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How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long: 6 Dead Giveaways

How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long: 6 Dead Giveaways

On this submit, I’ll train you methods to inform in case your golf golf equipment are too lengthy.

The purpose is that will help you determine this challenge, and overcome it. Plus, I’ll coach you thru methods to decide the right size golf equipment to your sport.


Desk of Contents

  • The Penalties of Utilizing Golf Golf equipment That Are Too Lengthy
  • How one can Inform if Your Golf Golf equipment Are Too Lengthy
  • How one can Inform if Your Golf Golf equipment Are Too Quick
  • How one can Determine Out The Proper Size of a Golf Membership for You

The Penalties of Utilizing Golf Golf equipment That Are Too Lengthy

I not too long ago relocated to Argentina and determined to depart my golf golf equipment in South Africa. I used my buddy’s golf equipment for my first two rounds (he’s a 6-foot 6 Dane of pure Viking heritage).

Within the two rounds I used these lengthy golf equipment, I surprisingly loved a constant draw. It impressed me a lot that I’ve determined to amass golf golf equipment which might be 0.5-inches longer than my present normal lengths.

Nevertheless, in addition to my optimistic expertise, longer-length golf golf equipment can wreak havoc along with your tempo, swing path, ball putting, and accuracy.

Golfers have a tendency to face additional upright with longer golf golf equipment to account for his or her design. This adjustments your posture and prompts an out-to-in swing path alongside a shallow angle of assault with a driver. That will increase the problem of management and causes heel and toe mishits.

In the event you take a look at World Lengthy Drive Champion Kyle Berkshire’s driver, it’s 48-inches lengthy. That’s 3-inches longer than a typical size. Since he swings it 152.6 mph, you’d assume the added size would do this for each golfer.

Certain, the elevated size enhances the flexibleness of the shaft, however it additionally will increase your swing weight. Due to this fact, you lose velocity and energy at a essential level in your swing, and produce a decrease smash issue, leading to fewer yards.

Golf Journal stories that for each inch you add to your driver, you acquire 1-mph further clubhead velocity. Nevertheless, for those who strike the ball off the toe of the membership or the heel, you’ll cut back your coefficient of restitution (COR) and produce slower ball velocity. Due to this fact you lose distance.

The underside line is that in case your golf equipment are too lengthy, it impacts your swing mechanics. Plus, it reduces your energy via affect for a lack of distance and accuracy.


How one can Inform if Your Golf Golf equipment Are Too Lengthy

1. You didn’t get correctly fitted

Probably the most environment friendly method to figuring out in case your golf membership’s lengths are extreme is to get fitted at your native golf store. These professionals will set you up on a launch monitor and analyze each facet of your swing and sport, from tee to inexperienced.

As well as, they’ll assess the affect that size has in your ball velocity, swing velocity, spin fee, and tempo. The outcomes additionally point out golfers dispersion charges and spotlight the perfect lofts for lengthy irons, woods, and brief irons.

Getting fitted lets you make better-informed choices about your gear. It alleviates the guesswork and units you up for an optimum swing and constant contact.

2. Your golf equipment measure too lengthy towards a becoming chart

The only approach to decide in case your golf equipment are too upright is to drag out the tape measures for a static measurement. In the event you shouldn’t have a tape measure, you possibly can at all times use a 1-meter or yard ruler.

Let your arms hold by your aspect, and get a buddy or beloved one to do the wrist-to-floor measurements. Decide the size out of your wrist crease to the bottom, and double-check your peak.

Subsequent, head over to the Ping Becoming Chart and plug within the knowledge to seek out the fitting size shafts. For instance, I’m 5-foot-8, and my wrist sits 38-inches from the ground. Due to this fact, the chart means that I exploit an extended shaft, 0.5-inches greater than a typical size golf membership.

If the usual shaft size of a driver is 45-inches, it recommends that I’ll excel with a forty five.5-inch development. That signifies that a shaft above 45.5-inches is probably going too lengthy for common peak.

3. Your golf equipment really feel heavy

An extended shaft means further swing weight. The draw back of added weight is that it will possibly cut back your clubhead velocity at affect, resulting in a lack of spin and ball velocity.

The added weight and taller shaft sometimes trigger you to swing your driver outside-in and on a shallow angle of assault. This reduces your clubhead velocity and management of the membership resulting in inconsistent strikes and a lack of ball velocity and spin.

The decreased COR at affect and the next lack of spin and velocity result in a lack of distance. Slower swinging golfers subsequently obtain a low, inconsistent launch angle.

In case your membership feels heavy, it might even be brought on by your shaft flex and weight. A stiff shaft carries extra mass over an everyday or senior flex. The purpose is {that a} heavy membership might be brought on by quite a lot of elements aside from size.

