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An Honest Callaway Mavrik Driver Review [2023 Edition]

An Honest Callaway Mavrik Driver Review [2022 Edition]

The best thing about the Callaway Mavrik driver having been out for a few decades is that we can decide if this club is worth our money. Although prices have dropped and new models were introduced to the market, the Mavrik is still in existence.

This is the driver I currently have in my bag. Therefore, I’ve got a lot to say about it!

If you are thinking of putting a Mavrik in the bag, or maybe even thinking it’s time to take it out, here are the things you should know about the Callaway Mavrik driver.

Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver


  • AI Face Design
  • Jailbreak technology for faster ball speeds
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Amazing forgiveness and spin
  • Since the release, pricing has dropped
  • Aerodynamic shaping of the driver’s head


  • The ball speeds are not as fast as the Rogue ST drivers.
  • The clubface is open

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Callaway Mavrik Driver Features

The Callaway Mavrik driver uses AI Technology and other impressive internal components to improve golfers’ accuracy and distance. These are the top features that will affect your game.

High Strength FS2S Titanium

Traditional titanium is no longer a good choice for premium golf materials. Golf manufacturers are seeking new technologies to help players achieve incredible distance gains. Callaway chose FS2S Titanium due to its superior speed and weighting over other technology.

The face is firm and fast, and the ball bounces off it. When I bought the Mavrik, I was a 7-year-old Cobra driver and noticed the jump off the face.

Adjustable Hosel

The adjustable hosel in the Callaway Mavrik allows golfers to fine-tune the ball flight and the face angle to ensure it’s a better fit. I was initially impressed by the Maverick’s ability to open the face and close it a little when I first began playing it.

I ended up moving the club back and playing with it in the loft. This adjustability makes it easier to keep a club in good condition for many years.

You can improve your swing by changing your slice or hooking the ball a bit.

Artificial Intelligence

Without artificial intelligence, we were able to play a lot of years of golf. However, now that it’s here, it’s a mistake not to take advantage of it. AI-enabled Callaway to position the center of gravity precisely, improve weighting, and increase overall golf club speeds.

Callaway Mavrik line features include distance and ball speed. Much of that is due to AI construction. This driver is a complete package when you combine it with the Jailbreak and Triaxial Carbon Crown.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Performance

Now that you have a better idea of what the technology is like in the Callaway Mavrik let’s take a more detailed look at how the golf club actually performs. I’m playing with the Standard Mavrik driver with a stiff shaft, and right now, I have it set on the neutral settings at 10.5 degrees.


Since its initial release, the Callaway Mavrik driver’s price has fallen. It is well worth the price for the value it provides. It can be difficult to find the customized shaft options you want when your clubs are older than a year.

However, sometimes it’s worth getting a stock shaft like the UST Helium Black or Evenflow Riptide and seeing how this performs before replacing it.

Feel & Sound

Although the Mavrik can be loud, it doesn’t seem to be too loud. You know, there have been some Cobra or Ping drivers in the past that had a sound that many golfers couldn’t really put up with.

However, the Jailbreak bars and Jailbreak technology must help to muffle a little of what goes on inside the clubhead because it’s a pleasing sound that you would expect from a premium club.

I was initially worried about Mavrik’s feel. I was switching from a Cobra driver that was extremely responsive and soft-feeling. I also tried the Epic Flash Driver but found it harsh.

However, I was surprised at Mavrik’s feel. It was consistent, had a lot of control, and even had a stock shaft, it had some workability.


You should consider the spin robustness of any club you have in your bag. The Mavrik’s spin rates are low, but not the lowest. The lower spinning drives will roll for quite some distance if you have the driver set correctly and your swing on.

It takes some time to adjust the shaft and driver head settings to get the spin you want.

Callaway Mavrik spins will not cause problems for those who are mid-handicappers or below.


The Callaway Mavrik driver is very forgiving. It’s not the most forgiving driver I’ve ever used, but I certainly consider it more of a game-improvement driver than a players club. The cyclone aero design cuts through the air well, and Callaway’s larger sweet spot leaves you plenty of room for error.

I feel that I can feel the area I’m missing (high, low heel, toe, heel, toe), but the shot ends up exactly where I need it.


The distance from the Mavrik is good regardless of clubhead speed. Slower swing-speed golfers have seen remarkable results, while higher swing-speed golfers who use the right shaft can chase this club without any concern.

The TaylorMade Stealth and the new Callaway Rogue are gaining speed and beating the Mavrik a bit. For many players, however, this is a small difference. If you haven’t upgraded your driver in the last few years, the Mavrik has some impressive distance.

The only thing I can complain about regarding distance is that I can sometimes hit the ball 10 to 15 yards farther than others when I feel I have made a good swing. The distance control is just a bit off, but I never feel like I’m losing distance with this driver.

What I like about the Callaway Mavrik Driver

The consistency is my favorite thing about the Callaway Mavrik driver, especially now that it has been dialed in more. I no longer need to think about this driver; when I stand on a tee box I know where it is going.

In fact, I even know the exact location of my miss.

Although the distance control isn’t always great, the results of the drive are something I’m almost always happy with.

Additionally, the Callaway Mavrik driver feels great. I can feel that I miss it, but it still travels the way I want. This is a huge advantage.

Finally, Callaway Mavrik Driving is an exceptional value right now. This club will continue to be in use for a while, and the technology will still be relevant. It’s a good time to buy.

What I Hate About The Callaway Mavrik Driver

The driver sits very openly.

It was actually so open that the professional who did it for me not too long ago said that he felt like this driver always sat so wide open. It does.

However, it’s more the way it looks than whether or not the club is actually open to the target. You will hit shots right if your clubface is open to the target, but I have never hit this driver right.

The driver is square while the top-down view looks wide open. If you know this is going in, you won’t make the same mistake I did and start adjusting the driver to help it look more square. Just let this club sit as it’s designed, and you will get some really impressive drives out of it.

Overall Rating and Thoughts

The Callaway Mavrik is an excellent choice if you have a driver older than four or five years and are looking to upgrade. I always like to try and narrow down the driver choices based on handicap, but with the Mavrik, I don’t need to.

There are benefits for all handicap levels. This driver is a great value for money. This is my first Callaway driver after more than 30 years of playing the game. I am excited to see what else this brand has in store.

Overall rating: 95/100