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Birdie Ball Putting Green Review

Birdie Ball Putting Green Review

A home putting green can transform your game.

After writing about the best indoor greens, I bought one and have been loving it ever since. It’s so convenient to try out new putting techniques/grips at home and practice while watching TV (especially when golf is on).

Even if you can’t make it to the golf course as often as you’d like, a putting green can save the day. Never forget that almost 30% of all shots during a round are on or around the green. You will play better golf if you are a better putter.

After writing about a new training tool from BirdieBall I discovered about their putting greens. They seemed too good to be true so I bought one (because let’s get real, two putting greens is better than one).

So, is BirdieBall putting green worth it?

In short, yes I think it’s 100% worth it.

They were flawless throughout the entire process and the green is stunning. Plus, it produces a true roll just like you’re on a real green from the comfort of home. Keep reading to learn why it’s such a game changer and what to know before you buy.

BirdieBall Putting Green Review

Not all putting greens are the same, just like most home training tools. This is very clear in the putting green world as some are basically cheap pieces of carpet while others are so good they make it feel like you’re at the golf course.

As you’ll read, there are a ton of differences between this green and other big competitors. The material is what really differentiates greens.

What is it made of that gives the BirdieBall such a great roll?

Putting green material

BirdieBall greens, which are foam, are not your typical carpet/mat design.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize this when I ordered it and was a little skeptical at first when I took it out of the box. Instead of carpet or felt, it’s actually made of a custom foam.

Here’s how the company describes it on their website,

“At BirdieBall, we believe that having a true-rolling green is everything. Understanding how a natural green works is the first step. Natural putting green surfaces are composed of short, flexible, randomly distributed nubs that allow the ball support on the sub-base.

The speed of the putt is controlled by the mown grass nubs. BirdieBall indoor putting greens are engineered in the exact same way, using a dense and spongy foam material.”

My doubts vanished as soon as I began to put it on. Despite the foam design of the putts, they rolled well and the greens were fast!

What’s cool about the green is that depending on the direction you putt, the speed changes. One direction is in the grain, which is slower, and the other is down grain, which is faster. This is something I’ve never seen in a putting green and one of the many ways it separates itself from competitors.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

BirdieBall has an indoor and outdoor model, unlike other competitors. Although there are more options and customizations for indoor greens, there are still many outdoor options. It’s nice that they offer both as most companies only specialize in one or the other.

Classic Depth vs. Double Depth

These greens also offer a choice of classic depth or double-depth. Both are great and allow your ball to reach the hole. However the double depth is closer in comparison to the classic design.

The classic design is ½ thick, lightweight, and stores easily. The double depth is 1 inch thicker and offers a more robust design.

The classic design I chose for my putting green worked great. It’s so impressive to have a green that allows the ball to go into the hole Without it being raised up (like you’re playing mini-golf).

If you decide on the double depth, just make sure you don’t plan to roll it up and store it. Since it’s significantly deeper than the classic design, it takes longer to flatten out and be ready to putt. You don’t want to roll this up frequently or it can damage the mat and affect performance.

Birdie Ball Putting Green Hole

Green speed

The speed of these putting greens is my favorite feature.

You can choose from three speeds depending on which courses you are most familiar with. This allows you to practice at the same pace at home so you can seamlessly transition to the course.

These are the three options available:

  • Slow: This is a 9-10 on stimpmeter. This speed level is closely linked to municipal or public golf courses.
  • MediumThis is a 10-11 on my stimpmeter. I picked this speed and have to say it’s fast and can’t imagine the faster option.
  • FastThis model is between 11-13 points on the stimpmeter. I wouldn’t recommend this option for most golfers because the medium version is fast and this model likely doesn’t replicate many golf courses. Unless you’re someone who gets to play exclusive clubs with superfast greens, this will likely be too fast.

Custom Putting Greens vs. Pre-Built Packages

Another advantage is the possibility to build your own putting greens, or choose from pre-built packages. Unlike other competitors, they don’t offer one cookie cutter design.

A custom green is a better option than the many pre-made packages. I chose the custom route as I wanted to customize a few things and didn’t need quite as large of a mat. It’s easy to use their website and you can customize it 100%.

These are the options for those who choose to go the custom route.

Dimensions of the Putting Green

You can design your green to suit your space better than other manufacturers. Choose the width (2, 3, 4, or 8 feet) as well as the length (8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 16 or 18 feet).

That’s right, they offer a putting green that is nearly 20 feet long! These putting greens are ideal for offices, industrial spaces, and large living spaces.


Select the size of your green and then choose your speed. Slow, medium, and fast. You can then choose the flags or cups. Depending on the size of your choice, you may have 1-6 holes already installed. You also have the option to choose where the flags or holes are placed on your green.

You can also select zero to receive a hole cutter. In this case, you can choose where the hole will go on the green. You can customize everything!

Also, because of the way they’re designed, one side of the green will be slightly faster than the other. Their website will inform you which side of the green will be faster or slower depending on which hole you choose.

You can also choose bumpers. All putting greens have end bumpers. You can also add U bumpers + side/end buffers for a small cost. These prevent your golf balls from bouncing off the green and help to keep them on the surface.