4. Your posture is simply too upright

Our posture is usually dictated by the peak of our golf golf equipment. When I’ve performed with a shorter shaft I usually hunched over like Notre Dame and caught the ball off the toe of the membership. Conversely, utilizing lengthy golf equipment prompts me to deal with the ball in an upright place.

The size of the membership makes the usual setup uncomfortable, inflicting you to remain extra upright. Primarily based on the place of the golf membership throughout your swing chances are you’ll wrestle to convey it on aircraft, resulting in chunked photographs or catching the ball off the heel.

5. You’re standing too far-off from the ball

Golf equipment with prolonged lengths could cause you to face too far-off from the ball. Though it feels pure to account for the added size, it restricts your means to rotate your decrease physique and the arms fully take over.

Conversely, standing too near the ball encourages an upright stance, bringing your arms to relaxation in your abdomen. That creates extra pressure in your wrists and decrease arms, decreasing your means to swing freely, which hampers your energy and talent to get the clubface on aircraft for affect.

6. Your lie angle is off

In case your clubface goals left of your hosel and is nicely upright, your golf equipment could also be barely longer than you want. Callaway explains each ½ -inch added to an iron shaft makes the lie angle 1-degree extra upright.


How one can Inform if Your Golf Golf equipment Are Too Quick

To find out in case your golf golf equipment are too brief, you observe the procedures I listed above for lengthy golf equipment. Nevertheless, I’ll run over them briefly.

1. You didn’t get correctly fitted

I at all times suggest that amateurs get fitted for the right gear. For optimum efficiency, you must get rid of any guesswork out of your sport. Relatively than do it your self and wrestle, rent an expert and get it proper.

As a 4-year-old, I used to be coached by a retired Sunshine Tour Professional. Though he had no time for my clowning round, the person set me up for achievement on the course. The identical applies to gear – have an expert information you.

2. Your golf equipment measure too brief towards a becoming chart

Repeat the wrists to flooring measurement, to determine your excellent size. Then paste that into the Ping Becoming Chart and see what it suggests. Subsequent, measure your present golf equipment and see if they’re shorter than your splendid size.

3. Your posture is hunched over

That is the simplest approach to self-diagnose using brief golf equipment. Each time I’ve used these instruments, I’ve hunched over considerably. You possibly can see that on this video from 2021:


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I performed a fast 9 on the native membership with my golf equipment from my teenage years. The consequence? A surprising posture.

When golf equipment are too brief for me, I are inclined to bend over excessively and solid my membership alongside a steep angle of assault. It causes an out-to-in swing path, and since I’m a right-hander, my ball persistently finishes proper of the pin.

Conversely, the outcomes differed when Rick Shiels swapped golf equipment with the world’s tallest golfer. Paul Sturgess hit most of his photographs to the left, and most golfers discover this to be the solid:

The decrease angle of your fingers causes you to convey your membership inside in your backswing and straight via. That may result in a closed clubface at affect and hooked or drawing shot.

4. Your golf equipment really feel too gentle

In case your golf equipment are too brief, they might really feel tremendous versatile and light-weight. 7-foot 7 Paul Sturgess mentioned it felt like he was swinging youngsters’s golf equipment, referencing Shiels gear.

Rick himself shouldn’t be brief, measuring 6-feet. The lighter golf equipment could trigger you to supply elevated spin and balloon your photographs.


How one can Determine Out The Proper Size of a Golf Membership for You

Membership Becoming

As I discussed, getting fitted is probably the most environment friendly methodology for figuring out the fitting size golf equipment. The consultants will allow you to discover the right woods, irons, hybrids, and putter to optimize your efficiency on the golf course.

They could discover that your present clubheads are nicely suited to your efficiency and go for a size adjustment. As well as, they allow you to perceive whether or not metal or graphite shafts are finest suited to your swing velocity.

Moreover, skilled fitters determine the perfect shaft flex, weight, and clubhead loft for constant distance and accuracy.

Self Measurement

You are able to do it your self ought to a visit to get fitted exceed your price range. Measure the gap between the ground and your wrists and double-check your peak.

After getting this knowledge, you should use a calculator just like the Ping Becoming Chart to seek out your appropriate shaft lengths. The knowledge supplied by Ping helps you establish in case your current golf equipment are the right size. If not, you already know your excellent peak, exit and resolve the issue.

Take a look at Shafts

The ultimate approach to determine the fitting size is to check choices from numerous membership producers. Attempt brief, normal, and lengthy golf equipment with stiff, common, and senior flex shafts. Establish which golf equipment you strike the golf ball higher with, and obtain superior distance and accuracy.

I recommend utilizing a launch monitor for extra correct outcomes. Nevertheless, you may as well use your judgment if you’re assured in your means.