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How to Tell If You Have a Flat Golf Swing

How to Tell If You Have a Flat Golf Swing

The great thing about golf is that there are lots of methods to get the job accomplished. Beforehand, I centered on the inside out swing, designed to induce a right-to-left shot form. Nevertheless,  on this overview, my mission is to remove your slice by instructing you how you can inform if in case you have a flat golf swing.

As well as, I’ll define the professionals and cons of swinging this manner that will help you resolve if it fits your recreation. Whereas it could actually hold you straight and assist maximize ball pace and distance, you rely closely on timing, which is quite a bit to fathom as a newbie.


Desk of Contents

  • What’s a Flat Golf Swing?
  • Inform if You Have a Flat Swing
  • Professionals of a Flat Golf Swing
  • Cons of a Flat Golf Swing
  • Professional Gamers Who Have Flat Swings
  • What to Do if You Need to Repair a Flat Golf Swing

What’s a Flat Golf Swing?

Beneath, golf coach Mark Crossfield describes a flat golf swing as your arms working round your physique. Successfully, the clubhead finishes behind your lead shoulder as a substitute of above it. 


On this subsequent video, the PGA Tour showcases Sergio Garcia’s swing, offering a first-rate instance of a participant who flattens the airplane as he commences his downswing. Nevertheless, his posture, hip, and shoulder rotation assist him get the ball again on airplane. A 2014 CBS report quoted Geoff Ogilvy saying that Sergio’s ball-striking abilities are within the league of Ben Hogan.


Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply it’s best to emulate the Spaniard. As a result of there are extreme dangers related to this setup.

If a flatter swing backswing is working for you, and also you get the membership parallel to your goal on the downswing, then keep it up. Simply watch out to not decrease the shaft on the way in which down as it’s more and more tough to maintain the membership on airplane for stable contact. 

It’s essential to lengthen your shoulders and hips to get the clubface rotation to get the clubface sq. at impression. That may result in you leaving the membership face open and prompting a slice or pushing it proper.

Finally, a flat backswing just isn’t a problem. It’s the way you go about bringing your membership shaft parallel along with your goal on the downswing.


Inform if You Have a Flat Swing

Following the recommendation of Crossfield, we all know that we have now a flat airplane if the clubhead is behind your left shoulder for right-handers.

Moreover, Me And My Golf counsel that your swing is flat if the highest of your proper arm elbow sits in opposition to your torso. That will prohibit your arms and makes it tough to free them up and allow them to information the membership again on airplane. Failure to do that results in an in-to-out path and leaves you prone to fade or slice.

The third solution to establish if in case you have a flatter airplane is to video your left arm motion throughout your backswing. Grasp Teacher Anne Cain recommends that you just pull your left arm throughout your shirt and swing again as a substitute of up.

One of the best ways to establish these factors is to attend a couple of teaching classes with an professional. However, when you favor the DIY method, you possibly can video your self whereas practising and search for the above clues.


Professionals of a Flat Golf Swing

Clubhead Pace

Cain explains that swinging your golf membership alongside a flatter airplane causes your membership to journey additional than on a steep angle of assault. That allows you to generate optimum velocity in your downswing and join the ball cleanly, producing a excessive coefficient of restitution (COR). In consequence, you get pleasure from speedy ball pace and elevated distance.

Along with the journey distance of the membership head, optimum rotation is important to get the clubhead on the trail provides to the vitality manufacturing.

Coefficient Of Restitution (COR)

COR refers back to the vitality transferred from the clubface to the ball at impression. In case your clubhead pace is sluggish, you’ll battle to keep up COR, resulting in much less ball pace, a weak launch, and diminished distance.

Because of the elevated velocity prompted by a flat golf swing, it helps you speed up clubhead pace for optimum COR at impression. Subsequently, you produce elevated distance in comparison with a steep swing airplane.

Ball Pace

Because of the vitality transferred from the clubface to the golf ball at impression, you get pleasure from explosive pace. The speedy velocity of the ball promotes most distance in your recreation.