You can also add custom flag pin logos and a putting surface logo. This type of customization is unmatched.

Birdie Ball Putting Green Slope

Additional Add-Ons

Accessories are something you should not forget before ordering your custom putting-green. There are many accessories that will complement your green perfectly. There are many options to choose from, such as:

  • Classic stance matThis is a small, flexible mat that provides space for your feet.
  • Storage bag: The classic depth greens are also easy to store. Buy one of their storage bags to keep your green safe and out of the way when you’re not rolling putts.
  • Contour shims: This might be the best accessory and again, something that isn’t offered by many competitors. These contour shins make it possible to reduce the hole size and give more breaks. That’s right, instead of practicing straight putts all day long (because it’s not that often we get them on the course), you can practice breaks. You can practice right-to-left and left-to right putts with the shins that slide under the green.
  • Brush your teeth regularlyThe maintenance brush is the last accessory. It will keep your green looking new. It’s branded with the BirdieBall logo and makes it easy to clear your green and keep it rolling true.

Pre-Built Packages

Don’t want to build your own? Choose one of the most popular models instead. There are a variety of standard putting greens as well as ones that are more for entertainment.

Here are some pre-built options.

  • Ultra Durable Outdoor Putting Green: Choose the length (8-18 feet) and 3’4” wide or 6’7” wide. This one is great for entertaining outside or enjoying the weather.
  • PuttUpThis mat has a slight incline, return ramp, and several holes.
  • BirdiePongThis is a great training aid if you enjoy having your golf buddies over to have a few drinks. It combines beerpong with putting for the ultimate game of golf.
  • Shuffleputt: This putting game combines the best of shuffleboard and golf into one simple, fun game.


Prices will vary depending on the design, size, and add-ons. While they are more expensive than others, they’re also a higher quality product and offer total customization.

FAQs about BirdieBall Greens

Have more questions about the latest BirdieBall product. You can find out more information in our FAQ.

What’s included in the package?

It’s a lot! Here’s what you’ll get when you open your BirdieBall package:

  • Cups and flags for the holesDepending on whether your package is custom-built or pre-built, you’ll get three holes free. You also get an extra high back cup. All holes come with a hole plug.
  • Rubber bumpers at both ends You can purchase extra bumpers to protect the entire green.
  • Hole deepening shim. This will make any hole a full inch deep and make it feel even more like you’re on the golf course.
  • Accessories. All putting greens come with the above features, but you can also buy additional add-ons.

Can you use BirdieBall putting Green on Carpet?

Yes, I put my green all over my carpet and it rolls perfectly.

My old indoor putting mat needs to be used on hardwood floors so it’s in my hallway and not very convenient. But this putting green doesn’t need a firm surface to still roll fast.

Why does foam replace turf or carpet?

BirdieBall claims that “Simply put, we use foam because it’s the only material we have found that mimics the spongy feel and true roll of a natural putting surface. You should practice on a surface that closely resembles natural putting surfaces. Accurate feedback is essential when it comes to putting practice.”

Are these greens durable

The company claims that they can last several years if given proper care and maintenance. Things like pets, sunlight, and other factors will ultimately affect their longevity but based on my initial few weeks, I think it’s a high quality product.

Can you stand on a BirdieBall green?

Yes, you are allowed to stand on the putting course. As long as you have socks, bare feet, or normal athletic shoes you’re good to go. Just don’t wear golf spikes or shoes that could puncture the turf.

While footprints may be visible for a short time, they will soon disappear. For smaller mats, I suggest buying the extra mat to stand on so you don’t have to worry about footprints as you retrieve your ball from the hole.

How can you slow down the BirdieBall putting course?

By putting into the grain.

These greens look so real they have grain (the foam mimics grains). You can putt into the grain, or down grain. The putt will be slower if you put into the grain, just like on a real course.

Birdie Ball Putting Green Speed Tool

How do you clean a putt mat?

Each mat needs a different type of cleaning, depending on the material used. BirdieBall’s specific brush is the best way to clean your product.

The brush is a small add-on and knows that the product is made specifically for the company so it won’t damage your green. If you have pets, ensure that your green is regularly cleaned to prevent hair and other debris accumulating on it.

Can I chip in on this green?

No, you do not want to chip on the BirdieBall greens just like you don’t chip on a green at the course. The foam can damage – instead, opt for one of their outdoor mats to hone your short game skills.

Do they make any other golf products as well?


As I mentioned, I was first introduced to the company through writing about their core product the BirdieBall. This revolutionary training aid allows you to practice in your own backyard or outdoors.

Click here to see the complete review.

You can also purchase accessories such as targets and strike pads.

BirdieBall Putting Greens – Final Thoughts

BirdieBall impressed me from start to finish and couldn’t recommend these greens anymore. I ordered my accessories and putting green, and it arrived at my home within a few days.

They gave me instructions and I was ready to put it on in no time. I didn’t have to wait for it to take shape or weigh it down like other putting greens.

This green is unique because it can be customized to your exact specifications and rolls true. It can be built to your exact specifications and rolls exactly like a normal course.

This is a great investment for your golf game and will help you to shoot lower scores with practice. Learn more at the Birdie Ball website.