6 Reasons Youre Hitting Your Wedges Too High & How to Fix

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TL;DR: Having trouble hitting your wedges too high? Here are 6 common reasons and practical solutions to fix it. From faulty swing mechanics to poor body positioning, we'll address the root causes and offer techniques to enhance your wedge shots. Additionally, we'll recommend top golf wedges and discuss the factors to consider when selecting one. Plus, we'll explore the benefits of utilizing golf training aids to further improve your wedge shots. Get ready to lower your wedge shots and improve your golf game!


Hitting Wedges: 6 Reasons You're Hitting Your Wedges Too High & How to Fix

Greetings, golf enthusiasts! If you've found your way to this article, chances are you've experienced the frustration of consistently hitting your wedges too high. Well, fear not! As a retired professional golfer with years of experience under my belt, I've encountered this issue countless times and have learned a thing or two about how to rectify it.

In this article, I will delve into the six most common reasons why you might find yourself launching your wedges into the stratosphere, and more importantly, I will provide you with practical solutions to help you bring those shots back down to earth. From improper swing mechanics to incorrect club selection, we will explore the potential culprits causing those sky-high shots and guide you on the path to improvement.

But that's not all – the expertise doesn't stop there. This blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest insights and reviews on top-notch golf products. With an extensive knowledge of golf equipment, we will go beyond fixing your swing to recommend the best wedges that will enhance your game. So, stick around, folks, because we're about to dive deep into the art of hitting wedges and how to take your golf game to new heights (without actually launching those shots into the sky).

Understanding The Basics of Hitting Wedges

The versatility of a golf wedge is a critical factor in refining one’s short game. It is instrumental in getting yourself out of sticky situations, clearing hazards, and setting up potential birdie opportunities. Hence, an in-depth understanding of the basics of hitting wedges is essential for all golfers, regardless of their skill levels.

The Fundamentals of a Golf Wedge

In essence, a golf wedge is a type of specialized golf club used to strike the ball at different trajectories, depending on its design and features. Usually, it possesses a loft and has a heavier head than other golf clubs, which can directly influence how the ball reacts after it is hit. The face of a golf wedge comes with special grooves that provide the spin, making it easier to control the ball’s flight (an essential factor when aiming for a precise shot). For more insight into the elements that make a good golf club, check out this guide.

The Importance of Hitting Wedges in a Golf Game

Incorporating the right wedge shots into your gameplay can significantly improve your performance on the course and reduce your overall score. A well-executed wedge shot can assist in avoiding obstacles, reaching the green faster, and even set you up for easy putts. It’s considered a crucial shot within a golfer's arsenal. When executed correctly, it can even be a game-changer. If you're interested in learning more about why golf wedges matter, this article can serve as a useful resource.

Common Reasons Behind Hitting Your Wedges Too High

Innovations in golf have brought numerous changes in the playing style, and one such change is observed in the way wedge shots are played. However, many golfers struggle to control the height of their wedge shots. Let's delve deeper into some common reasons behind hitting your wedges too high.

Faulty Golf Swing Mechanics

Faulty golf swing mechanics is one of the major culprits behind hitting wedges too high. This commonly occurs due to mis-hits, deceleration of the club, or flipping the wrists at the moment of impact. It is essential to maintain a proper rhythm throughout the golf swing to avoid these issues.

Incorrect Club Selection

Incorrect club selection can also contribute to high wedge shots. Using a wedge with too much loft can easily send the ball higher. Therefore, understanding the basics of golf clubs and their lofts can make a significant difference in controlling your shots' height.

Poor Body Positioning

Poor body positioning is another factor that leads to high wedge shots. This includes swinging off your back foot or setting up too far behind the ball. Your body stance can greatly affect the ball flight, and hence, having a balanced and well-positioned stance can drastically improve your wedge shots.

Practical Solutions to Lower your Wedge Shots

Learning the common reasons behind hitting your wedges too high is only half the battle. It's the implementation of corrective measures that will really start shaving strokes off your game. Armed with the knowledge of what not to do, you are now ready to learn and practice effective solutions.

Utilizing Golf Training Aids to Improve Wedge Shots

In the pursuit of mastering your golf wedge shots, integrating golf training aids into your regime can increase proficiency, allow for consistent practice, and enhance overall shot performance.

Importance of Using Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids can play a major role in improving consistency and performance of your wedge shots. They provide direction and repetition, allowing golfers to hone in on their skills and perfect their movements. Some training aids focus on alignment, some on swing path, while others can help you improve specific shots like the flop shot, pitch shot, or chip shot. The repetitive use of these devices helps to build muscle memory, ensuring each swing becomes more accurate and powerful.

