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How Far You Should Be Hitting a 3 Wood (Based on Skill)

How Far You Should Be Hitting a 3 Wood (Based on Skill)

Many golfers consider their 3 Wood to be an alternative for their driver.

The 3 wood can be a great option for those who struggle to align their driver’s face and need consistency in their swing. Some golfers aren’t getting the distance they need from their 3wood.

You could have a shaft that is too long or the club length is wrong.

Either way, let’s take a look at how far you should be hitting a 3 wood and what can help you get your 3 wood a little further down the fairway.


How far you should be hitting a 3-wood

A 3 wood averages 220 yards. However, your handicap and some other factors can greatly impact the distance.

I’ll explain how far each golfer should be hitting their 3 wood based on their handicap.

For Beginners

Some people who are beginners to golf have been playing sports for their entire lives. They have a lot of swing speed and a natural ability get the most distance from their golf shots when they first start playing golf. But, accuracy is a problem for most beginners.

It is difficult to hit the center of the clubface, so you will often notice a significant loss of distance.

Beginners should be comfortable with 3 wood shots traveling 200 yards. Keep in mind that a 200-yard 3-wood shot from a tee is more difficult than a 200 yd 3 wood shot from the fairway.

Lies on the fairway are tight, and it’s hard to hit it quite as clean as you may want to when you are new to the game.

High Handicap

Most high handicappers have been playing for a while and have not yet begun to get lower handicaps. The majority of high handicappers have both strengths and weaknesses.

Some people will be strong on the tee, but have trouble around greens; others will experience the reverse.

High handicappers will hit the 3wood at around 210 yards. Some golfers can swing faster than others and get the 3wood to travel closer to 220 yards. However, the dispersion rates are likely to be quite high.

I’ve always said that I would rather hit a 3 wood 215 yards every time instead of hitting one that goes 200 yards and then another that travels 240. Consistency in golf is much more valuable than inconsistent play.

Mid Handicap

Mid handicap golfers are more likely to shoot in the 80s or 90s. These players will often take their 3 wood out of their bag to use on a shorter hole or a narrower fairway.

Mid handicappers can see approximately 225 yards from their 3wood. Most likely, this will include the distance from carry and roll. Mid handicappers tend to have more consistency than high handicappers so expect lower dispersion rates.

Low Handicap

A low handicap golfer may hit a 3wood 230 yards. Many low handicappers who swing faster will see total distances of 250 yards.

Low handicap players will need to be more precise with their 3 wood shots. Low handicappers often use 3 wood shots to hit a Par 5 in two or to get on the green after a difficult drive on a Par 4.

These lower-handicap golfers need to be able to combine accuracy and distance.


One of the more common questions we’re asked about a 3 wood is how far pros hit their 3 wood.

Why is this important to golfers?

They usually can’t believe the fact that the average 3 wood from a professional is considerably longer than the average drive from an amateur. However, it’s the truth!

Professionals hit a 3wood with approximately 250 yards of carry on the PGA Tour. Depending on the trajectory and ball flight, this will result in considerably more distance than the average golfer’s driver.

Some professionals don’t even carry a 3 wood. Many professionals will opt for a 4 or 5-wood to increase their versatility.

Professional golf bags usually have more wedges and irons that amateurs. That’s typical because of the precision and accuracy of which professionals are capable.


When to Use Your Three Wood

Now that you are more informed about how far you should hit your 3wood, you may be wondering when you should take it out of the bag. The 3 wood can be used on a variety of courses, but it is not the most versatile.

As an alternative to your driver, you can use a Tee Box

A 3 wood is used most often as an alternative for a driver off the green. Some players may not find the driver to be the easiest club to hit. A 3 wood is slightly shorter and has more loft than the driver, but it’s still a great club.

The extra loft and shorter club length make it easier to tee.

Some golfers opt to skip the driver entirely and play with the 3 Wood.

Personally, I think it’s smart to have both so you can see some progress in your golf game.

From The Fairway

To hit a great shot on your 3 wood, you will need to use a fairway for a little bit more clubhead speed. The 3 wood generally has about 15 degrees of loft, which isn’t much.

To achieve impressive results, you must keep your turf interaction clean.

When you make clean contact with the 3 wood, it’s certainly possible to hit a fairway shot as long as you hit a shot from the tee box. When hitting this club from fairway, the ball position should be slightly ahead of center.

Very Light Rough

I strongly discourage you from hitting a 3 wood out thick rough.

For golfers who have 3 wood, thick rough can be a problem. This low-lofted club can cause the ball to not bounce out of the rough as you expect.

This results in a very low, lofted shot that sometimes makes a strong turn to your left. This can be avoided by using a hybrid to hit the thick rough.

I am able to take the 3 Wood out of my bag and go after it if I find my ball in a cut or sitting up well in the rough. It is often the PGA Tour players or amateur golfers who are more aware of where their 3wood is used that they get the best results.


Other clubs that could replace the 3 Wood

The 3 wood is handy in the bag, but if you don’t like it, there are options for utility clubs and hybrids that can travel just as far as the 3 wood. A standard 2 iron has the same loft as the 3wood.

The 3 wood is best for you if your swing is more sweeping and you hit your driver and other fairway woodens well. If you are more inclined to iron play, consider the utility and hybrid options that can be used to replace the 3 Wood.

The 2 iron utility and 2 hybrid would be the best alternatives to the 3 wood.


These are 4 Tips to Help You Hit Your 3 Wood More

Now that you are clearer about how far you should be hitting your 3 wood, here’s a few tips I love to help you get it to travel further.

1. Choose a Lightweight Shaft

A lightweight shaft will allow you to increase your average distance and make the ball travel further. For faster-swinging golfers, a little more weight in the shaft will be fine. However, slower swing speeds should be mindful of shaft weight.

2. Check that your ball position is correct

I prefer to hit the ball slightly forward of my stance. The 3 wood club is long, so I have the space to hit the ball slightly higher and slightly on the upswing.

3. Complete your Backswing

A 3 wood should be used with a slow, long backswing. The club is longer than the others in your bag so you will have more consistency in your shot.

4. Keep an eye on your weight

To hit great shots using a 3 Wood, you need to be capable of transferring your weight from the starting position to the right and then to left. This weight transfer is incredibly important, and it’s a real power move.