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PGA of America Announces 2023-’24 PGA LEAD Class

Langston Frazier (right) is one of 15 PGA Members selected to be part of PGA LEAD's class of 2023-24.
The PGA of America has selected 15 PGA Members for the 2023-24 PGA LEAD class, the program’s eighth cohort.


Established in 2016, PGA LEAD is the Association’s leadership development program, created to identify, mentor and progress PGA Members from diverse backgrounds along a guided path to volunteer leadership roles at the Chapter, Section and national levels of the Association. PGA LEAD is also available to PGA Members who are interested in serving and making an impact on non-profit boards in the communities they live and work.

This 18-month leadership development program reinforces the PGA of America’s commitment to create a game, workforce and industry supply chain that better mirror America’s demographics. The PGA is committed specifically to inclusive governance, environments and systems that allow all PGA Professionals to grow, develop and lead.

Cathy Kim of Baltimore is another PGA Member selected for the newest PGA LEAD class.


Cathy Kim, a Baltimore PGA Member, was also selected for the newest PGA LEAD classes.
“I am excited to see the continued interest in PGA LEAD as it continues to thrive in helping PGA Members receive the training and skills needed to ascend into leadership positions throughout the Association,” said PGA of America President John Lindert, the Director of Golf at the Country Club of Lansing (Michigan).


The PGA of America is putting more emphasis on board readiness and has hired Boardspan. This company brings extensive experience in technology and data analytics to help boards do their best work. It will also enhance the PGA LEAD curriculum to ensure that PGA Members are well-informed about the basics of board governance.

Nick St. Onge will represent the Nebraska PGA Section as part of the PGA LEAD class of 2023-24.


Nick St. Onge, representing the Nebraska PGA Section, will be part of the PGA LEADER class of 2023-24.
PGA LEAD is a complement to PGA WORKS, a strategic initiative designed to diversify the golf industry’s workforce. Three PGA Section Presidents, three Section Vice-Presidents, two Section Secretaries and 19 Section board members are among the PGA LEAD alumni. 
“This program helps bring a diverse cross section of talented PGA Members together as leaders in a host of important positions within the golf industry nationwide,” says Lindert, “which will help position the PGA of America’s overall growth and success for decades to come.”
2023-2024 PGA Lead Class Members
Brandon Howard, PGA – Belmont Golf Course – Richmond, Va.
Section Middle Atlantic PGA


Brendan Locke, PGA – GOLFTEC Wisconsin – Madison, Wis.
Wisconsin PGA Section

Cathy Kim – PGA – Baltimore Country Club – Baltimore, Md.
Section Middle Atlantic PGA

Heather King, PGA – MCAS Miramar Memorial – San Diego, Calif. 
Southern California PGA Section

Jackie Buckley, PGA – Scioto Country Club Columbus, Ohio
Section PGA Section Southern Ohio

Jason Dochney, PGA – JSJ Inc. – Tulsa (Okla.)
South Central PGA Section

Langston Frazier PGA – Belle Haven Country Club – Alexandria, Va.  
Section Middle Atlantic PGA

Len Zamora, PGA – Scotts Park Golf Links – Albuquerque, N.M.
Sun Country PGA Section

Marvin Gene Herrod Jr., PGA – Sunset Country Club, St. Charles, Mo.
Section Gateway PGA

Melissa Hatten, PGA – Talisker Club – Park City, Utah
Utah PGA Section

Missy Williams, PGA – Tara Golf & Country Club – Bradenton, Fla.
North Florida PGA Section

Nick St. Onge PGA – Country Club of Lincoln – Lincoln, Neb.
Nebraska PGA Section

Nolan Rheam, PGA – Olde Florida Golf Club – Naples, Fla.
South Florida PGA Section 

Peyton Durham Hemme, PGA – Westchester Country Club – Rye, N.Y.  
Metropolitan PGA Section

Ronnie Valerio, PGA – Temecula, Calif.
Southern California PGA Section

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