Once you obtain optimum clubhead and ball pace, you get pleasure from elegant distance. That leads to extra mid to quick irons into the inexperienced and improves your likelihood of carding extra pars or birdies in a spherical.


Cons of a Flat Golf Swing


There isn’t any doubt that the last word benefit of a flat golf swing airplane is its COR, ball pace, and distance talents. Nevertheless, in case your shot flies far and lands within the woods, it defeats the aim of distance.

One battle that gamers with flat golf swings undergo is a slice or fade ball flight. That is attributable to the participant not getting the shaft on airplane throughout the downswing attributable to inadequate rotation. In consequence, you swing from in to out and depart the face open at impression.

In the event you can optimize hip and shoulder flip and get the membership again parallel to the goal on the backswing, you’ll overcome this.


Opposite to gamers struggling a slice, Mark Crossfield reveals how some flat swings result in a closed clubface at impression, prompting a hook. If in case you have a flat backswing and forged the membership from the highest of your downswing, you’ll not get the clubhead or shaft on path, and it could actually trigger you to strike the ball from outdoors in.

Topped Pictures

The ultimate threat of a flat swing is that you just high your photographs. Once you really feel uncomfortable in your downswing and really feel that you could be not strike it cleanly, it causes amateurs to lean again out of the shot and are available up on it. That implies that your clubhead can strike the turf earlier than the ball and bounce up, catching the highest of the dimples.


Professional Gamers Who Have Flat Swings

Cain means that Matt Kuchar is the skilled participant who epitomizes a flat or diagonal swing, as she calls it. As I defined, Kuch strikes his left arm across the physique considerably, resulting in the clubhead dipping decrease than his trailing shoulder on the high of the downswing.

Chad Campbell is one other participant who operates with a flatter swing, as Golf Digest explains.

Sergio Garcia has a steeper backswing in comparison with Kuchar. Nevertheless, he lowers the membership on the high of his swing to shallow it out. He then follows this airplane all the way in which all the way down to the ball.


What to Do if You Need to Repair a Flat Golf Swing

Step 1 – Takeaway

Though your takeaway has little bearing on the impression of your shot, it could actually enable you produce a positive swing path for stable contact. Most golfers with shallow swings rotate their arms round their physique, which places your clubhead in a clumsy place to get it again on airplane throughout the downswing.

I counsel specializing in taking your membership again after which as much as repair a flat swing. That can encourage a barely upright swing. It will allow you to freely transfer your arms to carry your shaft and clubhead pointing on the goal when your membership is parallel to the bottom.

Once you rotate your proper and left wrist round your physique, you might want to compensate throughout your downswing. That is achieved by twisting your higher and decrease physique extensively. 

In consequence, it helps you place your clubhead and shaft according to the goal when the membership is parallel to the turf.

Step 2 – Downswing

The downswing is important to crack the fashionable fundamentals of golf. In case your shaft and clubhead should not pointing at your goal when parallel to the tee field or fairway, you threat opening or closing the face at impression.

When your takeaway is alongside a steeper path, it’s simpler for amateurs to carry the membership again on airplane from the highest of the downswing.

As a substitute of rotating your arms again round your physique, use the momentum out of your leg drive and higher physique rotation to carry the membership down. 

Be certain that when your shaft is parallel to the bottom, the clubhead faces alongside your goal line, in any other case, you’ll not have sufficient time to get the face sq. at impression.

Step 3 – Impression

After getting steps 1 and a pair of waxed, the ultimate stage is to strike the ball. Even when the primary two steps are executed to perfection, your clubface place at impression determines the accuracy and distance of your shot.

In case your clubhead is going through the goal when the shaft is parallel to the bottom, you might be on monitor to sq. your membership up for impression. In the event you depart your face open or swing from in to out, you threat slicing your shot. 

Conversely, do you have to over-rotate your arms round your physique, the membership will comply with an out-to-in path and trigger you to hook your ball.

Following the above 3 steps will enable you cut back shallowing of your membership and the chance of slicing and hooking your photographs. Subsequently it’s simpler for the common golfer to swing extra upright than flat. Plus, it encourages superior accuracy.