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Dial it In: How Far Should You Hit your Wedges

How Far Should you Hit your Wedges

For those who’re like quite a lot of golfers I’m positive you’ve requested, “How far do you have to hit your wedges?

It’s a very good query as a result of wedges are the scoring golf equipment in your bag. Whereas distance is an enormous deal off the tee, it’s not one thing you must give attention to as a lot with wedges.

As an alternative, it’s about having the suitable wedges to make sure there aren’t any huge gaps between golf equipment. It will make it simpler to swing with confidence and never lose photographs inside 125 yards. 

How Far Ought to You Hit Your Wedges? 

Golf is changing into increasingly more a sport about distance. Whereas golf exercises and velocity coaching are nice concepts, you shouldn’t take into consideration distance as a lot with wedges.

As an alternative, take into consideration management. 

For those who watch the most effective golfers on the planet – particularly guys like Justin Thomas and Tiger Woods – they epitomize this idea. They not often make laborious wedge swings however as a substitute, give attention to a clean, managed swing.

That is how they management the golf ball flight, spin, and distance not like most novice golfers.

Key Takeaways 

  • Figuring out your wedges distances is likely one of the quickest methods to shoot decrease scores. 
  • Utilizing a launch monitor may help you dial in your distances for extra confidence on the golf course.
  • Elite golfers don’t give attention to wedge distances however as a substitute, give attention to distance management with a clean swing. 

Hold studying to study extra about how far you must hit wedges and extra wedge ideas under.

Management Over Distance 

So why do the most effective gamers on the planet not stroll round touting how far they hit their wedges? As a result of they know that wedges are about management, not energy with shorter photographs.

When professional golfers hit laborious wedges they generate quite a lot of backspin. Whereas amateurs need spin, professionals wish to keep away from it as a result of they’ve a lot velocity (which equals spin) that it’s almost inconceivable to manage.

Execs as a substitute attempt to hit clean, managed wedges that hit on the inexperienced and cease shortly. Hardly ever have they got the ball to zip backward as soon as it hits the inexperienced because it’s very laborious to gauge. 

For those who’ve ever performed in moist, winter situations chances are high what I’m speaking about. There’s nothing worse than seeing an awesome wedge shot hit the inexperienced near the outlet, solely to spin again 10+ toes (and typically is off the inexperienced).

By taking a lower than full swing it’s simpler to hit extra of a knockdown shot with much less spin. It’s additionally the next proportion shot for on a regular basis golfers because it requires much less effort. To not point out a shorter, extra managed swing. 

Study Your Wedge Carry Distances (Golf Wedge Distance Chart)

The important thing to mastering your wedge sport is studying your distances with the assistance of a private launch monitor. That is very important to making the most of photographs inside 125 yards and making certain that you simply don’t have any large gaps between wedges.

With every wedge in your bag, hit 10-15 photographs with a launch monitor. Common out the nice photographs and throw out the unhealthy ones to create a full swing distance for every membership. Log these as a be aware in your telephone or a notecard to place in your golf bag. 

How to Practice with a Launch Monitor

Then, use a launch monitor to search out out your knockdown distances. Merely choke up on the membership about an inch with a narrower stance to dial on this distance. 

It will can help you have a full swing distance and a knockdown distance. Which ought to assist you’ve got a membership for almost each distance you’ll face on the golf course.

Here’s a take a look at my golf wedges distance chart:

  • Pitching Wedge: 135 yards full swing / 125 yards knockdown
  • Hole Wedge: 125 yards full swing / 115 yards knockdown 
  • Sand Wedge: 115 yards full swing / 105 yards knockdown
  • Lob wedge: 90 yards full swing / 80 yards knockdown 

Common Distance With a Wedge

Listed below are some common comparisons that can assist you examine common wedge distances for amateurs:

  • Lob wedge: 50-90 yards
  • Sand wedge: 60-110 yards
  • Hole wedge: 70-120 yards
  • Pitching wedge: 80-130 yards

As you may see these are all kinds within the above golf wedge distances for a median participant. As a result of no golfers are the identical – nor do they carry the identical wedges – as every wedge has a distinct loft, shaft, clubhead, and so forth. 

