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Finally! How To Increase Your Driving Distance!

The 3 Key Factors to Hitting Longer Golf Drives in 2022

There’s one factor that each golfer needs extra of… DISTANCE!

Studying learn how to enhance driver distance not solely makes you look superior in entrance of your taking part in companions, however it additionally makes the sport a complete lot simpler.

There’s nothing extra rewarding then stepping as much as the tee field and figuring out that you’re going to launch the ball down the center of the golf green.

Driving the golf ball straight and lengthy is a crucial ability that each golfer ought to develop.

Golf is a recreation of confidence and nothing builds confidence quicker than hitting a lovely draw lengthy and straight down the center of the golf green.

It results in shorter method photographs, extra greens in laws, and higher golf scores.

Have you ever ever questioned:

What are the important thing parts that result in longer drives?

What’s the best method to prepare for pace?

How massive of a task does driver know-how play with distance enchancment?

On this article we’re going to reply these necessary questions and, present you step-by-step learn how to enhance your driving distance.

Let’s dive in!

Desk of Contents

  • The Artwork of the Lengthy Drive
  • 3 Essential Elements That Affect Distance
  • The Most Environment friendly Technique To Practice Pace (& Enhance Distance)
  • How Does Gear Impact Your Driving Distance?
  • Begin Rising Your Driving Distance At the moment!

The Artwork of the Lengthy Drive

Have you ever ever watched the World Lengthy Drive Championships?

It’s superb to observe the quickest, strongest women and men in golf smash the ball superb distances.

Whereas the overwhelming majority of leisure golfers won’t ever come near matching these athletes when it comes to clubhead pace, there are particular parts of their swing that you would be able to apply on to your personal swing.

Watch any lengthy driver of the golf ball and they’ll completely be doing the next 4 ideas of their setup:

1. Ball Top

As a normal rule, the equator of the golf ball needs to be instantly in-line with the highest of the clubface at setup. Your main objective when utilizing a driver is to “hit up” on the golf ball and teeing the ball this top will encourage an upward strike.

increase driver distance tee height

2. Vast Stance

The motive force is your longest membership within the bag and due to this fact the membership you possibly can swing the quickest.

If you’ll be growing your pace you could be sure you have the correct golf stance, and a strong base to take care of steadiness. Too many occasions amateurs will arrange with their ft too slim which results in sloppy, unbalanced swings. To make sure your physique has a strong base, arrange with the surface of your shoulders prolonged all the way down to the within of your ft.

Driver stance for distance

3. Ahead Ball Place

Many amateurs make the error of inserting the ball too near the center of the stance as in the event that they have been making ready to hit an iron shot (see picture beneath).

Improper golf stance

Many issues happen when the ball place is simply too near the middle of the stance. Discover how the clubhead has been de-lofted because of this improper setup.

In truth, this is among the commonest errors amateurs make with their driver. When the ball is positioned in the course of the stance it impacts how a participant’s shoulders are set at deal with and adjustments the trail of the membership.

Gamers with a ball place too near the middle will strike down on the ball, the precise reverse of what we try to do. A downward strike with a driver places extra spin on the ball, leading to a ballooning shot that goes very excessive however travels a really quick distance.

As a way to maximize distance, it’s essential to strike up on the ball. Place the ball on the within of the ahead foot to assist insure your clubhead bottoms out earlier within the swing and you may hit the ball on the upswing (see correct stance beneath).

Proper driver setup

4. Backbone Angle

At setup your higher physique (particularly your backbone) needs to be barely tilted away from the goal.

What does this imply?

This implies for the right-handed participant, their left shoulder needs to be barely larger than their proper shoulder at deal with.

Proper spine tilt for driver distance

The perfect drill to really feel the correct quantity of tilt is to setup and place the grip of the motive force at your sternum with the clubhead resting instantly between each knees. Tilt away out of your goal, till the clubhead touches your lead leg. This small quantity of motion represents the proper angle to tilt at deal with.

Use this drill to make sure you are tilting the correct quantity as an excessive amount of tilt will prohibit your flip within the backswing. The tilted backbone is once more necessary because it places your physique in a strong place to strike up on the golf ball.

3 Essential Elements That Affect Distance

Clubhead pace has a direct correlation to your potential distance off the tee.

If you wish to enhance your distance off the tee you will have to extend your clubhead pace, nonetheless discover how we wrote “potential distance”.

Rising your clubhead pace shouldn’t be all the time the quickest and best method to enhance distance. For instance, in the event you at present have a 25-yard slice together with your driver, growing your clubhead pace will solely enhance your slice (learn to repair a slice right here). There are three necessary parts that we should always deal with earlier than studying learn how to prepare for pace. Let’s look at them now:

1. Centeredness of Contact

Centeredness of Contact for More Distance

The best method to enhance your distance shouldn’t be by growing your pace, however reasonably putting the ball nearer to the middle of the clubface.

How necessary is it to hit the middle?

Let’s assume a 20-handicapper hits his common drive a modest 200 yards off the tee. Given his handicap, he more than likely is putting many photographs away from the middle of the clubface leading to a direct lack of distance.

A one-inch off-center hit interprets into an approximate 12% lack of distance.

By constantly studying to hit the ball within the middle of the clubface this participant may instantly acquire 20-25 yards off the tee by altering this one single component.

