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6 Reasons You’re Hitting Your Wedges Too High (+ How to Fix)

6 Reasons You’re Hitting Your Wedges Too High (+ How to Fix)

Many golfers believe that hitting a wedge shot high can be a huge benefit. But, too much ball flight can cause problems.

I have been paying close to professionals and their equipment. You can see that they are trying to keep the ball a little lower but still include plenty of spin in their shots. The new Titleist SM9 wedgesTo help with increased control, the launch is lower than in previous models.

Here are 5 reasons why you’re hitting your wedges too high and how to fix it.


1. Bigger Swing is More Necessary

When trying to improve their ball flight, the first thing golfers should consider is the size of their golf swing. You may notice that the ball is rising a little higher if you take a longer, more compact swing than you should.

It’s easier to get a higher trajectory on the golf ball when you have more speed and a larger swing. You can fix this problem by switching to a smaller club and making a compact motion.

How to Fix this Issue

Take a look at how far you are from the hole.

Are you able to use a 60 degree lob to get to the pin with a wedge? What about a pitching swivel? It would be easier to keep the ball down and take a more compact motion.

The smaller swing will make it easier for you to control the flight and angle of your clubface.


2. Opening The Face

You should not open the club’s face too much when you are setting up to take your backswing. You can let your club lie flat for most chip shots and pitch shots. The angle you use when you make contact is what you want.

The only time you need to open your face is when you are trying over a bunker. You will see some players do this with a sand wedge in the bunkers, but it’s not necessary around the greens.

How to Fix this Issue

Learn what a square face looks like. You will need to set up your clubface at a square angle and then you can work on maintaining it in your takeaway.

If you tend to open your clubface on the backswing make sure you have a swing plan of keeping the club square.


3. Ball Too Far Forward

Your ball position could be why you are hitting your wedges too high.

If you want to hit short approach shots to the green, you will want the ball in your stance. This does not necessarily mean that the ball should be behind your right foot (for right-handed golfers). It will instead be at the back of your middle.

Some golfers have trouble with their ball flight when the ball is in the middle of their stance. To create a more perceptive ball flight, push it back a bit.

How to Fix this Issue

Use a golf alignment stick when you practice on the driving range. This will help you determine where your ball is. Adjust as necessary and try different angles to find the best fit for you.

Be careful not to get the ball too far back in your stance – this will result in poor shots.


Golf Driving Tips Stance Width

4. Stance Too Wide

Not only is it bad for ball flight but it can also cause problems with wedge shots. No matter your skill level, a narrower stance makes it easier to control a ball. Also, a narrower stance will make it easier to keep the clubhead speed constant and accelerate quickly.

Players who struggle with backspin on their pitch shots and golf chip can benefit from a narrow stance. A wider stance can lead to inconsistency in turf interaction and more movement in your body and hands.

I have always chipped with an open stance, but it is not too narrow. The open stance encourages more rotation towards target and a soft feel to the overall golf shot.

How to Fix this Issue

One of the most important adjustments you can make in your game is to get your feet closer to each other when you chip. Your feet should be about equal width at the shoulder. On these types of shots, however, I like my feet to be even narrower than shoulder width.

It’s important to remember that the further you get away from the hole, the further your feet may need to come apart. Sometimes, you will need to extend your feet to the shoulder width if you require that extra distance.


5. Incorrect Angle Of Attack

An incorrect angle can cause golfers to hit the ball too high. Many golfers lift the ball to get it up in the air.

This is how golfers tend to lean back on their right sides and lift the ball into the air. It’s so important for golfers to remember that this is not how the ball gets up in the air, and it certainly won’t help you get the spin and ball flight you need to approach a shot in this way.

For a pitch shot or chip, the best angle of attack is to hit the ball down and through it. The best approach for golfers is to hit the ball first, then take a divot. This angle allows the ball to stay lower but does not lose any spin.

How to Fix this Issue

There are many drills that can help you hit the ball down on the green. One of my favorite drills is the line drill. You will need a little spray paint to make a line that you can use on the driving range.

Spray the line and then put your golf ball up at its beginning. You will want to hit shots and then take a bit of the line with your golf ball. You can continue practicing along this line by hitting the ball down and through it.

You will notice a cleaner feel to your shot and it will sound even crisper. This drill will help you avoid hitting your wedges too high and will make it easier to make solid contact with other clubs in the bag. If you can’t spray a line on your green, you can always put a loose tee in front of the ball and focus on hitting this as well.


6. Use the wrong equipment

Even though it may seem like a reason to play poorly, sometimes the equipment is actually a problem. You may find that a wedge with a high loft and a low center-of-gravity can create a launch angle you are unable to control.

As I mentioned, manufacturers of golf are starting to offer options to help players control the ball flight, and keep their wedges down a bit. This was evident with TaylorMade’s new Vokey line as well as the Milled Grin options from TaylorMade.

You can see the difference in the wedges of the pros if you look closely. They have a more powerful ball flight and a lot more spin. You might be tempted to hit your wedges too high depending on the shaft and clubhead combination.

How to Fix this Issue

A fitting is the best way to resolve an issue with your equipment. A club fitting can help you learn about the clubs you own, including launch angle, spin, direction, total distance, and other key parameters.

If you don’t want to pay for a fitting just yet, try a friend’s wedge and see if you hit the ball the same height. If you do, the equipment may not be an issue.