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How Far Do Most People Hit a 4 Iron? How About The Pros?

How Far Do Most People Hit a 4 Iron? How About The Pros?

Did you ever find yourself one of those golfers that quickly took your 4 iron out of the bag to replace it with a hybrid instead? I was.

Many golfers are now considering putting their 4 iron back in their bag, despite the fact that technology has improved.

The 4 iron was once difficult to launch and had a small sweet spot. It has improved in recent years.

However, in order for the 4 iron to earn a spot in your bag, you’ll need to know how far you hit it and how far you should be hitting it. Here is the complete information on how far professionals hit a 4 Iron.


Table of Contents

  • How Long Should You Hit A 4 Iron?
  • How far have PGA players gotten to a 4 iron?
  • More Tips to Hit Your 4 Iron
  • What Degree Hybrid Replaces A 4 Iron?

How Long Should You Hit A 4 Iron?

The distance you hit your 4 iron will vary depending on your ability to hit the center of the clubface, your clubhead speed, and the club you’re playing. Some 4 irons are made for distance while others are built for forgiveness and higher ball flight.

These numbers are reflective of the skill level and have the most to do with a golfer’s ability to strike the ball solidly. Expect to see a difference in the total distance depending on whether your swing speed is fast or slow.

For beginners

Beginner golfers have slower swing speeds as they try to perfect the different positions. A 4 iron will be sufficient to hit the ball approximately 155 yards.

There will be times when a beginner will reach distances closer than 160 or 165 yards. This is rare.

The 4 iron is a popular choice for beginners due to its lower ball flight and greater penetration. It also increases your total roll. Although this may seem like a positive when learning the game, it is not necessary for your improvement.

High Handicap

High handicap golfers are more likely to have inconsistency problems than beginners. Higher handicappers will see the 4 iron anywhere from 165 to 165.

If you aim for the center of the clubface and are using a more game improvement set of golf clubs, the distances may be closer to 170 yards.

Again, it’s important to remember that not all higher handicappers have slower swing speeds. These numbers will be slightly higher if you are aggressive and have high swing speeds.

Mid Handicap

Mid-handicap golfers often think of their modern 4 Iron as the 170 yard club. Your 4 iron should be approximately 170 yards if you are using your 7-iron for a shot between 140 and 145 yards.

You might consider a 4 hybrid if your 4 iron is traveling the same amount as your 5 iron. When we see distances max out, it often has to do with the golfer’s swing speed and ability to make consistent contact with the ball.

Low Handicap

A 4 iron can be used by low handicap golfers to hit the ball around 180 yards. Some players will hit it closer than 190, 200 or even 200 yards, but this is usually when they have faster clubhead speeds. Low-handicap players may benefit from hitting the middle of the clubface frequently.

You can expect a higher launch, better spin rates and more control when you strike the center part of the face.

Low handicap players do not only want distance from their iron shot, but also accuracy and workability.


How far have PGA players gotten to a 4 iron?

A PGA Player can hit their 4 iron for an average distance of 200-250 yards. Even though nearly all PGA Tour players are considered faster swinging golfers, they don’t all have the same distance capabilities.

Most PGA Tour players are looking for a launch angle and spin rate that matches what they’re trying to do on the golf course. The 4 iron is used by most players for accuracy on longer par 3s or to approach par 4.

These golfers want to make sure the ball stops at the pin.

Many PGA Tour players tend to avoid hybrids, as they don’t have the same workability. You’re more likely to find a 4 utility club in the bag of a PGA player than a 4 hybrid.


More Tips to Hit Your 4 Iron

Now that you have a better idea as to how far a 4 iron is supposed to go, let’s take a more in-depth look into how you can hit your 4 iron further.

Distance can be misleading when using a 4 iron. It is important to consider how long the ball can stay in the air and how far it can carry, rather than how long the ball rolls.

Proper Golf Stance

Change your outlook

To provide more stability, many golfers take a wider position with their 4 Iron. While this can be a good idea it can slow down your swing. If you feel like you are having difficulty getting to your left side when you play golf, you can narrow your stance.

You will know that it’s too narrow if you lose your balance or feel as though you are getting stuck when you get closer to the ball. Overall, I’ve found that a slightly narrow stance has helped me gain a lot of distance.

Move the ball up in your setup

It is easier to make contact with your 4 iron when the ball is a little higher up than your stance. This ball position encourages better ball rotation and requires golfers to accelerate through it.

The 4 iron is a longer club and it takes a little more effort to hit it cleanly at impact, so don’t be afraid to go after it a bit.

Complete the Backswing

Golfers can feel anxious about the 4 iron (I know it did for me). It is a difficult choice for those who struggle to make contact due to its longer length and lower loft.

When struggling with a golf club, one of the most common mistakes made by golfers is to shorten their backswing. When the backswing gets quick, we don’t have time to transition weight or positions in our swing, and the result is a shot that does not fly very far.

You can get more distance from your 4 iron if you bring it parallel to the ground on your backswing.

If the club reaches this parallel position, it can achieve more distance, a higher flight, or the performance that makes it worth keeping.

Get Fitted For The Right Four Iron

Did you know that some golfers have steel shafts in their golf irons but graphite in their 4 irons?

This is not unusual.

Because it is longer, the 4 iron can be more heavy than other clubs in your bag. The extra length can make it more difficult to achieve the clubhead speed that you desire. You can improve your overall results by using a graphite shaft on the 4 iron.

Work on Increasing Clubhead Speed

You will also be able to hit your 4 iron harder if you work on improving your overall clubhead speed. You can improve your clubhead speed by strengthening your upper and lower bodies.

Many golfers find it helpful to work out in a fitness center. Cross-training can also be beneficial by playing other sports.

You can also get weighted golf clubs or other devices that will help increase your distance. If your club feels lighter due to your strength, you should be capable of swinging it faster.


What Degree Hybrid Replaces A 4 Iron?

The 22-degree hybrid is designed to replace the 4 Iron. This does not mean all 4 irons will have the same 22-degree loft.

Your 4 iron and 4 hybrid may be 22 degrees apart. You might still hit the 4 hybrids more. The 4 hybrid has a graphite shaft and a higher launch. It also has plenty of ball speed. A 4 hybrid clubhead is designed to be easier in the rough.

A hybrid is a better option if distance is your primary concern. Ball flight can be higher which makes it easier to stop a ball on the green.

I’ll be honest – I’ve enjoyed switching to a 4 hybrid and can’t really see myself making the change back anytime soon.