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10 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Hit Your Driver Well

10 Common Reasons Why You Can’t Hit Your Driver Well

Low loft golf drivers are a powerful piece of engineering. They’re formed to supply explosive ball velocity and elevated forgiveness for optimum driving distance and accuracy. Regardless of that, many amateurs wrestle to launch a giant stick.

On this put up, I spotlight 10 frequent explanation why you possibly can’t hit your driver effectively.

There are numerous explanation why you can’t make strong contact with a driver. Nonetheless, it solely takes a single error to unravel your setup.

I’ll pay particular consideration to the gear specs, your grip, and distance. In addition to highlighting the issue, I’ve offered options to enhance your efficiency with this membership.


1. Incorrect Loft

Earlier than I convey out the errors of a driver swing, allow us to speak about your instruments. You can not obtain your required launch angle, ball flight, and distance when you don’t possess the right gear.

The primary space of concern is the loft of your driver. In case your clubface possesses much less loft on your clubhead velocity, you’ll wrestle to constantly launch your pictures. Because of this, you lose, carry, and whole distance off the tee.

Conversely, golfers with an accelerated driver membership head velocity might generate extra spin with a weaker lofted membership face. Due to this fact, their golf ball achieves an abnormally excessive apex and lands softly, resulting in a lack of whole distance.

Nearly all of newbie golfers undergo from taking part in with robust lofts quite than with the weaker development. I recommend carrying an excessive amount of loft in your driver in comparison with too little.


2. Incorrect Shaft Flex

Like loft, your shaft flex is impacted by your swing velocity. Golfers who generate fast clubhead velocity are finest geared up for an additional stiff shaft. The decreased flex in your downswing boosts your management over the clubface place by means of impression. This permits these golfers to supply a straighter shot.

Transferring alongside, we have a look at gamers averaging 97 to 104 mph of driver clubhead velocity. True Spec Golf suggests {that a} stiff flex is a option to go. Most common male golfers fall into the class of an everyday flex shaft. These are created for swing speeds between 84 to 96 mph.

Golfers who generate lower than 84 mph of golf swing velocity ought to ponder a senior or girls flex possibility. These constructions present most flex to assist slower swingers improve velocity for an optimum coefficient of restitution (COR) at impression.

My level is that in case your shaft is simply too stiff on your swing, you’ll not produce enough ball velocity and spin at contact. That causes your ball to launch low, costing you a big distance off the tee. Contrarily, a lighter, versatile shaft causes quicker swingers to provoke the next spin and balloon their pictures.


3. Longer Shaft

45.75-inches is the size of the common driver shaft, which is over 8-inches longer than a 7-iron. The explanation I point out the 7-iron is to point out the size’s distinction between the 2. This variation requires a special ball place in your stance for a sq. clubface at impression place.

I’ll go into element about ball place in a bit. For now, enable me to clarify the opposite challenges of an extended shaft.

Most newbie golfers let their membership rip quickly from the highest, which might throw off their swing tempo, resulting in an unflattering smash issue.

Longer shafts are difficult to regulate, and your driver is the tallest of all of them. This lack of management may cause you to lose distance and slice or hook your golf ball all around the course. In case your driver is just not working, consider using a 5-wood or hybrid off the tee as a short lived answer.

Visiting a club-fitter to establish your best specs is the very best method for long-term fixes. They are going to handle your points and recommend the gear that combats your mishits.


4. Heavier Clubhead Weight

On prime of the longer shaft, a driver’s head is heavier than different golf equipment. On the brilliant facet, it means you’ve got a bigger floor space to strike the ball and extra mass within the sole. Due to this fact, they comprise a bigger candy spot to impart fast velocity onto the ball and scale back backspin.

Nonetheless, the issue happens between the highest of your backswing and impression. As a result of added weight, you wrestle to get the clubface right into a sq. place for impression. Usually, this ends in an open face at impression that produces a slice.


5. Your Grip Provides Restricted Management of The Golf Membership

Now that membership specs are out of the best way, let’s handle the difficulty of your grip. That is the place it goes unsuitable for almost all of amateurs. I’m not speaking about whether or not you employ a Vardon, interlock, or baseball grip. I’m referring to the variety of knuckles you show at handle.

Mark Crossfield explains that the energy of your grip impacts the purpose that your driver connects together with your ball. For instance, displaying 4 knuckles represents a powerful grip. It is advisable to manipulate your wrists on the prime of the backswing to get your clubhead on aircraft for impression:

As well as, 2 to three knuckles symbolize a impartial grip. They’re extra comfy for the common golfer to keep up management of the driving force and optimize energy and velocity on the downswing.

Lastly, a weak grip is the place 1 knuckle is seen. Crossfield means that it’s best to bow your wrist to shut the clubface to a sq. place with this grip.

A weak grip is predicted to trigger a fade or slice shot, whereas a sturdy grip can open you as much as hooks. As well as, a impartial grip is the very best setup to induce straight flight to spend extra time on the green.

Due to this fact, take into consideration weakening the grip if you’re hooking your pictures. Conversely, golfers famend for slicing their pictures might must strengthen their maintain on the golf membership.


