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Which Golf Balls Are Made in Korea?

Which Golf Balls Are Made in Korea?

Many companies around the world are experiencing supply chain problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to labor shortages and a number of supply chain issues. Golf ball manufacturing is not an exception.

To keep up with the demand, many of the most recognizable brands in golf are looking to Korea.

If you’re wondering which golf ball manufacturers have their products made in Korea, this list will help you.


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1. TaylorMade

TaylorMade has a loyal client base and a lot of pro golfers on its payroll.

Major champions like Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, and Rory McIlroy are fans of TaylorMade’s TP5 and TP5x golf balls. These golf balls have a strong Amazon rating of 4.8.

TaylorMade purchased Nassau Golf Co. in late 2021 to strengthen its supply chain. People in the know knew that TaylorMade has a strong relationship with Nassau Golf Co. The new entity is now TaylorMade Golf Ball Korea.

If you are concerned that this acquisition could affect the quality and performance of TaylorMade golf ball, rest assured. Nassau Golf Co. has been making TaylorMade golf balls for over 15 years, so the quality assurance measures will remain the same as they’ve always been.

TaylorMade now boasts three large manufacturing plants for golf balls thanks to the acquisition. TaylorMade Golf Ball South Carolina is the other, while TaylorMade Golf Ball Taiwan is the third.

TaylorMade should have no supply problems with these three locations.


2. Snell

TaylorMade has purchased Nassau Golf Co.

Dean Snell, a former Titleist engineer who helped to create the Pro V1, owns Snell. Snell is a genius in golf ball manufacturing, just by the success of the Pro V1.

Snell will continue to receive its cast urethane-covered, golf balls from the plant at Nassau, now TaylorMade Golf Ball Korea. This is good news for those customers who love the Snell MTBX-X golf balls. The current Amazon rating is 4.7.


3. Volvik

Volvik was the first to introduce the matte-colored golf balls to the US. Volvik’s golf products are made entirely in South Korea, where they were first created. Volvik 2020 Vivid 3 piece premium golf ball is a favorite of golfers, as shown by its Amazon rating of 4.8.

Bubba Watson, a two-time Masters champion, played Volvik for a time but switched to the Titleist Pro V1 in a short time. Volvik is still one of the most loved brands on the LPGA Tour.

Volvik golf balls are trusted by top players such as Mi Hyang Lee and Ilhee Lee, Stephanie Kono and Jennifer Johnson.