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8 Stats That Prove Golf Isn’t Dying [2023 Edition]

8 Stats That Prove Golf Isn’t Dying [2022 Edition]

Golf is my favorite thing to play and, after nearly 30 years of playing the game, it is still my favorite thing to do.

Who couldn’t learn to love golf?

When I heard that golf was dying, I decided to do some research and find the truth. The statistics don’t support this claim. There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that golf is still strong.


1. PGA Tour Purses

Sometimes, golfers who play on PGA Tour are considered underpaid. Golf is a sport that is individual and you don’t have any safety net in the event of a poor round. We have seen significant increases in the PGA Tour total purse payments over the past few years that have helped to show us that this sport is still alive.

2023 saw the establishment of a PGA Tour. 427 million dollar tournament prize purse. Each event saw a 15% increase. The golfers don’t play for money; they play to win, but it can’t hurt to win some extra money in the process.

why is golf so expensive

The LPGA Tour is also paying more attention to the payouts as the sport grows in popularity. The LPGA Tour can pay out approximately 12% more pre-tournament and has some of the highest payouts the tour has ever seen.


2. 2020 Corona Boom

Many golf courses and clubhouses were open even though we were in the middle of the pandemic. After all, participation in a round of golf was relatively safe if you stayed outside, didn’t touch the flag, and even walked without riding with your friends.

Golf saw an increase of equipment sales, longer waits to get a decent tee-time, and increased viewership at golf tournaments on television. It’s truly something that the game hadn’t seen since the years when Tiger Woods was keeping us glued to our television with his red shirt on Sundays.

More than 200 people played Covid golf in the boom years. 60 million rounds of Golf were played. Similar numbers had not been played since the late 1990s. Golfers felt like playing golf was a way of getting rid of the stress associated with the pandemic. It was also a great exercise and movement option.

Skeptics were unsure if this popularity surge was real or a fluke.


3. Growth Continues in 2021

2021 saw the Covid pandemic as a major story. Many believed that this was a boost to golf because people wanted to be outside. However, things would eventually begin to fade.

We eagerly awaited the 2021 statistics, and they came in very strongly. According to the National Golf Foundation report, theTotal number of rounds in 2021 beats 2020 by about 5%.

This is not something we expected. We expected to see the clubs go back to the garage. However, it is not the truth. People are still waiting to play.


4. Expansion of the Course

Many people think of the game of golf as the only thing that matters. But there is a whole world of golf that has nothing whatsoever to do with the course. This is why aspiring golfers are becoming more popular. Many golfers are learning that indoor simulators, driving ranges, and entertainment venues can be as enjoyable as playing golf.

There are many friends that wouldn’t think of going out on a course. But they love Top Golf or Drive Shack, and playing indoor golf with their friends. These venues and golf experiences don’t require any skill and are designed to make the game more fun and less boring.

Even if it’s not for you, it’s working to grow the game.

According to the National Golf Foundation, there are approximately 37.5 Million AmericansOver six years old played some form of on-course or off-course golf in 2021. Millennials are finding that even if they don’t have time for a five-hour round of golf on the course, they will be happy to meet friends at Top Golf and enjoy a great round.


5. PGA Tour SUPERstore

Equipment sales are another great place to check to see if golf is still alive and well. Callaway and Titleist both reported higher sales figures in 2020 and 2021 than ever before. We thought it would be interesting for you to see a store that sells products from multiple manufacturers.

PGA Tour Superstore reported at one time that business was almost up. 70% increase over the previous year. This store sells gear for both new and veteran golfers.

New brands are even allowed to enter the market in order to meet this demand. The golf business is stronger than ever before. This popularity will continue, so expect more new brands to come on the market.

Supply chain problems were a major problem for stores like PGA Superstore. It took longer than usual for people to be able to access the gear they were buying. Despite this frustration, things are moving faster and equipment is being delivered at a normal pace.


6. More Beginners Than Ever

The number of people who are taking up golf is a key indicator of its future direction. For many years golf was considered an old man’s sport, and this unfortunate perception has made it difficult for skeptics to look at the future of golf in a favorable light.

However, 2021 saw more than 3.2 million new golfersThis was the first time that anyone took up the sport. This is a remarkable number, especially considering that the previous record was 2.4 million per year.

In the past it was Tiger Woods who was bringing people to golf. Tiger did an amazing job of grabbing the attention of the audience and bringing them in. It made them feel like they were part of the creation of golf history.

This new growth in 2020-2021, 2023 and 2023 is more about the love of golf. Golfers aren’t following a single player only to be at some point disappointed in their decision-making or golfing ability. Instead, people are playing the game of golf because they like it, it’s good for you, and it’s a way to be outside with friends.


7. Golfers are becoming more female and younger

Women have never played more golf than men. The sport has done a great deal to accommodate women golfers over the years with proper equipment, clothing and even tee boxes. It took a while for the game’s popularity to catch on.

2020 Average number of rounds of golf played per year was 20.2. The greatest increases were observed among female players and younger golfers. We can attribute some of the growth in the younger golfer’s rounds to the remote work situation, flexible hours, and junior golf memberships at clubs around the country.

Women golfers are beginning to look at the health side of the game and realize how great it is to walk around the course with your friends. Although it is doubtful that the number of women golfers will ever surpass men, it’s essential to consider the importance of more women taking up the game.


8. Keeping the Doors Open

The number of courses that are closing and opening is another important indicator of the state of the game. We have seen golf courses close, houses built, and people looking for alternative places to play for many years.

In 2021, we were informed that the number of closing golf courses had increased to 53% less than in previous yearsThis was a strong indicator that golf isn’t dying. Golf courses close their doors when they cannot afford to keep them open. But, if they are making money and people enjoy playing, they will be more than happy to keep the doors open!

There are currently over 16,000 golf courses across the United States. Although that number doesn’t grow very often, it is a great benefit and piece of good news for those who love golf.