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Battle Royale Golf Review

Battle Royale Golf Review

It is important to practice your short game if you want to shoot lower scores. But most golfers don’t enjoy it as much as full swing practice and would rather hit the driving range instead. 

However, there is a new golf gadget that not only makes it fun but something you can practice at home. 

Battle Royal Golf will change the way you practice short game. In this review we’ll see what’s included, how to play, and other commonly asked questions. 

Battle Royale Golf Review 

Battle Royale – What is it?

It’s a multiplayer game where you chip golf balls onto a large, sticky mat. It’s a “chipping elimination game” that will put your short game under pressure even if you can’t make it to the golf course. 

Battle Royale can be used to entertain guests or to play alone. 

Key Takeaways 

  • This device is designed to help with golf’s most important part, the chipping.
  • Battle Royale Golf can be played at home or while on vacation.
  • Golfers and non-golfers alike will enjoy this game as it’s fun, easy to use, and has different difficulty levels. 

Continue reading to learn why we love the fun training aid/golf-game and how you can improve your scores too. 

What’s Included

Here’s what’s included in the Battle Royale set: 

  • Giant sticky mat for target. This is a 4×6 foot playing surface with different scoring areas depending where the ball lands. It has a similar scoring system to cornhole, ranging from -3 to -10. 
  • Chipping turf Whether you’re playing this game in the backyard, the beach, or a parking lot (or literally anywhere), you don’t need grass. The small chipping turf allows you to play anywhere without damaging your lawn. 
  • 16 Sticky Golf Balls These aren’t like normal golf balls and instead modified balls that are designed to stick to the mat. The golf balls come in four sets of four different colors so that multiple players can play the game.
  • Carry bag and ball bags This game is easy to transport to any location with their two carry bags. 

Giant Sticky Target Mat

This game is played on a giant sticky mat with different areas corresponding to different points. 

  • Fairway = +1 – +4 depending on where the ball sticks.
  • If you miss your fairway, the rough is worth -1 point.
  • Water Hazard = -3 points for finding the hazard. 
  • If you find the beach, you get -2 points. 

High-Quality golf balls

The golf balls are also premium, and not the generic wiffleballs used by competitors. They said on their site: “It’s no fun hitting foam or wiffle balls so we made sure that our sticky battle balls are still 30% the weight of a golf ball and fly like a real chip shot. Each ball is custom-made to feel substantial off your club face, but still light enough to not smash a window.”

After using them several times already I can say they’re better than most practice golf balls. It’s very realistic and a good way to work on your short game without leaving home. 

Battle Royale Golf Review

5 Game Modes

Sort of like TopGolf, there is no one way to enjoy this family friendly game. Instructions are included in the package to play five different game modes. 

Battle Royale’s website says: “With 5 extremely high-action ways to play, from the moment you lay Battle Royale Golf down, it becomes the centerpiece of your event and golfers won’t be able to leave it alone. Non-golfers find it impossible to ignore, and it gives them a fun introduction to our beloved game of golf.”

This is a fun alternative to the usual backyard games for golfers as well as non-golfers. 

Carry Bags 

Lastly, this training aid is great because it’s easy to transport to different locations with ease. Simply fold up the mat and take it to your friend’s house, backyard BBQ, or even the beach in the carry bag with handles. There is a ball bag that you can use to keep your golf balls. 

Optional: 16 Extra Balls

If you are planning to have four additional golfers, make sure that you add 16 extra balls. 

Battle Royale Golf Review

FAQs about Battle Royale Golf 

Do you still have questions about this backyard game of chipping? Keep reading to learn more about the most frequently-asked questions and answers.

How many golfers can play this game simultaneously?

As there are 16 included balls (four different colors), you can play with up to four players. Add the 16 extra balls to your order if you want to play even more players. 

Returns are allowed?

Battle Royale does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. As long as your device isn’t damaged you can return it within 30-days along with proof of your shipment. 

My Experience

It is a great game to play in the backyard. It reminds of TopGolf in that golfers and those who don’t play golf can both enjoy it. If you’re playing with avid golfers you can make the game more difficult by moving your chipping mat farther away.

The five different game modes let you mix and match to your liking. Not to mention it’s easy to take with you thanks to the ball and carry bags. 

Final Thoughts 

This is the perfect device for every golf enthusiast this summer. 

Since you can take it anywhere, you’ll never have to worry about not playing golf (even on vacation). You can use it in the backyard, the living room, the beach or even the pool. 

The golf balls used in these games are of a much higher quality. This is not only a fun game, but also a great way to improve your short-game. 

Click here to learn now. 

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