Don’t examine your sport to anybody else.

As an alternative, calculate your distances with every membership within the bag and have two distances together with your wedges to get rid of gaps. Having your personal wedge distance chart will do wonders to your sport.

Understanding Every Sort of Golf Wedge 

There are 4 varieties of wedges to contemplate placing in your golf bag. Let’s evaluate them to see how every one may help your sport on full photographs and across the inexperienced.

Pitching Wedge

A pitching wedge comes commonplace with each set of irons and ranges between 42-48 levels of loft. Elite ball strikers would possibly substitute a regular PW with an aftermarket wedge like a Titleist Vokey as a substitute. This offers them extra workability for full swing photographs.

On a regular basis golfers probably received’t want to exchange a pitching wedge although. Utilizing a PW that’s the identical as the remainder of your irons will assist with forgiveness and never having an enormous hole together with your 9-iron. Plus, the shaft will match your irons as effectively.

Pitching wedges are sometimes used extra for full photographs however can be utilized across the greens too. Plenty of gamers like to make use of this wedge for a bump and run sort shot because it’s simpler to hit than a sand wedge. 

Hole Wedge

A spot wedge is changing into extra commonplace with iron units however not all the time. A GW has 48-53 levels of loft and is used for a wide range of full swing and brief sport photographs. 

I believe it’s useful to play a niche wedge that matches your PW and the remainder of your irons. It will often make it extra forgiving and house the lofts completely with the remainder of your golf equipment. 

Nonetheless, you may all the time select a customized wedge that matches your SW and LW. This would possibly embody the Callaway Jaws, Titleist Vokey, or one other model. 

Hole wedges “fill the hole” between your SW and PW. They’re nice golf equipment to make use of for lengthy bunker photographs, chipping across the inexperienced, and extra. 

Sand Wedge 

A sand wedge not often comes with an iron set however some producers can help you add them on. These golf equipment are sometimes 54-57 levels of loft and nice for all sorts of full swing and brief sport photographs. You should use them for lots extra than simply out of the sand and it’s not unusual for this to be the best loft membership within the bag. 

Unsure what’s the proper loft? Take a look at 54 or 56 loft right here.

What Loft is a Sand Wedge

Lob Wedge 

The ultimate wedge that you simply would possibly think about is the lob wedge which not often comes with an iron set.

Lob wedges have probably the most loft – 58-64 levels and are used largely across the inexperienced. It’s a difficult membership to hit “laborious” due to the design however nice for bunker photographs, flop photographs, and 50-75 yard photographs.

Three or 4 Golf Wedges? 

Probably the most vital inquiries to ask your self is, “Ought to I carry three or 4 wedges?” 

It’s an awesome query as a result of wedges are the simplest golf equipment to hit nearer to the pin to have extra birdie putts. There’s no “proper” reply – it’s about discovering the suitable set make-up in your sport.

However usually, I believe mid to excessive handicappers ought to carry three wedges.

This permits them to have extra fairway woods, hybrids, and/or driving irons for longer, more difficult photographs. Since they don’t have as many wedge photographs as low handicaps, having an additional lengthy membership may help a ton.

For decrease handicaps and scratch golfers I believe it’s useful to have 4 wedges.

In case you have a constant swing and hit it lengthy off the tee, you’re going to have extra wedges into greens. Having an additional wedge will make it simpler to trust on these photographs and never have as many “in between” membership photographs.

No matter if in case you have three or 4 wedges, be certain that to house them out when it comes to loft. For instance, if you happen to carry three wedges and your pitching wedge is 46 levels, it’s finest to have a 52 and 58 diploma wedge. Or, if in case you have 4 wedges and your PW is 45 levels, it’s finest to have a 50, 55, and 60 diploma wedge.

Don’t neglect that wedge lofts fluctuate amongst completely different golf golf equipment. They was extra standardized however they fluctuate so be certain that to substantiate the specs on-line.

