The 8 Best Putters for Mid Handicappers [2022 Edition]

The 8 Best Putters for Mid Handicappers [2022 Edition]

Mid handicappers will likely be familiar with many information about face balanced putters and forgiving putters. All that information is great, but which one is right for you?

After testing dozens upon dozens of putters over the past year, I can tell that there are significant differences between each putter.

We have assembled a group that will help you be more consistent and confident on greens. Here are the top 8 best mid-handicapper putters in 2022.


Table of Contents

  • What Mid Handicappers Need to Look For in a Putter
  • 8 Best Mid Handicappers’ Putters

What Mid Handicappers Should Look For in a Putter

The mid-handicap group makes up a large percentage of golfers, so there will be many putters targeted at this segment. From a performance standpoint, however, there are significant differences between these putters.

Here’s what every mid handicapper should understand before they invest in a new golf putter.

MOI (Forgiveness)

MOI stands for Moment of Inertia. It is a fancy way to say forgiveness. You will be more consistent if you forgive others.

You may not think missed putting hits are as common as other areas of the game. However, they are. When you watch your golf putting stroke in slow motion, it’s amazing to see how much each stroke varies.

Higher MOI putters tend to have their center of gravity move towards the club’s face. This helps to keep contact with the ball more stable and keeps the ball down.

A golf ball that rolls over its own ends is a sign of a good stroke. It will usually end up near the hole. Don’t be afraid to use a putter with a high MOI; it won’t take away from feel or accuracy.

Blade vs. Mallet Putters

Mid handicappers have the option of choosing between mallet or blade putters. We would tell you which one is better. I prefer blade putters for lower handicappers, and mallet putters for higher handicappers.

Mid handicappers allow you to have the best both of them.

The blade putter is best for you if your putting stroke is more arcy. The mallet putter heads are better if your style is more straight-back and straight-through.

You can choose based on your stroke preference. Cobra and Odyssey are two of the most respected putter manufacturers. They offer both a blade and mallet version of their top putters. You won’t miss out on technology by choosing one over the other.


While distance control is important for putting, alignment is just as important. A putt that is not aligned correctly and has a perfect speed is unlikely to make it in the hole.

You can narrow down the problem by focusing on whether you have difficulty with alignment or distance control in your golf game. If it is alignment you will need a mallet style putter with more alignment lines.

These alignment lines can be used to help you visualize the line that goes to the hole, and the direction that you need to adjust. Add this step to your preshot routine and you will get your ball on the right line. The combination of all these elements should result in a shot that goes in the hole!


Putter weight is an important consideration. Personally, I prefer a lighter putter. I sometimes feel less inclined to use my hands when the stroke is done with a heavier putter head.

The weight of the putter will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. We also know that feel and weight are two different things in golf.

This is why adjustability might be a good option. It should be easier to find the right fit for your game if you can adjust the club head weight.

Use a little lead tape to adjust the weight of your putter according to your game.

Feel it

Feel can be a personal preference. This will vary from one player to the next. Some golfers prefer a more relaxed feel in their putter. They like it to come off the clubface a little slower. Others prefer a firm feel.

The unfortunate thing about the world golf putters is that a putter with a higher price tag will likely have a better feel.

Multi-material putters that feature impressive technology have the best feel. However, we can’t complain about the feel of any putter that made out a list of the best putters for mid handicappers; each has a unique and distinct feel that should appeal to mid handicappers.


Prices for putters range from $50 to $500. Mid handicappers tend to stick with the $150-250 range.

We know that is much more than you may have had to spend a few years ago, but it’s important to remember how important a putter is and how often you use it. It’s well worth the price for a club that you will use (hopefully once). Every hole.


Putters last a lifetime!

You can actually keep a putter in your bag for as long as you want, provided you take good care of it. How many of the golf clubs in your bag are equipped with relevant technology that will last for at least 15 years?

There are not many.

You should take your time when choosing a putter. Choose a brand you are comfortable with. This club will be there for you for a long while. It is the best way to go from low handicapper to mid handicapper.


