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How Far Do Most People Hit an 8 Iron? How About The Pros?

How Far Do Most People Hit an 8 Iron? How About The Pros?

The 8 iron is my favorite iron.

The 7 iron was the first club I had when I was a child. But the 8 iron and how I can manipulate the ball flight make it my favorite choice.

I also learned how to hit the iron at a variety distances depending on what shot I am trying to hit. It is important to know the exact distance your 8 iron can fly if you want great shots on this course.


Table of Contents

  • How Long Should You Hit an Iron 8?
  • How far did the PGA Players go to hit an 8 Iron?
  • Can you hit an 8 iron 150 yards?
  • Tips to Hit Your 8 Iron More

How Long Should You Hit an Iron 8?

The average 8 iron will travel approximately 130 yards. This is not the whole story. The distance an 8 iron can fly depends on your swing speed. Golfers with a faster swing speed can hit the 8 iron much further than those with a slower swing speed.

High Swing Speed Player

Golfers who have a high swing speed will be able to reach 145 yards with the 8 iron. Some can even get as high as 155 yards. The PGA Tour Professional should see approximately 170 yards with an 8 iron, due to its fast speeds.

These golfers almost always use an iron 8 with a steel shaft. This shaft is more designed for accuracy than for distance. High swing speed golfers are known for their high ball flight with the 8 iron.

Low Swing Speed Player

Lower swing speed players are those who struggle with distance. The 8 iron is usually used by those with the lowest swing speed. They typically hit it around 120-130 yards. Some golfers may be able to hit the 8 iron at less than 120 yards if they have trouble getting the clubhead moving fast.

A graphite shaft is more suitable for players with lower swing speeds. This lightweight shaft increases total launch and improves consistency on the course.

Average swing speed

An average golfer’s swing speed is 130 yards per hour. LPGA and PGA Tour players have a significantly higher swing speed than the average swing speed golfer, so expect to see them play farther.

Most average swing speed golfers use game improvement equipment to help them hit the ball further. Some of these 8 irons are more like 7 irons with modern lofted golf clubs.

If you are looking for new golf clubs and suddenly find that your 8 iron is hitting further than your 7iron, you may have switched from a traditional lofted set of irons to one with a modern loft.

Distance Based on Handicap

One of the most frustrating things about determining distances between golf clubs is how people talk about handicaps. It is assumed that higher handicap golfers can’t hit the ball as far as lower handicap golfers.

This is simply not true.

Research has shown that the farther you can hit the ball, it is easier to score. There are many players who can hit the ball low and not need to hit an 8 iron beyond 135-140 yards.

Keep in mind that speed is more important than anything else when it comes to how far you can hit your irons.


How far did the PGA Players go to hit an 8 Iron?

PGA Tour players are able to hit their 8-iron anywhere between 150 and 170 yards. PGA players find it difficult to hit the shots they want, as they can only hit the ball so far. The loft angle for PGA Professionals is usually a little lower with an 8 iron.

These players use a 8-iron blade style for most of their game. Although it can reduce total distance, they often have greater accuracy.

The average distance that female golfers can hit the 8-iron is 140-150 yards on the LPGA Tour.


Can you hit an 8 iron 150 yards?

It is possible to hit an 8 iron for 150 yards. You will need to have a lot of clubhead speed in order to do this. The 8 iron will fly 150 miles at a higher club head speed. You should aim for consistent 150 yard hitting an 8 iron with a high club head speed and a proper descent angle.

Some golfers don’t get the proper ball flight, and it may increase roll distance, but it won’t help with accuracy or consistency.

To hit an 8 iron 150 yards you need to improve your clubhead speed. A golfer who hits the ball 140 yards is likely to be able to hit 150.


Tips to Hit Your 8 Iron More

The 8 iron is a club that is more about consistency and accuracy rather than distance. As an amateur golfer, iron distance is important to you. You will always strive for a few more yards whenever possible.

Here are some tips I used to increase the distance of my 8 iron. It is important to use a launch monitor occasionally to check things like the smash factor and spin rate, ball speed, swing speed mph, and ball speed.

This will give you a better understanding of why you are traveling the distances that you are doing and where you should go.

Increase stability in your lower legs

If you want to hit any golf shot further, it’s important to have stability in the lower body. Your base of support for the rest is the lower body. These ground forces are being studied more in order to improve the overall effectiveness of golfers.

You can increase stability in your lower legs by strengthening your legs. You can improve your stability by adding running/walking to your daily routine or going to the gym.

A good pair of golf shoes will help you grip the ground better. For increased power, I prefer a spiked design.

I recommend that you consider the weight of your feet. You will see a lot less distance if you have weight on your toes or heels. Your balance will also be affected.

Colpress the Golf Ball

We’ve talked about this before, but anytime that distance comes to mind, it’s really important to understand what golf ball compression can do for players. You must hit the ball down and through it if you want to compress it.

Golfers who strike the ball while they’re still on their right feet or have not yet made a weight transfer will find that they don’t compress the golf ball as well.

Unfortunately, when you don’t have excellent golf ball compression, you will almost immediately notice a lack of total distance.

I like to think about the small spot in front. During my swing, I think about hitting both the golf ball as well as the spot in front. It’s easier to get a higher ball flight, and more carry distance, if you think about attacking both.

The club stays in the contact zone longer and control and consistency are usually much better.

Learn to improve your swing speed

Your swing speed determines how far you can go in golf. If you can increase your swing speed, you’ll be able to get more distance using your 8 iron as well as all the other clubs in you bag.

There are two main ways to increase your swing speed: getting stronger and making your swing more efficient. A higher swing speed can be achieved if your swing is more efficient, meaning you can use less effort and generate more power.

Here are some of my favorite drills that will help you increase your swing speed.

You must ensure that your setup and ball position are correct

Last but not least, make sure your setup is correct. If you don’t have the ball in the proper position or your weight is not balanced at the start of your swing, it’s really hard to maximize distance with your 8 iron.

The 8-iron shot can be played by most golfers in the middle of their stance. This position ensures consistency between setups and allows for easier compression.

If you try to hit a lower lofted shot using the 8 iron, the ball position may shift slightly.

Also, ensure your stance is stable but not too wide. You can save those with wider stances for longer clubs.