What’s the easiest way to strike the ball within the middle of the clubface?

Swinging in steadiness.

Apply a correct driver setup together with your ft as extensive as your shoulders and take some follow swings whereas specializing in finishing your swing and ending in a balanced comply with via place. Most off-centered golf photographs are a results of a lack of posture. In case you can swing in steadiness and maintain your end, you’ll begin to strike the ball nearer to the middle of the clubface.

2. Angle of Assault

Angle of Attack to Increase Driver Distance

Because of launch monitor corporations like Trackman, golf professionals now understand probably the most environment friendly method to strike a golf ball is by utilizing extra loft and having a constructive assault angle (hitting up on the ball) at influence.

Justin Thomas, the 2017 PGA Tour Participant has one of many highest launch angles together with his driver, with a median 14.11 diploma of launch at influence. Contemplating Thomas makes use of an 9.5 diploma driver, this implies his is hitting up virtually 5 levels at influence.

So how does this apply to your recreation?

Merely put, you could have an upward strike on the ball together with your driver as a way to maximize distance.

Evaluate the 4 parts of a correct driver setup we mentioned earlier another time. I can’t stress how necessary this setup place is to create a constructive assault angle and extra distance off the tee.

3. Face Angle

Delivering the membership into influence with a sq. clubface can be essential.

An open clubface at influence results in a slice which is the most typical drawback beginner golfers undergo from.

One of the simplest ways to manage your clubface is to make sure your fingers are positioned in a strong place on the membership.

Whereas there isn’t a good grip in golf, a stronger grip is nearly all the time higher than a weaker grip for the common beginner golfer. A stronger grip encourages the correct launch of the clubface and can assist you to enhance distance.

Guarantee that you would be able to see between 2-3 knuckles of the left hand at deal with. This places your left hand (the controller of the discharge) into a strong place.

Increase Driver Distance with a Strong Grip

No less than two knuckles of the glove hand needs to be seen at deal with (crimson dots), whereas the strains created by the thumb and forefinger needs to be parallel and level to the proper shoulder.

The Most Environment friendly Technique To Practice Pace (& Enhance Distance)

Typically individuals classify golf as a boring sport that’s “too gradual” and non-athletic. In case you’ve seen any of the younger gamers of at present’s technology, you realize golf is something however gradual and boring.

Golfers of this technology are athletes, educated to unleash sudden bursts of energy and vitality when swinging the motive force. These highly effective bursts of vitality come from the quick twitch muscle fibers in our physique which can be particularly educated by transferring each heavy and light-weight objects in a quick movement.

Among the finest workouts you possibly can carry out to coach your clubhead pace and enhance your driver distance is to swing a mixture of each heavy and light-weight golf equipment.

Greatest Drill To Enhance Pace (& Driving Distance)

Start this train by grabbing an alignment stick and swinging it 5 occasions as quick as you possibly can together with your regular stance.

After finishing these swings, seize certainly one of your irons and make a further 5 swings together with your regular stance.

Repeat this train a complete of 3 times on each side (proper handed and left handed) whereas specializing in accelerating your membership via the influence space and listening to the “swoosh” of the membership nicely previous influence.

speed stick drill

Swinging an alignment stick is a strong train that trains the quick twitch muscle fibers of the physique.

How Does Gear Impact Your Driving Distance?

Over the previous couple of years golf tools corporations have been criticized for releasing merchandise too usually, forcing golfers to improve their units a pair occasions a 12 months to remain present with the newest know-how.

Whereas developments within the recreation are all the time being made by R&D groups, the fact is that a sound golf swing with correct method will assist you to enhance your distance a lot quicker than upgrading your tools.

Among the finest examples of that is the European Tour golfer, Lee Westwood. A loyal PING ambassador all through his total profession, Lee Westwood used his PING G10 driver for over 6 straight years. As PING debuted new know-how advances with the launch of its G15, G20, and G25 strains of golf equipment, it wasn’t till PING launched its G30 line that Lee lastly upgraded his driver. If you consider it, it makes good sense. Lee has all the time been a premium ball striker and constantly hit his driver over 300 yards. Why would he have to improve?

One other instance is Henrik Stenson, the 2016 Open Champion. Henrik is legendary for utilizing his 3-wood off the tee and in reality prefers it over his driver. Henrik has used his present Callaway 3-wood for over 7 straight years! As soon as when requested why he doesn’t improve his woods, Henrik merely replied, “In case you hit your 3-wood 300 yards would you alter it?”.

Cyrus & Henrick

I had the pleasure of spending per week with Henrik Stenson and discovered all about critical golf energy.

It necessary to notice that we aren’t discrediting the superb work tools corporations do each 12 months to maintain enhancing.

We’re merely stating that you simply don’t essentially have to improve your tools to see outcomes. The overwhelming majority of golfers can enhance their distance off the tee by enhancing their swing mechanics and coaching to enhance pace.

Begin Rising Your Driving Distance At the moment!

Studying to hit the ball farther is a course of that includes many various parts.

Our objective with this text is to coach you on among the most necessary components concerned (the 4 key parts of an incredible driver setup for instance) and among the widespread issues you possibly can instantly repair to enhance distance.

After you have improved your setup and are beginning to swing in steadiness and discover the middle of the clubface extra usually, start coaching pace and you’ll begin to see some superb transformations in distance off the tee.

No extra excuses.