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What is a Duck Hook in Golf (& How to Stop Hitting Them)

What is a Duck Hook in Golf (& How to Stop Hitting Them)

Some golf pictures are extremely irritating, just like the slice, the shank, and even the skulled shot. Nevertheless, one other one that may creep up on you is the duck hook.

The duck hook is a shot that may depart you with restoration and will find yourself costing one and even two pictures on a gap. I’ve had a number of situations of this occur to me, as my swing is shallow, and that is among the widespread causes of hitting a duck hook.

If you wish to do away with the duck hook and hit straighter pictures, listed here are the most effective methods to make sure that occurs.


Desk of Contents

  • What’s a Duck Hook in Golf?
  • Widespread Causes of a Duck Hook
  • 3 Steps to Assist You Cease Hitting Duck Hooks

What’s a Duck Hook in Golf?

A duck hook is when a golf ball makes a really sharp left-hand flip and heads for the bottom. Duck hooks don’t keep within the air for lengthy, and so they have a ton of spin that takes the ball left.

Some golfers will name this a snap hook, because the ball makes a really fast flip to the left, way more extreme than a standard hooked golf shot.

More often than not, a duck hook in golf is just not going to go way more than about 50 or 100 yards. Some stronger gamers might hit an extended duck hook. Nevertheless, the issue is just not how far the overall distance of this shot is however how far left it goes.

Typically, the duck hook leaves you in a very good quantity of hassle someplace down the left facet of the golf course.


Widespread Causes of a Duck Hook

The most typical causes of a duck hook are associated to the trail. Nevertheless, there are issues with the participant’s grip and membership face angle that may additionally trigger the ball to duck hook.

Listed here are a number of the issues to bear in mind and look out for when making an attempt to not hit a duck hook.

Swing Path Too Far Inside

When hitting a driver, it may be useful to have an inside to out swing path. This can sometimes promote a draw and possibly even a number of additional yards of distance.

Nevertheless, in case you occur to magnify this path a bit an excessive amount of, for granted handed golfer, you might find yourself hitting a duck hook.

The takeaway in your golf swing needs to be one which results in a extra straight swing path, versus one which goes instantly inside. Protecting your arms only a bit extra prolonged on the takeaway ought to simply repair this concern for you.

Closed Clubface

A closed clubface is a significant motive behind hitting the duck hook. Typically your membership face angle is closed at affect, and then you definitely simply by no means get it to sq.. Different golfers take their proper hand and rotate it closed at affect, inflicting this downside.

Golf golf equipment ought to sit extra impartial when on the tee field and even hitting an strategy shot to the inexperienced, even when your typical ball flight goes to show the ball to the suitable.

The closed clubface can turn out to be an issue with quick irons, lengthy irons, and even the motive force.

Grip Too Sturdy

A impartial grip is the most effective place for all golfers. Nevertheless, some golfers grip the membership strongly to assist eradicate a slice.

That is when the suitable hand may be very far beneath the membership, and it makes this hand extra energetic within the swing. Though some gamers will time this proper and hit straight pictures, it’s arduous to be according to it.

Backswing Too Brief

Though it is a much less widespread motive that golfers hit a duck hook, it will possibly occur.

Typically you see this with higher gamers which are making an attempt to hit a punch shot or to regulate the ball flight indirectly. As a substitute of finishing their complete backswing and shoulder rotation, they take the membership again midway after which rush by to the end.

The issue with that is that the membership didn’t have sufficient time to even rotate from the open to sq. place, so it’s simply shot at affect and ends in a duck hook. This downside may generally be a bit tempo associated and sometimes doesn’t turn out to be a miss {that a} participant hits usually.

Incorrect Tools

All golfers should guarantee they’re enjoying with gear that compliments their enjoying model and skill on the golf course.

Typically golfers which have golf equipment which are too quick for them will generally tend to duck hook the ball. If you happen to see a robust taller man rise up and attempt to hit a shot with a women’ graphite shafted golf iron, you may even see a duck hook.

That is just because the participant is transferring slightly too rapidly, and the golf membership can’t sustain with the resistance and potential saved within the membership head. Select the suitable golf gear that will help you hit higher pictures, however a constant duck hook is probably going not brought on by gear.


3 Steps to Assist You Cease Hitting Duck Hooks

Now that you’ve a greater understanding of how the duck hook comes about, let’s have a look at how one can do away with it.

Listed here are three steps to take every time you hit to make sure that your swing airplane, posture, setup, and general golf swing will permit for full swing pictures that go straight towards your goal.

Step 1: Verify Your Grip

The grip in your golf membership needs to be impartial.

Make sure that your left hand is just not holding an excessive amount of of the grip in your hand and that the membership is generally in your fingers. The thumb needs to be pointing down the shaft, and the V made by the thumb and index finger on the left needs to be pointing to your left shoulder.

Upon getting the left hand on the golf membership, it’s a lot simpler to get the suitable hand into the right place. The best hand shouldn’t be thus far beneath the golf membership as it’s in a robust grip.

As well as, that V made up by your index finger and thumb in your proper hand ought to level to your proper shoulder.


A impartial golf grip

Step 2: Get The Setup Proper

Probably the most widespread misses within the sport of golf is the slice.

When gamers hit a slice a number of instances in a row, they begin to study to concern it. I get that, as a lot of the hassle on the golf course appears to be down the suitable facet. The issue is that if you find yourself over-correcting this shot for a slice, you might find yourself with a duck hook.

Hold your clubface sq. at setup, even in case you are scuffling with one thing in your golf sport. A sq. clubface will show you how to see extra distance, higher ball flight, and extra consistency in your sport.

One of many instruments I’ve used to assist me guarantee my setup and my clubface is just not too closed are alignment sticks. Alignment sticks might help you discover ways to swing down the right path, in addition to be sure that your setup is ideal earlier than the takeaway.

Step 3: Verify The Path

Now that you’re set as much as hit a straight golf shot, it is smart to examine the trail of your membership.

It’s good to have a goal line, and if you swing out to the suitable of the goal, you will get some actually nice right-to-left ball flight. Nevertheless, if the backswing is a bit too shallow or contained in the clubface might get to the affect place closed.

If you’re going to swing inside out, make certain to not overdo it. Be taught to swing extra in direction of the goal line versus simply swinging out and away from it. The trail is a vital a part of any golf swing, and having a buddy take a video can actually show you how to see what you might be doing mistaken.

If you happen to discover that path is one thing you’ll want to work on, you should use golf alignment sticks within the floor to examine for the angle that you’re bringing the membership again and the way you might be swinging by.

At all times give your self sufficient room to make sure that you’re not going to interrupt your membership or the alignment stick; use it as a substitute as a visible reminder.