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Four Simple Core Exercises That Will Help Your Golf Game

Thor Parrish, PGA, demonstrates a side plank.

Thor Parrish PGA demonstrates a Side Plank.

Summer golf is around the corner. In order to play your best golf this season, there are many ways you can begin to prepare your body — most notably, your core. 
Thor Parrish is a PGA Coach and the founder of Thunder Performance, a fitness company in Fort Myers in Florida. He specializes in giving golfers fitness routines to improve their overall health. Parrish suggests four core exercises. These moves can help improve rotation, build a stronger back, improve power and strength for your golf swing and protect you from injury.
Forearm planks
The forearm plank

The forearm plank
To strengthen your upper and lower body, it is important to activate your core muscles. This idea can be tested out by doing a forearm plank. To perform this plank correctly, you need a flat back and a tight core. Your legs should be straight, and your elbows should be at 90 degrees. This position allows you to feel your core muscles being activated.
RepsPerform planks for 30-60 secs for 3-4 rounds. 
Side plank

The side plank is just as effective for your core as the standard plank. To get into side plank position, lay on your right with your legs straight, and feet stacked. Put your right elbow underneath your right shoulder. With your forearm pointing outwards, create a line from your toes up to your head.
Then, lift your hips off the ground so you’re supporting your weight on your elbow and bottom foot. Flip to the left and rest your hips on the ground.
Reps: 30-60 seconds per side, 3-4 rounds.
Hollow holds

The hollow body holds will activate your hip-flexors and spine muscles. This exercise is harder than a normal plank because it creates tension in your arms, legs, and back. To perform this exercise, lay on your back while extending your arms overhead. Lift shoulders and feet up off the floor, while keeping arms, legs, and core tight.
Reps: 30-60 seconds per side, 3-4 rounds.
Single-arm, single-leg plank
The one-arm, one-leg plank.

The plank with only one arm and leg.
You use a lot upper body and arm muscle during your golf swing. This specific plank will improve shoulder stability, and protect your shoulders against injury. Start by assuming a normal plank. Alternately lifting the opposite hand at the same as the opposite foot, every five second. 
Reps: 30-60 seconds per side, 3-4 rounds.
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