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Five Tips for Patrons at Their First Masters

What Fans Love about Masters Week

I attended the Masters Tournament for the first time in Augusta Georgia on my 20th year of being a golf fan. I am grateful to have experienced the Masters Tournament on Wednesday and Friday of Masters Week.
The Masters is so different from a normal golf tournament. But, because of the traditions, restrictions, as well as the overwhelming nature, I thought that it would be nice to offer some tips and tricks to patrons attending their first Masters Tournament.
Take a photo in front of the clubhouse
Did you know that you can take your picture in front of Augusta’s iconic clubhouse? It’s hard to find out where to take the picture since you need to go all the way around the clubhouse and pass the par three course to find the picture line but do yourself a favor and go get your picture taken.
Buy a chair to claim your spot
The Master tournament is different because you can purchase a chair and set it up in a hole to claim your spot. It’s well worth buying a chair for $35 to get a fantastic viewing spot. The best viewing spots will depend on the day of the tournament. My favorites are the 12th tee and the 15th green. All three of these areas provide great viewing spots where you can view approach shots and putts as well as tee shot shots from multiple holes. Claim your spot as soon as the gates open in the morning!
No cell phones (plan in advance)
It’s really hard to live a day without your cell phone attached to you at all times. If you don’t bring your cell phone to the grounds, it will be difficult to communicate with other people and follow the Masters App. If you want to meet up with your friends at the course be specific about the date and time. I was supposed to meet up with friends on the course, but I couldn’t find them. It is not enough to say that you will meet on the 15th green at 3:00. There are many people on site, making it difficult to find others. Payphones are available on-site, so write down the phone numbers of your friends and family if you want to call them.
Enjoy free parking
Parking is free at the grounds. I didn’t realize this until the day before the tournament. I paid $20 to park across the road from the grounds. Oh well, learn and live. Uber or Cabs can be expensive if you don’t drive to the course. We paid $60 for a 4 mile trip! Uber is not an option if you don’t have your phone.
Buy early
The merchandise tent at the Masters (well, merchandise house in other words) is impressive. The lines can be long and the shopping inside can also take some time. Do your shopping as early as possible. The merchandise area has a “checked bag and shipping section” so if you do your shopping early, you do not need to carry around your merchandise for the day.

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What Fans Love about Masters Week
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What Fans Love About Masters Week
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