Having equal distances between every wedge makes it simpler to trust on any sort of shot on the golf course. Additionally, don’t neglect to examine your lie angles to make them the identical as your irons (and even flatter) as most clubfitters suggest. 

FAQs About Wedge Distances

Do you’ve got extra questions on wedges? In that case, preserve scrolling by means of probably the most ceaselessly requested questions under. 

How far are you able to hit a 60-degree wedge?

Skilled golfers can hit wedges a lot additional than the common golfer. It is because their swing is quicker (when it comes to swing velocity) and in addition extra essentially sound which minimizes huge mishits. 

The common male golfer hits a 60-degree roughly 60–80 yards. Whereas professionals can hit their lob wedges as much as 120 yards.

How do you hit a wedge 50 to 75 yards?

The 50-75 yard wedge is a troublesome shot as a result of it’s a half wedge swing… sometimes with a LW. It’s straightforward to decelerate and hit quite a lot of fats photographs. Take a look at this information to hit 50-75 yard photographs. 

How far does Tiger Woods hit a pitching wedge?

Tiger Woods is a grasp of distance management and will in all probability hit a PW 70 yards or 170 yards if he wished too. I as soon as heard him in an interview saying that fellow gamers ought to by no means look in his bag to see what membership he’s hitting. The reason being that he has so many varieties of photographs with each membership, they’ll by no means know what shot he’s taking part in. 

He can hit a 7-iron 140 or 150 yards if he wants, or hit it almost 200 yards. The purpose is Tiger is the final word shot maker however with wedges he prioritizes management over distance. 

What Degree is a Pitching Wedge

Why is a 60-degree wedge laborious to hit?

When in comparison with different wedges, sure, a 60-degree is usually the toughest to hit. Whereas it’s simpler from brief vary across the inexperienced, some golfers will wrestle with full swings.

The reason being that the design of the membership isn’t very forgiving. It’s straightforward to get the ball to “journey up the face” and hit fats photographs. This occurs much more if you attempt to hit a wedge too laborious.

What’s a 52-degree wedge known as?

A 52-degree wedge is known as a niche wedge. Different names embody UW (utility wedge) or AW (assault or method wedge). 

Hole wedges vary in loft from 50 to 53 levels, relying on the make/mannequin. These wedges will go barely longer than a sand wedge (54–57 levels) however shorter than a pitching wedge.

It’s meant to “fill the gap hole” in your bag between a PW and SW. 

My Expertise with a Golf Wedge Distance Chart

Your wedges are the scoring golf equipment in your bag. One of many greatest errors I made earlier in my golf journey was attempting to hit wedges too laborious – which results in quite a lot of fats photographs. Now, I not often hit a wedge at greater than 85-90% effort.


As a result of swinging laborious with a wedge can result in mishits… even if you happen to’re a constant golfer. As an alternative of swinging laborious on full wedge photographs I give attention to swinging clean and taking extra membership. I’d favor to hit a knockdown shot vs. a tough wedge any day of the week.

game improvement wedges

For those who watch elite gamers on the PGA Tour you’ll discover they’ve superb tempo and stability with wedges. They aren’t attempting to lash at it like they do with their driver. 

Cease hitting wedges at 100% effort and watch your common proximity enhance. Make wedge play your robust half for higher method photographs and simpler birdie putts.

Last Ideas on Golf Wedge Distances

To achieve your golf potential it’s important to know the distances with all of your golf equipment. However your wedges are much more vital as these are your “scoring” golf equipment. These are golf equipment that ought to can help you enhance proximity and hopefully have simpler birdie putts – which is why you want a golf wedge distances chart.

Begin by getting the suitable wedges in your sport – whether or not that’s three of 4 golf equipment. Then use a launch monitor to get the distances for every membership. After you get a full swing precise distance, create a partial shot “knockdown” distance too. 

Figuring out your distances will result in extra confidence on the course and an enormous enchancment in your golf sport (and hopefully decrease scores). Additionally, try the most effective wedges for top handicappers right here.