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The 3 Best Golf Tees for Seniors [2023 Edition]

The 3 Best Golf Tees for Seniors [2023 Edition]

I used every golf tee I could find for many years. If I saw one in a tee box, chances were that I would grab it and use it.

Over time, I realized that the tees I used had a greater impact on the course of the golf ball. Certain tees can alter the feel of the ball coming off the clubface. Many people believe that the right type of tee will give you more yardage.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the best golf tees for seniors. Senior golfers will not complain about having a few extra yards added to their drives.


Table of Contents

  • What makes certain golf tees better suited for seniors?
  • The Top 3 Best Senior Golf Tees

What makes certain golf tees better suited for seniors?

There are a few characteristics that make a golf tee best suited to seniors. These include less resistance to impact and friction at impact, the proper height for modern-day drivers, and some consistency with the tee height.

Tee Length

Golfers continue to be large in stature. The USGA established a maximum of 460cc and most manufacturers still make clubs that exceed that limit. You must tee your ball several inches above the ground with a 460cc driver.

Without this extra height, the ball will not reach the driver’s heart.

Senior golfers need to remember the principle of “tee it high, let it fly”. It is gone a time when you could tee it low and try to hit a line drive. This just doesn’t work.


Many golfers complain about resistance at impact. You want to make sure that your backswing speed is transferred to the ball at impact.

It can create additional resistance if a tee weighs in at a lot or is large.

You may have seen these larger, wooden step tees. They are used to assist golfers in setting their tee height. These tees, while being helpful in maintaining a consistent tee height, are heavy and bulky making it difficult for slower swing speed players who want to maximize their distance.

As a senior, you should consider lightweight, higher performance, and less restricted performance when choosing tees.

Consistency in Tee Height

Golf is a very precise sport. Despite all the technological advances, it is still important to contact the center of your clubface at one point. A consistent tee height will help you make this contact and achieve better results on your course.

I prefer tees with a line, mark or indicator to let golfers know how high they should be teeing the ball. It may take some time to determine the best tee height for you.

It pays to keep your height consistent once you have it down. This is true for drivers, fairwaywoods, hybrids, irons, and even your irons.

Many high handicappers who are new to the game don’t realize that an iron shot, fairway wood, or driver should be teed at varying heights. Pride Professional Tee System can help you with this (more details below).


The Top 3 Best Senior Golf Tees

Pride Professional Tee System Pro-Length Plus Tee

Top pick

Pride Professional Tee System

Pride Professional Tee System

The #1 Tee on PGA Tour. 100% Natural Hardwood

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  • Many golfers use this method on the PGA Tour
  • Made from 100% Hardwood
  • Helps golfers to understand the proper length of their tees


  • Hardwood is not the lightest material on the market.

For senior golfers who are looking for an on the-course tee option, the Pride Professional Tee System Pro Length Plus Tee has been our favorite choice. The Pride Professional has been a renowned tee on the PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour, and other golf courses for many years.

Pride Professional’s color line system allows players to tee the ball at the correct height. This is one of the most distinctive features. Although you can buy these in many different lengths, I usually end up purchasing the longer 3 ¼ inch tees and then just push them down further when necessary.

If you have a larger 460cc driver, the Pride Professional will help ensure that the golf ball is lined up precisely with the center of the driver’s head. This alignment improves the golfer’s ability to get more distance from the club head and increases his overall power.


Maxfli Performance Tees Low Resistance

Maxfli Performance Series Low Resistance

Maxfli Performance Series, Low Resistance

4-prong design minimizes contact to maximize accuracy and distance. Available in a 50-pack.

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  • Easy to tee-up
  • Plastic design lasts for many years
  • High visibility makes it easy for people to see.
  • Low friction design


  • They are not as eco-friendly as wood tees.

The Maxfli Performance Series Lower Resistance Tees are great because it will reduce drag at impact.

Senior golfers often experience a loss in power. This is a sad reality. The Maxfli Performance Series Tees with Low Resistance can help you get the maximum distance at impact.

I like Maxfli’s high-visibility colors. The tees are easy for me to find and I end up buying less. The mixed pack is a great feature as it allows you to get tees from different sizes in one box.

The ball will rest on the tee with minimal friction thanks to the four prong design. These Maxfli Performance Series are ideal for senior players who struggle with stability when bending down to tee.


Green Keepers 4 Yards more Tee

Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee

Green Keepers 4yards More Golf Tee

Flexible 6-prong tip allows for better contact and reduces resistance. Increases control by reducing ball spin

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  • Senior golfers can use a durable tee
  • It should last approximately 100 drives
  • Highly acclaimed with impressive reviews
  • It can help slow swing speed players gain extra yardage


  • Some players won’t notice an increase in the current driving distance if they are already playing a low-resistance tee

Anything that claims to increase my distance by four yards is a winner in mine book. The Green Keepers tees have been a popular choice in golf. They have a flexible six-prong tip that almost seems as though it’s holding the ball in thin air.

The Green Keepers makes it lighter and more comfortable with less resistance if you feel like impact is a tee that is too heavy or more work.

Another thing that impressed me about the Green Keepers 4 yards More Tee was its durability. I was worried that the tops of the tee would start to lay flat and not hold the ball up properly, but that wasn’t the case.

The tees are made to last over 100 drives. You will only need it for 14 holes so a pack of Green Keepers could be enough to last you a lot of rounds.