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6 Best Golf Brands You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

6 Best Golf Brands You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Even if you’re a beginner golfer, you’ve probably heard of brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, and Cleveland.

However, there are hundreds of golf companies out there, and it’s worth knowing what other options create great products that should be on your radar.

I’ll share with you 6 of the best golf brands that you’ve likely never heard of, and whether their equipment would be a good fit for you.


Krew Golf

When Vijay and Qass teamed up to win the PNC Championships in 2022 Qass was playing with a custom Krew Golf putter. Since then, the small custom putter manufacturer has grown a little.

The best part is that you can get exactly what your putting game needs, and it will be completely customized to your requirements. The online custom-putter design studio at the Krew website is a step up from the rest. I was surprised to see how much work goes into the process.

You may be surprised to learn about the many options available and how a custom putter can be made for your game.

If you have a nickname your friends use for you on the course, shouldn’t it be on your putter?

  • What they make:Customized blade-style putters with paint jobs, details, and custom finishes. The putters are made to order and are unique.
  • What I like About Them  Krew Putters started small and have since seen their putters take off. Qass won with a Krew golf putter, which is a testament to the performance and looks of the putter.


Pinned Golf Rangefinders

Pinned golfThe company has been around for about 5 years and produces rangefinders as well as golf cart speakers. Pinned Golf Rangefinders have a rechargeable feature that I really like. No more running low on batteries or searching for those annoying camera-style batteries to power your rangefinder.

Pinned Golf offers a wide variety of colors to suit your style and personality.

Three college friends founded the company, and have been making changes to their product range over the years. I feel that they have taken all the features we love about rangefinder brands and combined them into one product. They also made it affordable.

  • What they make:They are known for their laser rangefinders. However, they have now added a speaker for golf carts to their product line. The speaker does sell out very quickly; it’s affordable but does not have GPS like the Bushnell.
  • What I like About ThemTheir products are available in the color you prefer, with a variety of features, and at a price that is affordable. If you’re looking for a rangefinder to replace your old one, this is the place to go.


Sub70 Golf clubs

You can learn more about it here. Sub70The brand is a golf club manufacturer who sells directly to consumers. They produce a range of clubs ranging from putters to drivers. Some of their most popular irons look and feel similar to PXG.

Sub70 is committed to ensuring that golfers get equipment they love and will keep in their bag for many years. All Sub70 golf clubs come with a satisfaction guarantee of 60 days to ensure that you are getting the right equipment for your game.

Sub70’s pricing is slightly better than that of other manufacturers, simply because they don’t have a middleman. The only downside is that the availability of Sub70 clubs to try can be limited.

  • What they make:Irons, woods and putters. Sub70 has a range of products, including apparel and bags, which match the branding.
  • What I like About ThemThey offer a great-looking, player-style iron at a reasonable price. Sub70 is a great way to even the playing field as you improve your golf game.


Miura Golf

Miura GolfFounded in 1977, they have remained modest and small. MIura has a range of golf irons which have a premium feeling and precision. Recently, they collaborated with Adam Scott to create a unique version irons designed by Scott.

Miura irons undergo a forging procedure that is unique in the industry. Miura irons are made from only the finest metals, resulting in a precision and performance that is unmatched.

One of the major reasons you may not have heard of Miura irons is the fact that they don’t pay PGA Tour players to use them.

  • What they make:Irons (blade-style and some forged cavities back). They also make beautiful wedges. Recently, they released a couple of putter models. Miura’s website has a wide range of accessories, including clothing, bags and putter covers.
  • What I like About Them Miura doesn’t release new irons each year simply because everyone else does. Miura does not release new irons every year just because everyone else does.


Jones Golf

Once you’ve got a set of premium golf clubs, you’ll want to place them in a stylish bag that is also functional. Jones Sports CoThis company makes some of the most impressive products, both on and outside of the golf course.

Here you can find a large selection of golf bags, duffels, and backpacks for the course, or to travel. Jones is great at understanding what golfers want and need.

You can also choose from the many headcover options they offer.

  • What they make:Golf bags, golf ball bags, travel bags and more.
  • What I like About ThemThe quality of Jones Sports Co’s products and their understanding of what golfers need both on and off of the golf course.


Stitch Golf

Stitch GolfGolf accessory company Stitch makes products for amateurs and professionals alike. Stitch started out with some amazing golf bags and travel accessories, but they now offer a variety of clothing and gear.

Stitch sticks have a more preppy style. You can wear them to the golf course, and also to work if necessary. All of their accessories have been made from high-quality materials and are designed to last.

Stitch Golf offers a wide range of products that are weather resistant. This is a great benefit for experienced golfers. Stitch has a wide range of products that are unique, well-made and beautiful.

  • What they make:Golf bags, shirts, headcovers and belts, travel accessories and more. Stitch offers a variety of gear to use on and off your golf course.
  • What I like About ThemStitch’s products are characterized by their use of color. They are also doing a great thing by preserving some of the traditional aspects of the game. Stitch has done a great job of combining the new, trendy and youthful with the classic design many golfers desire.