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An Honest Review of Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls [2023]

An Honest Review of Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls [2022]

You need a low-compression, affordable two-piece golf club to play high handicap golf. This Callaway Supersoft golf ball review will show you one of the best distance constructions available.

Supersoft offers optimal compression at impact to produce high ball speed and low spin. The average golfer will experience a high launch, which allows for consistent carry distance in the long game.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

For many years, Supersoft golf balls have been very popular. The hybrid cover features a multi-material construction that allows for an amazing combination of ball speeds, including high launch and low spin, soft feeling, and excellent greenside control.

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Two-Piece ball

The Supersoft golf ball is simple in design and has two layers. This allows for long distances off of the tee. It is a distance golf ball that can produce more length.

Two-piece golf balls are not meant for a greenside spin despite their distance capability. Callaway solved this problem by making a golf club that provides a soft feel on short game shots. This allows for better feedback and ball spin. But, it is still a premium urethane ball.

New Hybrid Cover

Callaway Supersoft balls’ hybrid cover is the first thing you will notice. It is reinforced with a Paraloid Impact Modifier. Callaway suggests that hybrid ball covers are designed to provide high ball speed, low spin on long shots, and enhanced greenside control.

I noticed the low spin and rapid speed off of the clubface, and it gave me a supersoft feel when playing short game shots.

These ionomer covers also produced a muted sound and spongy feel on the putter’s face, which I found to be very useful for feedback. This also improved the durability of this design to withstand contact on rough surfaces and bunkers.

Soft Compression Core

The core with low compression has proven to be a good choice for ensuring a consistent high launch. They maximize energy transfer at impact to increase ball speed and decrease spin. The ball will spring off the face and launch high and long.

Low-Compression Rating

Callaway’s Supersoft golf balls carry a compression rating of 38 which sits on the lower end of the spectrum. This means that it’s best suited to slower swing speeds which require the added spring for fast ball speeds, low spin, and higher flight.

Low compression may cause excessive spin and ballooned strikes in golfers who have faster swing speeds. It is best suited for seniors or high handicappers with slow swing speeds.

Hex Aerodynamics

Supersoft golf balls have the Hex aerodynamic feature. High handicappers love this additional trait.  The dimple pattern works well to eliminate drag and lift the ball, resulting in higher ball flight and better carry distance for slower-swinging players.

Supersoft Alignment Aid

You’ll notice that the ball features a supersoft alignment, which I find helps you start your golf ball on the intended putting line. As you place the ball on the green, make sure the alignment arrow is pointed in your desired direction.

To start the ball on the line, you will still need to hit the ball with a square putter. However, aiming is only half the battle in golf.


Callaway Supersoft golf ball’s last notable feature is its six available colors. Callaway engineers created this series not only in tour white but also in green, orange red, pink, and yellow.

These balls perform equally, despite the differences in color. This gives visually impaired golfers a wide range of golf balls. The yellow balls are the easiest to spot.



Before I dive into its launch, trajectory, spin, and distance qualities, let’s discuss the price. These distance balls are affordable for both the average golfer and those with a tight budget. They are affordable for high handicappers who are more likely to lose their golf balls.

You’ll notice one Supersoft unit runs for half that of a premium golf ball, making them more viable for a high handicapper.

Feel and sound

It is still a bit surprising how soft this distance golf ball feels, considering I am used to feeling much harder constructions. It is very soft and has a muted sound on all shots.

I loved the putter face’s sponge-like feel. This enhanced feedback and helped me control my distance on the floor.

Low Driver Spin

This ball has a low spin off the tip, which I love. It helps high handicappers maximize their long-game yardage. It was interesting to me that it produced superior carry distance despite having a low ball spin.

Rick Shiels emphasizes this in his test. Shiels compared the Supersoft with the Chrome Smart and Chrome Soft X and found that the Supersoft spun 400 rpm less than the Chrome Smart and 600 rpm less than the Chrome soft.

Greenside Control

The Callaway Supersoft range is unlike other ionomer-covered distance golf balls. It provides excellent greenside control. This ball has a soft feel on the face and provides a good spin to stop your ball quickly. Although it has a lower spin rate than premium golf balls, it is still sufficient for most golfers.


The average golfer can achieve optimal long-game yardage thanks to the extremely low spin and high ball speed. Hex Aerodynamics offers low-drag assistance to help you launch higher and fly the ball for maximum distance.

You’ll also find that the reduced spin equips your ball with maximum forward momentum for added roll after landing for a superior total distance.

What I like about the Callaway Supersoft

Ball Speed

The Callaway Supersoft produced consistent ball speed that I enjoyed, which slow-swinging high handicappers would be proud of. The soft compression rating of the Callaway Supersoft and low spin cover allow the golf ball to spring off the club face when long shots are taken, resulting in a powerful launch that will provide you with great yardage.

Low Driver Spin

Callaway Supersoft had a very low driver spin that allowed me to get maximum distance off the tee and on long approach shots. This was due to the soft compression core with low-spin ionomer covers that reduce friction on high-impact strikes and allow for rapid release from the clubface.

High Ball Flight

Next were the high launch and ball flights that were produced on all shots. Hex aerodynamics can deliver low-drag flight technologies. However, they need support from the low-compression core as well as the hybrid cover.

The core’s explosive ball pace combined with the low spin cover ionomer result in elevated launch and flight.

Affordable Price

Callaway Supersoft is a great deal. It’s half the price of premium balls like the Chrome Soft. This is a great option for high handicappers and beginners who lose a lot of balls and need a cost-effective solution.


Most popular golf balls only offer limited color options. Manufacturers may offer a yellow range if they are bold. Callaway engineers were creative and created the Supersoft range of golf balls in six colors to suit all players.

Traditionalists can choose to keep their classic tour white, but fashionable golfers have many options. Choose from green, orange or red, pink, or even yellow. This is ideal for those with visual impairments.

What I dislike about the Callaway Supersoft

Limited Spin-On Approach Shots

The Supersoft is a real threat to approach shots, according to my experience. The ball’s speed and spin combination is excellent for distance. However, it rolls too much, making it difficult to get through tight greens.

Reduced Greenside Spin

The Supersoft is a sponge that feels great on chip shots and putts. However, it does not provide significant spin around greens. This is due to the low spin ionomer protection, which restricts revolutions per hour for longer game lengths.

Overall Rating and Thoughts

My Callaway Supersoft golf balls review found that they offer the best value for high-handicapped golfers who have a slower swing speed. The 38 compression rating makes the ball aggressively spring off of the clubface on contact, which results in explosive ball speed.

The Hybrid cover increases the ball pace and reduces spin on long game shots. This allows for optimal distance. Hex Aerodynamics reduces drag and increases launch and flight for longer carry distances.

They are half the price of premium products, which will make it easier to lose golf balls.

They are the perfect golf ball for high handicappers who require consistency, forgiveness, and long-lasting, consistent golf balls. If you are a high handicapper and have a slow swing speed, I recommend testing the balls. Callaway Supersoft golf balls.

If you are a beginner golfer and struggle to hit the ball, you might want to consider other options. The following are some alternatives: Callaway Supersoft MaxIt is easier to hit a golf ball.

Overall Rating: 89/100

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Supersoft is a long-standing favorite golf ball. The new Hybrid Cover’s multi-material construction offers an exceptional combination of fast ball speeds, high launch, low spin, soft feel, and excellent greenside controls.

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