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10 Perfect Golf Gifts for Your Grandpa [2023 Edition]

10 Perfect Golf Gifts for Your Grandpa [2023 Edition]

Many children’s lives are enriched by the presence of grandpas.

One of my most fondest memories is of playing golf with grandpa as I was a child. There’s something special about learning how to play a great game from a fantastic person.

Are you a grandpa who loves to play golf? Are you trying to figure out what gift to buy your grandpa for Christmas or his birthday this year? We’ve compiled this list of the 10 perfect golf gifts for grandpas.


Grandpa Golf Gifts: $100+

1. Gogogo Sports Vpro golf rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro Golf Rangefinder

It will display the shortest distance within the scan area, so you don’t need to worry about locking your target behind the flagpole. After scanning is completed, the slope and slope compensation distances will be displayed. 6x magnification.

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This gift could be the perfect gift if your grandfather is a serious player of golf. A high-quality rangefinderHe will be able to calculate the distances from his target for all his approach shots. Just imagine how excited he’ll be when he starts shooting lower scores because of this excellent gift you gave him.

This rangefinder features a slope switch, which instantly considers elevation when calculating yardage information. It also vibrates whenever you’re securely locked onto your target.


2. Wood Golf Putting Green Mat With Auto Ball Return System

Wood Golf Putting Green mat

Automatic ball return system. Easy to roll up for portability and storage. The bottom of the indoor-golf mat is non-slip to give you a realistic and stable putting experience.

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Is your grandpa struggling with his putting? This is the perfect gift for your grandpa if he needs to improve his putting. With This sleek-looking putting matYour grandfather will be able practice his putting stroke at anytime.

The mat rolls up quickly, so it won’t take up too much space in the house, office, or garage. Once the ball is in the hole, it automatically slides back towards the golfer. There’s no need to chase the golf ball any longer.


3. Golf swing trainer for home or office

Golf swing trainer

You can adjust the height of your golf ball with this mat. It weighs just over 11 lbs. and can be taken from the office to your patio.

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One of the most difficult things about golf is finding the right weather and time to practice. If this is something your grandpa has mentioned, he’ll love This swing trainer. Thanks to this golf training mat, he’ll now be able to practice his full swing indoors.

The best thing about this gadget? It allows golfers to hit any club they want, thanks to its adjustable height settings. This allows the golfer to practice with wedges and irons as well as the driver. It weighs only 11 pounds, so it can be easily moved around.


Grandpa Golf Gifts: $50-$99

4. Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer Storage

You can easily keep most of your golf accessories in your trunk or locker, when not in use. You can store your golf shoes, balls and tees. Grommets with ventilation are included to ventilate your golf shoes and other accessories.

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If your grandpa is anything like mine was, he’s probably got tons of golf accessories rolling around in the trunk of his car. This unique golf gift will help your grandpa become more organized. He’ll appreciate this because he’ll get fussed at less by your grandma!

This is an extremely handy organizerThere are compartments for everything, from golf tees and shoes to be stored. The inside contains 5 large compartments and some smaller zippered slots to hold items like divot tools, ball markers, and golf balls. There’s also plenty of room to store stuff on the outside.


5. BeeJo’s Golf Club Headcovers

BEEJO’S Natural Slice Golf Club Headcovers

The durable 0.3-inch thick polyester composite fabric protects the golf club heads from dirt, dents, rain, and any other damage during play or travel. They are also dust and water resistant.

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Your grandpa will get a kick out of this fun gift, especially if he’s a big fan of Natural Ice beer! Gift Set of Golf Club HeadcoversIt has the Natural Ice logo on its front, but it says Natural Slice instead. This gift is funny, but it’s also practical because it’ll protect your grandpa’s driver and fairway woods.

Each headcover is made of thick polyester so the golf clubs are protected from rain, dirt and dents. These headcovers are also easy-to-clean and can be used in any washer and dryer.


6. Block of personalized golf name art

Golf Name Art Personalized

Personalization can be between 3 and 11 characters

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This beautiful piece of art would look great in the home or office for any golf enthusiast. Simply choose your grandpa’s first or last name, and the artist will use incredible golf pictures to spell it out. There are 4 options available, each with a price under $100. There are also 2 sizes.

This piece of art is classy and fun, which is why I think it’s one of the best golf gifts for your grandpa in this particular price range. Just think of how much enjoyment he’ll get each time he glances at it.


7. Mato & Hash Golf Gift Set with Golf Towel, Shirt, Tumbler, and Bag

Mato & Hash Golf Gift Sets for Grandpa

Includes Custom Golf Tumbler, Awesome Grandpa Okay Shirt, Best Grandpa by Par Embroidered Golf Towel, Golf Bug Out Cinch Bag with Print

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There’s something useful for every grandpa in This gift set is perfect for golfers. The tumbler has “Grandpa’s Golf Juice” imprinted on it and will keep his favorite drink nice and cold on hot summer days. The shirt has a cool golf logo on it with the funny saying “Awesome Grandpa Okay Golfer” on it.

Every golfer needs a high-quality golf towel, and the 1 in this set says “Best Grandpa By Par” on it. He’ll love getting to use this during his next round of golf. The bag will give your grandpa somewhere to keep his keys, wallet and cell phone while on the green.


Grandpa Golf Gifts: Under $50

8. GRANDPA Engraved Ball Marker and Golf Divot Tool

This one-of-a-kind divot tool proves that the best gifts for grandpa don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This is our favorite customer ball marker out of all the ones on the market. It’s made of teak wood and has “Grandpa” engraved at the top, with 2 crossed golf clubs underneath it.

This gift will be enjoyed by grandpa every time he plays a putt or repairs a divot. Magnetic attachments make it easy to find the ball marker and divot tool, reducing the chance of one getting lost. The size of this tool is also small enough to fit into your grandpa’s pocket easily.


9. Best Grandpa Ever Trucker Hat

Is your grandpa’s golf hat looking a little bit worn out? This trucker hat that says “Best Grandpa Ever” on the front will make one heck of a gift. Trenz Shirt Company also sells another version that says “Best Pop Pop”, which is also a heart-warming option.

The mesh backing of this hat makes for more airflow, and the cotton sweatband inside of it will help keep the sweat out of your grandpa’s eyes. The patch on the front of the hat is made of genuine leather. It has a great durability over time. This is a great gift for any golfer grandpa.


10. Golf Balls Gift Set for Grandpa

Westman Works Golf Ball Gift Package for Grandfather

Set of 2 golf balls. Bagged with the official Westmon Works logo.

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You can never have enough golf balls! Your grandpa will love it! This gift set because 1 ball says “Parfect Grandpa” and the other says “#1 Grandpa”. These are real golf balls so that they can be used on the golf course or proudly displayed on your grandpa’s desk at work.

The gift set includes a clear plastic bag and would make a great stocking stuffer for grandpa. Westman Works has a fine reputation in the industry, and they’ve been making customized gifts like this for several years.