8 Best Mid Handicappers’ Putters

Cobra King Vintage Nova (Best Overall)

Top pick

Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter

Cobra King Vintage Nova Putter

Classic blade shape made of 304 Stainless steel and featuring a single sightline to improve alignment, this blade is constructed to be classic. To ensure accurate and consistent rolling for all styles of putting strokes, the aluminum face insert uses four descending lofts.

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  • Incredible 304 stainless-steel putter head
  • Sik Aluminum Face Insert
  • Adjustable weighting system
  • Cobra Connect Technology
  • It stands out from other products on the market with its clean lines and vibrant colors


  • It may take some time before you find the weight that works best for your game.

The Cobra King Vintage Nova is the best putter for mid-handicappers. It is incredible how much time Cobra spent on the technology that this putter provides. Cobra has done an excellent job in the driver, hybrid and fairway spaces for quite some time. But this putter technology is something that is truly unique.

The Cobra King Vintage Nova has an adjustable weight system that will allow you to dial in stability and feel. This is something that more and more putters are aiming for.

The putters also come with a Cobra Connect Grip to help you keep track of your putting stats. Technology like this can be beneficial for mid-handicappers who want lower scores.

This putter’s descending loft technology is what makes it so accurate from the five to ten foot range. We’re sure that you will feel more comfortable hitting ten-footers if you want to improve your score.This is a great putter to try.


Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball (Best Feeling)

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

Odyssey White Hot Original OG Putters are made with the original White Hot formulation, sound, and performance in a single exceptional two-part epoxy insert.

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  • Original White Hot formulation
  • Finish in silver PVD
  • DFX rubber grip for a better feeling
  • Stroke shaft options available


  • The putter head can feel a bit bulky at first


Mid handicappers will find the Odyssey White Hot OG 2 Ball to be the most comfortable. When the first Odyssey putters came out, golfers couldn’t get enough of them. However, technology has changed and the original White Hot Formulation has been lost.

Odyssey made a smart decision to bring it back. The club is well-made with a superb feel, a striking silver PVD finish and fine milling on the faces. It also features the Stroke Lab shaft option, which has been proven to be a success.

Even with the new insert, we still love the alignment. The alignment is a mental picture that you can use to visualize the two golf ball going towards the hole.


TaylorMade Spider Tour Black (Best for Consistency).

Spider Tour Black Putter #3

Spider Tour Black Putter #3

Modern mallet putters made with multi-materials for stability, high MOI, and better rolling.

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  • High moment of inertia
  • For better weighting, use heavy 304 stainless steel frames
  • Perfect for straight back straight through strokes
  • Vibration damping


  • No adjustable weighting
  • Not the newest Spider model

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black golf putter is a tour-proven model that mid handicappers should use. This putter is high MOI and has excellent stability and roll. It is easy to set this putter up towards the hole because of the alignment on its head.

The Spider Tour Black includes vibration damping PU foam. Although the putter head is large and bulky, it provides the best feel when you hit the ball.

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black also comes with the SuperStroke GTR 1.0 Grip. This grip is larger than the standard and is designed to protect the hands from the putting stroke.

If you are a golfer that misses one short, long, left, or right, and you never know which way it’s going, the TaylorMade Spider Tour Black is a good choice.


PXG HellCat straight (Best Affordable Blade).

PXG 0211 Hellcat Straight

PXG 0211 Hellcat Straight

The PXG 0211 Hellcat Putter features a traditional blade-style style with a heavier feel. This helps deliver smooth strokes, impressive control, and a more traditional look.

Amazon: Buy


  • Pyramid Face Pattern on club face
  • Alignment aid is simple to see
  • For greens that are faster, putter heads will be more productive


  • Not as much forgiveness as other sellers on the market

PXG was initially a brand that stated it would only make the best and most expensive clubs in the game. Since then, they have released an entire value line that is a perfect fit for a mid handicapper that doesn’t want to spend too much.

The PXG HellCat straight is a blade putter that’s affordable and has a 365-gram head. This putter is distinguished by its impressive Pyramid Face Pattern technology. This technology allows the ball to roll off of the clubface in a consistent manner. There is no skid or jump after contact is made.

Smooth is a great description of the PXG HellCat blade putter. This blade is an affordable option for those who lack a consistent and smooth feel in their short games.


