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The Vokey Wedge Experience: Learn How to Use It, Then Take the Club Home

PGA Member Tim Frazier offers the Vokey Wedge Experience for members at Sycamore Hills in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
What is the most important thing people want these days? 
The answer is experience.
Sure it’s cool to get a new Titleist Vokey Design wedge. After all, it’s one of the best in the business. But wouldn’t it be fun to join a small group of golfers to actually learn how to use it, and when you leave at the end of the day, you get to take one home that fits your game? 
The SM9 wedge is the newest offering from Titleist Vokey Design.

Titleist Vokey Design’s newest offering is the SM9 wedge.
That’s the Vokey Wedge Experience.
The Sycamore Hills Golf Club PGA Head professional Tim Frazier offers this special program at his Fort Wayne facility since 2017. However, COVID-19 has forced him to temporarily stop it over the last few years. Yet plans of reinstating this fun and exciting event are back for 2023, and it’s an idea that can be replicated fairly easily at your own local course.
Frazier and Titleist Vokey reps work together to coach up members on wedge basics, as well as the power of being custom-fit for a new wedge.

Frazier and Titleist Vokey representatives work together to coach members on wedge basics as well as the power that comes with being custom-fitted for a new wedge.
Frazier’s Vokey Wedge Experience is a two-hour clinic and fitting experience that welcomes a dozen members to three stations, including chipping/pitching, bunker play and custom fitting. Participants rotate throughout the stations to learn how to use the wedge around the greens and from the bunker, while the third station helps them determine the best use of the wedge for their game — how far can they hit it? Does it fit in their existing club structure?
Participants can take the wedge home after the clinic. It’s theirs to keep. 
“Our Titleist Vokey fitter comes in and engages participants in discussion about the wedges,” Frazier explains. “He answers questions about lofts and lies, bounce and sole grinds, and distance gapping. At the same time, my staff and I are present around the green and in the bunker to help members with chipping, pitching and sand play.”
The team approach means every participant receives the individual attention that enhances this already cool and memorable experience, and the conversations help participants learn where their greatest needs are when it comes to their own wedge play — a vital part of every golfer’s game. 
A Sycamore Hills member tests out a new wedge at the club's practice facility during a past Vokey Wedge Experience.

During a Vokey Wedge Experience, a Sycamore Hills member tried out a new wedge in the club’s practice area.
Are you still buying clubs off-the-rack? Every golfer should have a custom-fit before purchasing a new club. And if there’s an opportunity to go through a Vokey Wedge Experience or something similar, then that’s the best way to go. Its fun and experiential framework can be implemented with any company that’ll collaborate and could include shots with different clubs, like drivers and putters.
We all want to be able to get the attention of our local PGA Professional because we all want better golf. It’s part of the Vokey Wedge Experience.
Frazier said that his members love the clinic environment and appreciate the $200 fee for a new wedge. It’s about forging relationships that make this program so successful. They generate conversations that don’t end when the Vokey Wedge Experience is over. He believes that the perfect combination of learning and growing and adding a high-quality golf club to your golf bag is what makes the event so popular.
Now that’s an experience.
For $200, every Sycamore Hills member gets a Titleist Vokey SM9 wedge, and some helpful tips on how to use it.

Every Sycamore Hills member receives a Titleist VokeySM9 wedge and helpful tips for how to use it.

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