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Which Golf Club Has The Highest Ball Launch Angle?

Which Golf Club Has The Highest Ball Launch Angle?

I keep in mind being confused by all of the discuss launch angles after I first began taking part in golf. Although it’s essential to know launch angles, it may be fairly overwhelming.

Which golf membership launches the ball the very best? And does loft actually matter? We reply these questions and extra right here.


Desk of Contents

  • Which Golf Membership Has The Highest Launch Angle?
  • The Significance of Launch Angle
  • Causes of a Excessive Launch Angle
  • Wedges With The Highest Loft
  • Irons With The Highest Loft
  • The right way to Elevate or Decrease Your Launch Angle

Which Golf Membership Has The Highest Launch Angle?

Out of all of the golf golf equipment in your golf bag, the one with the very best launch angle is the lob wedge. A typical lob wedge has anyplace from 58 to 64 levels of loft, relying on the golf membership producer. 

Although numerous novice golfers solely carry a pitching wedge and a sand wedge of their baggage, each golfer on the PGA Tour makes use of a lob wedge usually throughout tournaments. Execs normally hit their lob wedges between 75 and 95 yards.

Golfers use a lob wedge when they’re pretty near the inexperienced and wish to hit a excessive shot that lands softly close to the pin. One other optimum time to hit a lob wedge is when you find yourself making an attempt to get your golf ball over a tall tree.


The Significance of Launch Angle

Why all of the speak in golf about launch angle? As a result of it strongly impacts how far the golf ball will journey, particularly when hitting your driver off the tee.

Nonetheless confused? Give it some thought this fashion. Have you ever ever actually crushed a drive off the tee however had the golf ball teed up too excessive? It’s so irritating!

Although the ball could have felt nice coming off the candy spot of the clubface, the extraordinarily excessive launch angle prompted your shot to go excessive up within the air however not far sufficient down the green. For sure, you most likely wished you’d have teed the ball only a tad bit decrease.

The reverse will also be true. You don’t need a launch angle that’s too low as a result of the golf ball will fall to the bottom too rapidly. This additionally causes a lack of distance.


Causes of a Excessive Launch Angle

Plenty of issues may cause a golfer to hit the ball with too excessive of a launch angle. Fortunately, with numerous observe, any of those widespread flaws may be corrected fairly simply.

1. Poor Steadiness / Footwork

One of many major causes of a launch angle that’s too excessive is poor steadiness and footwork throughout the swing. For instance, if a golfer retains an excessive amount of weight on their again foot throughout the swing, the consequence will normally be a ball flight that’s too excessive. 

A great way to treatment this downside is to observe hitting photographs with your whole weight in your entrance leg. It will assist you get used to hitting the ball with most of your weight urgent towards your entrance foot. One of the best ways to enhance your shot trajectory is to enhance your steadiness and footwork throughout your swing.

2. Hitting Behind the Golf Ball

If you’re continuously launching your photographs at a steep angle, chances are you’ll be hitting barely behind the golf ball. It will trigger a excessive launch angle and a lack of valuable clubhead pace. Much less swing pace means much less ball pace and a lack of distance.

In case you undergo from this widespread downside, work on preserving your arms forward of the golf ball by means of affect. It will assist decrease your launch angle and assist you to hit the ball a bit additional.

3. Utilizing a Shaft that’s Too Versatile

The kind of shaft in your golf golf equipment can have a profound affect in your launch angle. Most off-the-shelf shafts have loads of flex in them to assist excessive handicappers get the ball into the air extra simply. 

As a normal rule, shafts which have extra flex in them promote a better launch angle. In case your launch angle is simply too excessive, experiment with utilizing a workers that’s stiffer. This might assist decrease your launch angle tremendously and can add extra mph to your swing pace.


Wedges With The Highest Loft

We already talked about that the lob wedge has the very best loft of any membership in your bag. Here’s a checklist of the wedges with the very best loft (from highest to lowest).

Sand Wedge

The membership with the second-highest quantity of loft is the ever so lovable sand wedge. The sand wedge has barely much less loft than the lob wedge. Most novice golfers will hit their sand wedge about 80 yards.

As its identify suggests, the sand wedge is principally used to get the ball out of a sand entice. Most sand wedges have a loft between 54 and 58 levels.

Hole Wedge

A hole wedge is commonly known as the A-wedge or strategy wedge by some golfers. It has a loft of 51 to 53 levels. When hit appropriately, nearly all of golfers will hit their hole wedge about 100 yards.

Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is the bottom lofted wedge within the bag. It’s a well-liked selection for strategy photographs which are 110 to 120 yards away from the inexperienced. 

A pitching wedge is an important software for chipping and pitching. Most pitching wedges have a loft of 46 to 48 levels.


Irons With The Highest Loft

Now that we lined the lofts of all of the wedges, are you interested in the loft in your set of irons? Here’s a helpful checklist that features every iron, its levels of loft, and the way far the typical golfer can hit every membership.

Membership Levels of Loft Common Distance
9 Iron 45-49 120
8 Iron 41-45 130
7 Iron 37-41 140
6 Iron 33-36 150
5 Iron 29-33 160
4 Iron 24-28 170
3 Iron 22-24 180
2 Iron 19-21 190


As you possibly can see from the checklist, there’s a direct relationship between the levels of loft and the overall yardage. Extra loft means larger trajectories however much less yardage.


The right way to Elevate or Decrease Your Launch Angle

Wish to elevate or decrease your launch angle? Listed here are the variables that you would be able to change to do both.

1. Pay Consideration to Shoulder Tilt

The angle of your shoulders whereas addressing the golf ball has a huge impact in your launch angle. To boost your launch angle, decrease your proper shoulder barely. To decrease your launch angle, preserve your proper shoulder somewhat bit larger.

2. Examine How Excessive You Tee The Ball

Bear in mind our story about teeing up the ball too excessive? It impacts your launch angle. To extend your launch angle, tee the ball up larger. To lower your launch angle, tee the ball up decrease.

3. Experiment with Your Ball Place

Wish to elevate your launch angle? Play the ball extra towards the heel of your entrance foot. It will assist you assist hit up on the ball when hitting your driver.

Wish to decrease your launch angle? Play the ball somewhat bit additional again in your stance. It will lower your angle of assault.

4. Get a New Driver

All the new drivers available on the market assist you to regulate the levels of loft. This makes it simpler than ever to lift or decrease your launch angle.

Most driver manufacturers supply an adjustable vary of 9 to 12 levels. Simply remember to not lose the little software that means that you can make these changes.