Top Golf Training Aids for Wedge Shots

There are a number of quality golf training aids available that can help improve wedge shots. One of the well-recognized tools is the Impact Snap; it’s designed to teach the correct motion of the wrists and forearms, which is important for wedge shots.

Another recommended aid is the SKLZ Smash Bag, focusing on correcting the swing path and impact position. Its design provides feedback on the club's face alignment at impact, promoting the accurate hitting of the sweet spot for ideal wedge shots. Always remember that the right choice of training aid depends on the specific area you want to improve. Don’t be reluctant to seek advice from a golf professional before investing in any particular tool.

Selection and adoption of the right golf training aids is a crucial part of improving your golf wedge performance. These tools will not only enhance your wedge shots but can also significantly improve your overall golfing ability.

Utilizing Golf Training Aids to Improve Wedge Shots

Understanding the importance and the role of golf training aids is vital to improving your game, particularly in terms of achieving and maintaining better wedge shots. Training aids are designed to help golfers perfect their swings, enhance their muscle memory, and build a stronger foundation for their gameplay.

Importance of Using Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids are an essential part of a golfer's tool kit. They allow golfers to exercise proper form and technique, while also training their movements to become more consistent and efficient. These aids provide immediate feedback on the golfer's performance, making it easier for them to rectify errors and adjust their swing or technique accordingly. One training aid for example, the Impact Snap Golf Training Aid, aids golfers in achieving the perfect clubface impact each time they swing, while also developing more distance control.

Top Golf Training Aids for Wedge Shots

There are a number of well-designed golf training aids that can specifically aid in improving wedge shots. For instance, the Tour Striker Smart Ball, which is a lightweight and inflatable ball that connects to an adjustable lanyard to fit anyone. This aid can rectify the problems with your swing plane, clubface control, and pitch shots.

Another useful aid for better wedge shots is the EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0. It trains golfers to avoid slicing, while also aiding in perfecting their shot line and impact position.

Through regular usage, these training aids can help golfers achieve more control over their swings, eventually leading to higher consistency and accuracy in their wedge shots.

Utilizing Golf Training Aids to Improve Wedge Shots

Golf training aids are essential for any golfer looking to improve their game. Specifically for wedge shots, these aids can help correct mistakes, improve skills and boost confidence on the course. By identifying and targeting weaknesses in your wedge game, these training aids can provide focused guidance to transform your game.

Importance of Using Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids are instrumental in refining your swing and enhancing precision. They can provide immediate feedback, thereby helping you understand the areas you need to work on. For instance, aids such as swing analyzers can reveal whether your swing path is inside-out or outside-in, enabling you to make necessary modifications. Also, these assistive tools can help engrave correct swing patterns in your muscle memory, which is crucial for consistent performance.

To gain more in-depth knowledge about the impact of these aids, presents an informative article around the use of golf training aids and their impact on your performance.

Top Golf Training Aids for Wedge Shots

When it comes to improving your wedge shots, there are several training aids available in the market. The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 ideal for working on swing path and impact position. Another great aid is the Tour Striker Smart Ball, which improves the player's body and arm coordination – a crucial element for powerful and accurate wedge shots.

Moreover, the SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer is excellent for golfers struggling with maintaining a consistent swing tempo and a proper grip. Lastly, for those who tend to hit fat or thin wedge shots, the Izzo Golf Smooth Swing is one of the top recommendations.

For more information on these and other golf training aids, you can refer to this comprehensive review on Remember, the right training aid could be the key to shaving strokes off your scores!

Remember, golf training aids are just tools; using them effectively requires practice, patience, and perseverance. Regular use under proper guidance can significantly enhance your wedge shots and overall golfing skills.


Exploring the art of hitting wedges in golf is not merely about enhancing the technicalities. It also involves understanding its importance and the roles it plays in overall game execution. Incorrect club selection, faulty swing mechanics, and poor body positioning contribute to hitting wedges too high. However, these issues can be rectified by improving your golf swing technique, selecting the right club, and enhancing your body stance and position. Moreover, the market offers a variety of top-rated golf wedges and useful training aids which can significantly help to improve wedge shots. Success in mastering wedge play can inevitably transform your golfing performance. Therefore, continue learning and practicing, and don't hesitate to return for more tips and guides on hitting your wedges just right.

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