6. Incorrect Ball Place

Other than grip, ball place is the largest non-equipment purpose for them lacking the candy spot.

Your driver is the longest membership in your bag until you carry a broomstick putter. This implies it’s worthwhile to place the ball nearer to your left heel if you’re right-handed. Because of this, you give your self the time to sq. your clubface up for a straighter tee shot.

Other than the size of the shaft, your golf ball is teed up. Due to this fact, it’s worthwhile to place the dimples to allow you to strike them on the up. The low level in your swing must happen a few inches behind the tee. That is to organize your clubface to launch it excessive and lengthy.

Should you place the ball too far in the direction of your again foot, you’ll produce a steep angle of assault, inflicting you to hit down on the ball. Sadly, most common golfers don’t generate the facility and velocity required to launch their ball far into the space.

Contrarily, some golfers tee their ball up too far forward of their entrance foot. This causes golfers to succeed in for the dimples, resulting in their membership’s sole bouncing off the turf earlier than it will get close to the ball. The doubtless consequence of this maneuver is a topped shot.


7. You Don’t Rotate Your Shoulders or Hips

Your driver shaft is longer, and the top comprises added mass in comparison with the remainder of your golf equipment. This implies it’s best to induce optimum hip and shoulder rotation throughout a full swing to get your driver on aircraft for impression.

Lowered rotation causes a lack of energy and restricts your means to supply the specified membership path and swing aircraft. This ends in a weak shot and a golf ball that veers off its goal line.

When golfers take away rotation from their swings, they depend on their arms to information the membership and generate drive. Sometimes prompting you to forged your membership on the prime of your swing and assault on an inside line. This results in an open clubface at impression and a sliced shot.

Should you wrestle with rotation in your swing, it’s best to assessment our information on how a lot hip flip to induce. The following tips simplify the method and show you how to appropriate the basics of your decrease physique rotation.


8. You Lean Again Earlier than Affect

Hanging a golf ball with an upward angle of assault is a complicated movement for informal golfers to fathom. It’s the reverse method to each different shot we play. That’s the reason many struggles with executing it.

A method golfers try and propel their clubface upward in the direction of the ball is leaning again earlier than impression. This sends the only real of your driver into the turf previous to the impression, resulting in a topped shot and misplaced yardage.

The commonest reason for this motion originates from the dearth of weight switch out of your path leg to your lead leg. By conserving the load in your again foot, it prompts you to fall again, and the membership bottoms out early,

Rotation is grueling to grasp. Nonetheless, for those who comply with the ideas I’ve offered, you can be able to enhancing your energy, accuracy, and consistency.

As well as, it’s best to assessment our 9 finest shoulder flip drills to make sure that you’re executing the duty effectively.


9. You Overswing

It is a problem I confronted for over a decade. At any time when I pulled out the large stick, I had a bent to lose my thoughts and try and smash the plastic off the ball.

I took my membership too far again, which prompted it to fly off path on the prime of the swing. From there, it was unattainable to convey it on aircraft for contact. The end result was, extra usually than I wished, a nasty slice that propelled my ball effectively proper facet off my goal.

After years of erratic tee pictures, my new coach on the time prompt shortening my backswing. He proposed that this is able to assist me preserve the driving force on aircraft and improve the consistency of my strike. I attempted it, and it labored like a attraction. The draw back was that I misplaced distance, however I’d fortunately sacrifice 10 to 15-yards for accuracy.

I’m not the one one with this drawback. I see it ceaselessly with amateurs seeking to swing like Kyle Berkshire and speed up their clubhead velocity. Nonetheless, they don’t produce enough rotation and fail to maintain their clubhead on the trail, resulting in an inaccurate drive.

Work on shortening your swing on the driving vary, and deal with conserving your clubface sq. by means of impression. It’s astonishing how rather more enjoyable golf is if you end up taking part in your second shot from the green.

Should you discover it troublesome to cease your backswing ¾ of the best way again, attempt to sluggish it down. A slower swing makes you extra acutely aware of your membership’s place to cease it on the exact second.


10. You Hit Down on The Ball

The ultimate purpose why you might wrestle with a driver is that you just hit down on the ball. That is the pure method for pictures together with your irons and wedges. Nonetheless, a driver carries an extended shaft and is made to hit teed up golf balls.

Should you place it too far again in your stance you might be certain to assault the ball from a steep angle. As an alternative of connecting the ball on the up, you hit down on it, lowering the loft of the clubface. Because of this, the low level of your swing comes straight after impression quite than earlier than.

Though this works for some skilled golfers, it isn’t the advisable method for amateurs. With this setup, it’s best to generate most clubhead and ball velocity to launch the ball lengthy. That’s no drawback for professionals who catch the middle of the clubface greater than amateurs.

When you end up hitting down on the golf ball, its place in your stance. Transfer it in the direction of the within heel of your lead foot to provide the house to catch it cleanly on the upswing. That can helps you hit your driver constantly excessive and lengthy.


Further Studying: Those that can strike their 1-wood however lack consistency ought to examine our 20-driving ideas for longer, straighter outcomes.