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Callaway Apex TCB Irons Review

Callaway Apex Irons Review

Do you want the same set that John Rahm used in winning the 2021 US Open at Torrey Pines with the same set? Even if you aren’t the number one player in the world? 

Well, you’re in luck because they are one of Callaway’s most well received irons. The TCB irons are a player’s set of golf clubs that have gotten a lot of attention lately as Callaway continues to expand their product line. 

So why would one of the greatest ball strikers in the globe choose these clubs?

John Rahm, their website’s founder, said it: “The way the club moves through the turf, along with launch and forgiveness, gives me confidence over the ball. That’s why I play these irons.”

Callaway has always catered to middle-level golfers and placed more emphasis on their driver selection in the past. Callaway has been able to provide more iron sets for lower handicappers, and the TCB is a great example. They were named to the 2022 Golf Digest Gold Hot List. This was a huge success and was praised by players from all over.

If you’re ready to hit more greens and have more confidence in your iron game, keep reading to learn about the new TCB irons.

Callaway Apex TCB Irons Review 

Callaway has been using the Apex irons for a long time. The TCB is a recently upgraded version. They were only available on Tour, but now they are available to everyone.

These are not like the Apex 2016 series and 2019 series. They are made for low handicap golfers. While they aren’t a blade design, they’re definitely more compact than the normal Apex or Apex Pro. 

Who are the TCB irons used for?

Callaway says that these clubs are meant for. “Tour pros to low single digit players who want shot making control in a classic, compact look and spec package.” 

Here’s what makes these clubs such a great choice if you’re the right type of player. 

Tour-Cavity Design

While the iron set is certainly not for your average golfer, they aren’t blade either. They have a “Tour Inspired” cavity back with a compact look. The simple design of the club is reflected in the two screws at the sides of Callaway’s logo on the back. It looks clean from all angles. 

I think that the best way to describe them is compact. They’re small enough to know you can shape shots and control trajectory but large enough to not be scared of missing the center of the face. 

They are also slimming at the top, which makes them look great in address position. These irons are thinner than those of the Apex Pro and X Forged CB, but not as thin as the Apex MB irons. The Apex MB’s are true blades and not recommended for the everyday player (or most players for that matter).

These irons look great in the address position. I also fell in love with their sound. These irons have a wonderful sound at impact, thanks to their 1025-mild carbon steel body. 

Outstanding Ball Flight and Control

The sound is amazing, but the ball flight is just as impressive. Tungsten weighting has allowed them to move the CG of each iron, which helps with shot-making and proper flight throughout the set. 

The Tungsten outside helps to dial in each iron’s swing weight and keeps the CG centered. The result is a powerful ball flight that minimizes spin, but still lands soft. 

The face also offers “Tour Tuned” face places for extra distance that you don’t find in the MB models. This helps improve off center hits and maximize distance even if you don’t hit it on the screws. 

Perfectly Tuned Loft & Lie

Callaway offers many different iron sets. However, the loft between each set is quite different. The loft of the TCB irons is 23 degrees for the 4-iron loft, 34 degrees for the 7-iron, and 46 degrees respectively for the pitching wedge.

Since they are a player’s set, the lofts are weaker as they know the typical player isn’t seeking distance as much as control. The lie is also minimally offset, and less offset that the X-Forged CB Irons. 

Callaway Apex Irons Stock Shaft

Stock Shafts of High Quality 

The impressive selection of stock-steel shafts that come with all new irons sets is another benefit. The Apex TCB irons allow you to choose from four options, depending on your swing style and desired ball flight. The shaft plays an important role in helping you improve consistency, ball striking, and accuracy so make sure to do your research and find the best for you. 

Stock Steel Shaft Options

Here are the four steel shafts available from Callaway. 

