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A Classic Look: Footjoy Traditions Golf Shoe Review

Footjoy Traditions Golf Shoes Review

FootJoy produces some of the most recognizable shoes in the world of golf. 

Since the 1980s, the company has been owned by Acushnet, which also owns Titleist & Scotty Cameron. FootJoy shoes are very popular on the PGA Tour. Titleist sponsored players primarily wear FJ shoes.

Needless to say, they’re a powerhouse in golf and worn by all types of players; from professionals to the everyday amateur golfer. One of their most recent designs, the FootJoy Traditions might be the best shoe in golf. 

These shoes combine a classic look with modern technology to create a truly iconic golf shoe. Continue reading to learn more about the shoe and how it can help improve your game of golf.

FootJoy Traditions Golf Shoes: Review

It takes a lot to impress me after playing golf for over 20 years. Heck, I’ve been playing so long I remember when titanium drivers were a new thing and metal spikes could be heard the second you pulled into the parking lot. But FootJoy traditions are still very important. 

These shoes are a great choice for all types of golfers. 

Let’s review… 

Fashionable Leather Design

Before you ever put your feet in a golf shoe you need to love its look. Because let’s face it, if you don’t look good, you can’t play good… right?

The FootJoy Traditions shoe is a classic-looking golf shoe that pays homage the old school style of the 80s and 1990s. These shoes were my favorite from the moment they arrived.

The full grain leather not only looks great but also offers a lot of comfort, breathability and durability. Plus, they look like traditional saddle golf shoes that I grew up wearing and think they’re an overall great looking design. 

Nine Color Options 

The huge selection of colors makes these shoes a great choice for all types of golfers. The classic colors include: 

  • White/white/gray – These shoes ditch the saddle look and have a little bit of gray at the sole. However, they are a great summer shoe.
  • White/white: These are 100% white and great for playing in warm weather (I’ve seen a ton of PGA Tour players wearing these too).
  • Black/black. This design is great for winter golf and muddy conditions, as there is no white. 

But that’s not all; if you prefer something less traditional color scheme in your golf shoe, they offer less conventional colors including:

  • Black/black/gray: These match the white, white and gray ones as they don’t have the traditional saddle look.
  • Gray/blue – The majority of the shoe’s material is gray, with the saddle and back in a light shade. 
  • Gray/gray/white – These are similar to the black/white style and can be worn with gray pants or shorts.
  • All navy/navy green: This look is great all year and seems to be a popular trend in the world of golf.
  • Brown/white: For a long time brown belts and shoes were the norm in the golf world but went away… until now. The classic brown/white saddle shoe is a stunning look.
  • Blue/white: This last option is a blue-and-white saddle design that can be paired with many different outfits.

Overall, there is a huge selection of shoes that you don’t get with most of their competitors. 

Complete Support

While these shoes look great, they’re extremely comfortable too. I’ve been quite impressed with the support around the entire shoe and specifically in the arch itself. 

FootJoy’s EVA Fit-Bed provides all-day comfort under the shoe and provides complete support. The shoe also features a foam midsole, which provides extra comfort for long days while remaining super lightweight. 

This FJ shoe is known as the “Laser Street Fit” which has a full round toe design, narrow heel, and standard fit across the middle of the shoe. 

Footjoy Traditions Golf Shoes Review

Real Spikes

The majority of golf shoes in today’s world do not have a traditional spike system. Many of the newer golf shoes have traction systems as an alternative to traditional spikes. But as I mentioned, I’m from the era of saddle shoes and metal spikes, so going into athletic shoes without spikes has never felt comfortable to me on the course.

Shoes with real spikes are my preference. They provide extra traction and I love them. The Fast Twist3.0 cleat system is included with these FootJoy sneakers. According to the company, “The Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system is the most advanced insert system on the market. The lower profile design offers improved comfort while still securing each cleat with consistent torque for maximum comfort.” 

Waterproof Protection 

Finally, if you’re a golfer who doesn’t mind going out and playing in less than perfect weather, these shoes will keep your feet dry. These shoes are waterproof, unlike other popular footwear. They will keep your feet dry and comfortable, even in the harshest winter conditions Mother Nature can throw at you.

FootJoy’s waterproof shoes also come with a 1-year warranty. So you’re protected for 365 days and can buy with a guarantee to keep your feet dry during those wet, rainy days on the golf course.

Sizes and Width Options

They also offer a wide range of sizes, ranging from 7-15 to fit almost all types of players. In most color options, you can choose between narrow, medium, large, and extra-wide. You should be able find the right shoe for you if you combine all nine color options. 

FAQs about FootJoy Golf Shoes

Do you have more questions about FJ golf shoes to see if they’re the right fit for you? We have the answers below.

Are FootJoy traditions water-resistant?

Yes, they are waterproof, not water-resistant so you can count on them keeping your feet dry the entire time you’re on the golf course. These shoes come with a 1-year warranty and real spikes. They will help you weather any conditions and keep you going in the rainy season. 

Are FootJoy golf shoes good?

FootJoy has been around since the 1960s. They have helped golfers feel good and stay comfortable while playing. Although they have a wide range of shoes, I think these are the best. We also like the Pro SL. Check out our Pro SL review.

Thanks to the great design and huge amount of colors to choose from, they’re great for any type of player. 

Do FootJoy golf footwear run large or small

I’ve had tons of different types of FJ shoes over the years and can say they’re very consistent. If you own a specific pair of FJ shoes, please tell me. FootJoy OriginalsThis model can be purchased in the same size. There are many sizes available, so double-check your width. 

What kind of laces are available for these shoes?

The laces in the Traditions golf shoe are normal, lace-up and not “BOA lacing system” like some of their other models.  

Final Thoughts on FJ Traditions Golf Shoes 

These are the best golf shoes in the FJ line and the entire industry. It’s no wonder that they made our “Best Golf Shoes list“. 

FootJoy has found a way for the classic wingtip style golf shoe to be modernized. It’s a great mix of the two and easy to see why they’re such a popular shoe in their massive lineup. Whether you’re young or old, a scratch player or barely breaking 100, you will love these amazing golf shoes. 

These are hard to beat, especially when you consider the fact that they can be bought in a wide range of colors (including unique combinations such as blue/white saddle) as well as real spikes. If you prefer having real spikes like the “good old days” but still have plenty of modern day style, these are the pair for you. 

Now you need to choose the color scheme that you like. Chances are, you’ll buy another pair once you put your feet in the first pair. 

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