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FORE HIRE’s Inaugural Women Who Want to Work in Golf Creates Wave of Opportunity

How do you see the future of golf? After what happened earlier this week in Arizona, it’s pretty encouraging.
The Women Who Wish to Work in Golf Program, organized by FORE HIRE in collaboration with PGA of America Career Services in Scottsdale from May 21-23, was a success. This initiative was designed to empower current and former college golfers who are interested in pursuing a career in the golf industry. Thirty-one individuals were selected from a large number of applicants to participate in the program.
Participants were involved in a variety of activities throughout the program. This included a tour of PING’s headquarters, as well as informative seminars, networking sessions, and workshops. The PGA of America offers career services to its members. Sponsors from all sectors of the industry provided guidance and inspiration.

“The partnership with FORE HIRE and PGA Career Services for the Women Who Want to Work in Golf event has been incredibly powerful,” said FORE HIRE Founder Courtney Trimble. “Having the support of the PGA Career Services team has helped bring the knowledge of experts to the event and opened the minds of these women to what endless opportunities are out there utilizing their golf backgrounds. 
“This partnership has also allowed us to showcase the opportunities and benefits of becoming a PGA Member. I believe that our collaboration with these types of events is the beginning of us continuing to help get more women directly working in the game.”
Women Who Want To Work in Golf, a three-day event in Scottsdale that was held in collaboration with other participants, created a collaborative atmosphere where participants could connect and form meaningful connections in the golf industry. By the end of this three-day event, attendees gained a deeper knowledge of the industry and honed skills. They also expanded their professional networks. This set them on a pathway to pursue rewarding golf careers.

“It was such a privilege to be a part of the first attendees of the program. It was organized, informative, and fun,” says Kylie Nicholas, one of the 31 program participants. “Meeting the incredible female leaders in the industry and having them encourage, promote and support us is an honor. ”
Women Who Wish to Work in Golf is a key initiative in creating a diverse and inclusive golfing industry. It provides opportunities for a new group of talented women and will one day lead to PGA Professionals.
Adds Nicholas: “I’m excited about the opportunities to come from the relationships built at this event.”

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