  • KBS Tour Steel – This is KBS’s signature shaft that is ideal for shot shaping with its extreme versatility and mid-trajectory launch angle. 
  • True Temper AMT Red – This is True Temper’s lightweight option that is all about helping improve launch as it’s their highest trajectory shaft. It’s a great shaft if you need help with higher launch but it does also elevate spin rates as well. 
  • Nippon NS Pro 950GH NEO –  This is an ultra lightweight shaft too and a great alternative if you’re on the fence about selecting graphite or steel. 
  • Project X IO – The Project X IO shafts are steel but they almost look like graphite with their sleek, all gray design. These shafts are moderate tempo, medium spin, medium trajectory. These are the ones that I chose at 115 grams (X Flex) because they offered me a better landing angle compared to the Elevate115 shafts on my 2019 Apex Pro irons.  

Graphite Shaft Options

Surprisingly, they offer graphite shafts along with the TCB Irons. The graphite shafts, while not as expensive as the steel shaft options, are a premium option. There are five graphite shaft choices if you prefer a lighter design. 

  • KBS Max 55 
  • Project X Catalyst100 
  • UST Mamiya Recoil ESX 
  • Mitsubishi Chemical MMT 
  • Aerotech Steel Fiber FC115 

FAQs about Callaway Apex TCB Irons 

Are you still unsure about the Apex TCB? We have answers to your questions in our FAQ section.

What does TCB stand to in Callaway

Good question… the TCB stands for Tour Cavity Back. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be on the Tour to enjoy these awesome irons though. The design is flexible enough, but it focuses more on playability than anything else.  

Are you Callaway Apex ironsHigh handicappers:

Callaway has a great selection of irons. Each is designed to suit a specific type of player. Consistent ball strikers can choose from Apex Pro, TCB or X-Forged irons.

For those who desire more forgiveness and distance, you might consider the Rogue Pro ST, Apex and Rogue Pro ST.

Do they make the TCB Irons in a combo?

Callaway does offer these irons as a combination set. 

Unlike other sets such as the Apex Mixed Combo Set, the TCB irons can only be purchased on their own. You can choose from 3-AW or customize them based on how many irons you need. 

Are there any PGA Players who use it? Callaway Apex irons?

Yes, quite a number of PGA Tour players use their Apex Irons, including John Rahm, top-ranked player who used them during the 2021 US Open win. They are also used by Xander Schauffele. They’re quite popular due to their design and versatility. 

Alternates to Apex Pro Irons 

Are you unsure if TCB irons would be a good fit for your game? Callaway offers many other options in their impressive product range. 

Callaway X-Forged irons 

The X-Forged are very similar to the TCB. However, they are slightly more forgiving as well as a little more offset. They have a thicker topline but are still considered a player’s set. Callaway said that they are made for. “Tour pros to low single digit players who need consistency, control, and amazing feel in a forged cavity back design.” 

They also offer XForged UT irons (utility Irons) These irons are more flexible than most long irons, and are a great addition for anyone who has trouble with 3-5 irons.

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons 

The Rogue ST Pros offer more forgiveness than the TCB and X-Forged irons. The sleek design of this iron set is similar the Apex Pro. These iron sets are made for players with mid-low handicaps, despite not having much cavity and looking more like blades.

They have a compact body and a hollow construction, making them ideal for shot shaping. The AI-designed Flash Face Cup technology helps to increase ball speed. 

They also have a new tungsten weighting, which is a major upgrade to previous Mavrik irons. They actually have 188% more high density tungsten which improves launch and speeds. 

They don’t have quite as many shaft options (two graphite, one steel) but still solid choices. This iron set is available as a 3 iron through gap wedge, (AW). 

Final Thoughts about Apex TCB Irons 

If you want a compact iron set for maximum playability, you can’t go wrong with the Apex TCB irons. They’re a great looking set of irons thanks to the thin topline and aren’t too much of a blade that an amateur can’t enjoy. 

While they’re definitely not irons for a higher handicap golfer or even the right irons for mid handicaps, they’re a great fit if you have a consistent swing. Make sure you research all the shaft options to find one that best suits your spin rates, launch angles, and launch angle.

These are Callaway’s best set of irons for a while and it’s easy to see how they made the Golf Digest Gold Hot List. These might be the right set of irons for you to improve your approach shots.