward one to note.

Many gamers have the ball too far ahead of their stance (which means too far towards the goal).

This may inevitably lead to an outside-in swing path, because the golfer can be reaching for the ball, and gained’t have the ability to correctly launch the membership (see Step 7) previous to influence.

The Resolution

Transfer the ball additional again in your stance.

That is an easy answer to fixing a golf slice, and one that may have an fast influence.

Slide the ball somewhat additional again in your stance, and also you’ll discover you’ll be able to swing way more naturally. How are you aware the place in your stance to place the ball? If you happen to’re hitting a driver, the membership which is most definitely to trigger a devastating slice, the ball must be barely inside your left heel.

Step 3: Take Be aware of your Divots


The Drawback

As has been coated, while you hit a slice, usually your membership has travelled on an outside-in swing path by means of your downswing.

An effective way to know verify your swing path after hitting an iron shot from the green is to verify your divot, it is going to be pointing to the left of your goal, reflective of the fitting to left path of your membership.

The Resolution

This step isn’t a lot a tip to repair your slice as a good way to acknowledge why you hit one.

Be aware of your divots.

They’ll give you important details about why you simply hit a slice, and extra importantly, how extreme your outside-in swing path was.

As you start following these steps, and transfer nearer to persistently crushing pictures straight down the center, use these divots as a efficiency marker.

Step by step, your divot will start to level nearer and nearer to the goal, and you’ll take this as a certain signal that you simply’re bettering your swing habits.

Step 4: Repair your grip


The Drawback

The 4th step to eliminating your slice comes earlier than you swing.

A correct golf grip is a assured approach to get extra management over your golf pictures.

Many slicers will discover that their left hand (assuming a proper handed golfer) is just too far beneath the membership on the level of arrange. This inevitably opens the membership face, and contributes to your slice.

The Resolution

To fight this difficulty, rotate your left hand clockwise till you’ll be able to see three of its knuckles.

This stronger grip will allow you to maintain the membership face within the appropriate place by means of the purpose of influence, and contribute to eliminating your slice.

If you happen to’re not 100% assured in your hand positioning, don’t panic. There are particular molded grip trainers that may help. They’re molded to instruct you the place your arms, fingers and thumbs must be positioned.

Some even mix a grip coach with a tempo coach like this one:

SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer Amazon Image

It’s the proper device to maintain subsequent to your desk or wherever you wish to get some further follow swings in.

Step 5: Hold Your Elbow Tucked in Throughout Your Backswing

The Drawback

Now let’s focus in your swing.

What we wish to do is to keep away from beginning your downswing from exterior the best swing path.

So how do you repair a slice swing?

Repair your again swing.

The only method to do that is to focus in your proper elbow (once more, assuming a proper handed golfer).

If you’re a persistent slicer, you’ll doubtless discover that your proper elbow flares out, away out of your physique throughout your backswing.

This forces the membership excessive and away from you, and causes you to tug it again throughout the best swing path throughout your downswing.

This motion will impart left to proper spin on the ball, whereas the excessively steep downswing will ship the ball a lot greater than you need it, leading to a lack of each management and distance.

The Resolution

Throughout your backswing, attempt to maintain your proper elbow as near your physique as doable.

Although it could initially really feel uncomfortable, it’ll power you to maintain your membership on a greater swing path all through the backswing, permitting you to swing straight by means of the road of the ball in your downswing and observe by means of.

Golf Slice Towel Drill: Maintain a towel between your proper elbow and physique all through your swing.  This may power you to maintain your elbow in all through your swing.

One other method to verify your swing path is straight is with a swing path coach:

EyeLine Golf Swing Path Trainer

It’s nice for follow swings at house and the proper device on the vary to get on the spot suggestions in your swing path.

Mix it with the towel drill talked about above and also you’ll be shocked at how straight you’ll be able to hit the ball.

Step 6: Switch Your Weight

The Drawback

Transferring your weight throughout a golf swing is a comparatively easy idea, but many gamers will not be doing it accurately.

On essentially the most fundamental stage, your weight ought to transfer extra in the direction of your again foot as you swing again, then return in the direction of your entrance foot as you start your downswing and hit the ball.

A typical mistake newbie golfers make is to switch their weight onto their again foot throughout the backswing, and go away it there by means of the downswing and follow-through.

Leaving your weight in your again foot causes you to open your membership face, and swing exterior the road of the ball.

This typically happens with gamers who’re additionally not correctly releasing the membership (see Step 7).

The right recipe for an enormous slice.

The Resolution

Discover ways to correctly switch your weight throughout your golf swing.

A easy approach to follow that is to position one thing subsequent to your entrance foot, and touching your left thigh throughout your arrange. This is usually a golf bag, or any object which can rise up straight and attain your thigh.

As you swing again, your thigh will transfer away from this object barely, indicating the switch of weight in the direction of your again foot.

As you start your downswing, if you happen to correctly switch your weight your thigh will once more come into contact with the thing.

If you happen to go away your weight in your again foot, your thigh will keep separated from the thing, and you’ll doubtless see your ball swinging out to the fitting with an enormous slice.

Step 7: Launch the Membership Previous to Impression

golf swing follow through

The Drawback

Releasing your membership is commonly the ultimate step in fixing your slice.

“Releasing” refers to rotating your forearms by means of influence with the ball.

You may not pay attention to it, however in some unspecified time in the future throughout your swing you’ll rotate your proper hand, wrist, and arm over your left – it’s inconceivable to finish a follow-through with out doing it.

The issue many slicers have is that they don’t do it till far too late, which means the membership face is much too open while you strike the ball.

This can’t solely trigger the ball to spray out to the fitting, but in addition contributes to the left to proper spin which creates a slice.

The Resolution

There’s solely a cut up second between well timed forearm launch – and a straight drive – and a forearm launch which comes too late, which suggests growing a correct launch can take some follow.

A correct launch is without doubt one of the most essential to get proper as a result of  whereas incorporating 7 of those easy slice fixes will provide help to do away with the dreaded slice, if you happen to regularly launch the membership too late your outcomes will stay inconsistent.

An incredible drill to follow releasing the membership occurs to be a reasonably pleasurable one:

Take an outdated membership to a large open area, ideally with no folks round.

Imitate your regular swing, nevertheless as you are feeling your proper hand and forearm rotate over the left, let go of the membership fully.

Ship it flying (informed you it’d be enjoyable)!

Most certainly, you’ll find yourself releasing it method up within the air and to the left, possibly even over your left shoulder.

It’s because your launch occurred too late.

The concept is to throw the membership within the course of your goal, whereas sustaining an precise golf swing.

When you are able to do this, do it once more. Then do it once more, and once more, and once more, till it feels pure.


Observe these easy steps to repair your slice and begin hitting straighter golf pictures!

For many persistent slicers, numerous these issues can be relevant.

Luckily, lots of them are interrelated, which means if you happen to give attention to fixing one, others will naturally observe.

For instance: if you happen to place the ball accurately in your stance, you’ll robotically discover it simpler to launch the membership on the proper time, and likewise if you happen to correctly switch your weight.

One other essential factor to recollect is that, in making an attempt to repair your slice, you don’t have to develop a draw.

Many professionals typically play a fade.

As the good Lee Trevino as soon as stated, “you’ll be able to speak to a fade however a hook gained’t hear”.

You merely want to cut back the quantity of motion in your ball sufficient you can justify calling your shot a fade, relatively than a slice.

From there, you’ll be able to work on growing a draw.

These adjustments could really feel unusual at first… follow them!

You’ll be smashing drives down the center of the green very quickly.