Wilson Harmonized M3 (Best Budget Pane)

WILSON Harmonized M3 Golf Putter

WILSON Harmonized M3 golf putter

Toe Heavy putter. New larger grip size. Multiple density areas on the Micro injection face implant.

Amazon: Buy


  • It is easy to line up
  • Nice midsize putter grip
  • For a more mellow feeling, insert your face


  • The best feeling on the market is not feel
  • Adjustable weighting is not an option
  • Won’t be the best looking for all putters for mid handicappers

Some golfers don’t have $400 to spend on a new putter. We get that!

The Wilson Harmonized M3 putter is one of the most affordable on the market. This club is very easy to align, has excellent alignment capabilities, and is extremely accurate. I won’t tell you that the feel is as great as a Scotty Cameron or an Odyssey; however, for the price, it’s pretty good.

A face insert for the M3 is made from a soft polymer material. It helps to create a softer feeling at impact. This is a positive feature as many cheap putters can feel as if they are hitting a rock.

The bottom line here is that for golfers on a budget, the Wilson Harmonized M3 certainly won’t set your putting game back, and there is a good chance it can improve it.


Wilson Infinite Buckingham (Best value)

WILSON Infinite Putter Buckingham

WILSON Infinite Penn Buckingham

Promotes consistent impact, roll and distance control.​ Simplifies alignment for all players.​

Amazon: Buy


  • Amazing value
  • Ultra dark PVD finish
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Great distance control technology


  • The putter can pull a little left within five feet

The Wilson Infinite Buckingham, which I highly recommend to mid handicappers looking for great value, is the best putter. This putter is a big step up from the Wilson Harmonized M3, with its impressive feel and consistent performance.

In addition, it’s hard not to like the ultra-dark PVD finish and the top down look of the putter. This club is very good from the five- to fifteen-foot range. Inside five feet, it can feel as though it pulls a little left, but it’s something you can easily adjust to.

The putter sits flat on the ground and gives you a very light feeling in your hands. This putter design is counterbalanced to ensure a consistent stroke.


Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier (Best looking)

Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #11

Cleveland Golf HB Soft #11

Ensuring consistent speed control and distance performance, Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology normalizes ball speed across the entire face of the putter, even on off-center putts.

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  • There are two options for grips
  • Pattern for diamond CNC milling
  • Technology that speeds up
  • Gray satin finish for less glare


  • Some golfers find that the putter face is a bit too soft.
  • On a really slow green, you may have to hit it a little harder.

If someone tells you that looks don’t matter on a putter head, they are wrong. The appearance of the putter is crucial and can help you feel more confident when you are on the green.

Cleveland had great success with Huntington Beach putters. However, the HB Soft helped to reduce the impact feeling a little bit.

The diamond CNC milling pattern on the putter face creates increased friction. This increases friction helps the ball roll more smoothly off the club’s face and eliminates any bumps or jumps many mid handicappers end with.

Cleveland is also great about pricing. They start off with a fair price and then go down as the season progresses.


Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple-Track (Best Premium).

Odyssey Golf ElevenTriple Track Putter

Odyssey Golf ElevenTriple Track Putter

The Eleven shape improves the alignment and forgiveness properties of our major winning Ten design. It’s designed to help you properly frame the ball with the right alignment at address, along with high MOI for better accuracy.

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  • Advanced forgiveness
  • Amazing accuracy
  • Increased stability of Oddsey Ten putting
  • There is less chance of heel or toe misses


  • One of the more expensive putters available on the market

Some mid-handicappers are determined to take their game to the next level. Sometimes, the best equipment will make it possible. The Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter Triple Track design, a premium mallet-putter head, features all the technology you could need.

This putter is for the mid-handicapper who needs help with alignment. It also has the best sound and feel. The most important thing to notice is the difference in performance when you hit a putter such as this one versus a cheaper one.

The original White Hot Formulation is in the putter head and is extremely stable at impact. Players will be able align the ball up and take a straight back, straight through putting stroke with confidence.

This Odyssey has a large sweet spot, and you can be consistent and precise with it in your hands.