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How Short Par 4 is Bringing New Golf Apparel Right to Your Front Door

The team behind the new subscription-based apparel company, Short Par 4.

Short Par 4, the subscription-based apparel company.

Are you a fashion-forward golfer with your finger on the pulse of what’s trending in golf apparel? When you walk into a shop for golf, where do you start? The clothes or the clubs?
If you’re a golf fashionista, these are good times for you. 
In fact, look at your fellow golfers on the course or at the range and you’ll see a delightful array of cool colors, sleek styles, and fresh and fun fabrics with labels you’ve heard of and others you haven’t. 
Short Par 4 is a brand that does some innovative and fun things in golf apparel. Their subscription-based membership service delivers the latest apparel brands to thousands of front doors across the country. It’s fun and simple —  visit and answer a few questions about your style preferences. Determine which membership category meets your needs and you’re all set. Short Par 4 will deliver big-label brands that have been curated specifically for you.
Michael Tuohy and his staff at Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch in Florida are big proponents of Short Par 4, and bringing in new apparel lines.

Michael Tuohy and his staff from Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch, Florida, are big supporters of Short Par 4 and bring in new apparel lines.
“COVID-19 created a greater demand for the Short Par 4 subscription service,” says Michael Tuohy, the PGA Head Professional at Esplanade at Azario Lakewood Ranch in Florida. “When the only thing you could do was play golf and you couldn’t shop anywhere, there was nothing better than having some cool golf clothes show up at your house.” 
Tuohy is just one of many PGA Professionals at the forefront of golf retail. These are golf shop owners and managers who understand the game, and know that golfers’ preferences are changing, and they’re filling their shops with these exciting new lines.  
Tuohy discovered that the young man he had hired to join his outside operations team also worked for a local company that made golf apparel and was doing well with its subscriptions. 
Turns out, that company was Short Par 4, which was located just a few blocks away from Tuohy’s facility.
“I had heard of Short Par 4 before, but never realized they were around the corner from our club,” Tuohy says. “They’re literally two roads over from me and we didn’t connect until late last year.”
Graham Luxe is another fashion-forward brand that Tuohy has found popular in the Esplanade golf shop.

Graham Luxe is another fashion-forward company that Tuohy found popular at the Esplanade Golf Shop.
They connected because they were connected. Short Par 4 introduced two green grass labels recently that Tuohy brought into the shop, which was the first in the country to do this. Now that’s cutting edge — not only knowing the trends, but in some cases setting them. When 1764 Golf and Graham Luxe were introduced in Tuohy’s golf shop back in December, company reps were on hand to engage club members and discuss their new lines, too.
All three companies are just three examples of new and innovative apparel brands that might not be your parents’ golf apparel brands … or are they? Talk to your local PGA Professional and encourage them to take a chance on quality golf apparel that’s fun and is turning heads. 
1764 Golf has fun prints and unique patterns on their shirts to add a pop of style to your closet.

1764 Golf offers fun prints and unique patterns to add style to your wardrobe.
Short Par 4 has two other lines coming soon — a shoe line and a womens’ line — and  Tuohy has already said he’ll carry them both in his golf shop. What about your local store? It’s an exciting time in golf apparel; get in on the fun.

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