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How Much You Can Expect to Pay for a Good Set of Golf Clubs

How Much You Can Expect to Pay for a Good Set of Golf Clubs

Comparable to team sports such a BasketballGolf is more expensive than soccer. An adroit buying strategy can help find the right set of clubs for you. This article will explain what you can expect to spend on a good set.

Your personal preferences and skill level will influence your decisions. But ultimately, it comes down to your budget. A guide has been created that will give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on a set of clubs depending on your needs.


How Much Does A Good Set of Golf Clubs Price?

Beginners (New or Used)

You will need to start from scratch if you are a beginner. It is easiest to buy a complete set. This saves you the time and effort of searching for each club individually. However, there are downsides. You may not like the stock shafts or lofts included in complete golf club sets.

A full set also includes a limited selection golf clubs. The bag usually has a titanium driver at the top, followed by a 3-wood. A few packages include a 5-wood, however it is more common to find a 4- or 5-hybrid.

The cost of a complete golf club set varies. It all depends on what the bag is made of and what brand it is. A new bag might be an example. Callaway StrataA 12-piece set costs $370, while a 16-piece edition costs $580.

A second-hand set of golf clubs can cost anywhere from $250 to $600. It all depends on the condition of the golf club, the brand and the number of pieces included in the set.

Mid Handicapper (New vs Used)

Intermediate golfers should have a complete club set. You can change your equipment at different stages. For example, you might start with a brand new set of irons. Next, add wedges, woods and a putter.

The overall cost of buying clubs individually can be higher. This allows you to select the best specifications for your golf swing.

Let me first break down the cost for a new set of golf clubs, before we get into the pre-owned options. A new golf driver.

A brand new driver is available for mid-handicap players and costs between $350 and $600. A fairway wood costs $180 to $280 per piece. A hybrid costs $150 to $300 per item, while a set irons costs between $380 and $1000.

A beginner’s guide to pitching, sand or lob wedge costs $80 to $230 depending on the brand and its quality. A new putter can cost anywhere from $100 to $250. A set will typically cost between $1300 and $2000 for an intermediate golfer.

The table below, however, shows the breakdown of the costs for each type club. Contrary to a brand new set, a preowned collection costs between $680 and $1500

Club Price (New). Price (Pre-owned).
Driver $350 – $600 $80 – $300
Fairway Wood $180 – $280 $70 – $250
Hybrids $150 – $300 $50 – $250
Iron Set $380 – $1000 $360 – $760
Wedges $80 – $230 $30 – $180
Putter $100 – $250 $90 – $200


Advanced (New vs. Used)

A hybrid club, driver, or fairway wood costs the same as an intermediate one. The irons are where the prices vary. The forged design and soft feel are preferred by top golfers. These irons allow for maximum workability and spin to control your approach.

Because they don’t contain a cavity, blades are also called muscle back irons. They offer less forgiveness than game improvements irons because they have a lower sweet spot. These irons are made from a single piece steel and require precision workmanship.

Forged irons are also more expensive than the high-tech game improvement clubs. A set of irons will cost you between $1300 and $2000, and includes a pitching wedge and a gap.

Our chart below shows that a new set for low handicap golfers will cost between $2500 to $3500. Pre-owned clubs can be purchased for $1400 to $2700.

Club Price (New). Pre-owned price
Driver $350 – $600 $80 – $300
Fairway Wood $180 – $280 $70 – $250
Hybrids $150 – $300 $50 – $250
Iron Set $1300 – $2000 $1000 – $1500
Wedges $80 – $230 $30 – $180
Putter $150 – $300 $100 – $200


best golf clubs for beginners to intermediate

Breakdown by Club or Skill Level



The Callaway Big Bertha B21This driver is suitable for high handicap golfers looking for forgiveness and consistency off of the tee. Engineers placed the center of gravity (CG), low and forward to reduce backspin and provide a high launch ball.

The B21 driver has a draw bias profile that limits left-to-right spin for right-handers. Your driver is able to combat slice and promote straight flight of your golf ball.

An A. I designed Flash Face helps to increase ball speed across the driver’s face. This will help you increase your shot velocity for more yardage off the tee.

Callaway lists the Big Bertha B21 driver as $350, making this a mid-priced driver.


A Cobra Speedzone ExtremeThe driver includes a CNC Milled Infinity Face. It increases the active area that produces rapid ball speeds by 95%. This feature increases your coefficient for restitution (C.O.R). This results in faster ball velocity, and further distance from the tee.

Aero-Zone Speedbacks promote maximum clubhead speed while a low CG allows for high launching shots. A T-bar steel structure, made of steel, improves stability for consistent ball speed and increases the moment o inertia. This driver is able to produce distance without sacrificing forgiveness.


The new Callaway Rogue ST Max LSIt is made for top golfers who want to improve their shots and limit backspin on tee shots. Callaway was able to provide adequate workability despite a high MOI that increases forgiveness.

A.I. designed the Jailbreak Speed Frame to improve stability across the golfface and maximize ball speed. You can achieve maximum distance and consistency with all shots. An adjustable hosel allows you to adjust the loft and lie of your clubface, allowing you to launch the way that you want.


Fairway Woods

For Beginners

The TaylorMade SIM 2 MaxThis produces maximum forgiveness, high launch and a mid to low spin off the clubface. They are a great companion for high handicappers who want consistency.

Multi-material construction makes it possible to lower the CG to encourage high launching shots. A Thru-Slot Speed Pocket speeds up ball speed.

C300 Twist Face also restricts side spin to produce straighter shots. These fairway woods can be ordered in 15, 16, 5, 18, and 24 degrees of loft.


The Cobra RADSPEEDIt is an affordable fairway wooden that maximizes ball speed and forgiveness. It is a fairway wood that gives you more yards and forgiveness, which suits middle-handicap golfers.

CNC Milled Infinity Faces increase the sweet spot of fairway woods to maintain ball speed and reduce spin on all hits. This results in straight shots and good distance.


Callaway created the Epic MaxTo push the legal limits for ball speed. This is possible with A.I Velocity Blades in combination with high strength maraging Steel. Advanced players will appreciate the extra yards that Epic Max provides for their long game.

The adjustable weight system allows you to adjust the clubface. You can add weight to your fairway wood to get maximum forgiveness. For a more powerful trajectory, add weight forward to lower your launch and spin.




The F9 SpeedbackIt has low CG and baffler tech. This partnership promotes a high launch while baffler technology improves the turf interaction. Superior turf interaction allows the sole to glide quickly across the turf and strike the ball from any lie.

The hybrid’s clubhead is also larger, which improves MOI. This means that it won’t twist during your swing, keeping the clubface square at impact. This results in straight shots that are more accurate.

It can launch straight and high and will forgive you for any mishaps. This is exactly what beginners want from their hybrids.


The Taylormade SIM MaxOur list includes the range once again. It is the explosive, forgiving hybrid range.

These shafts are made for players with average swing speeds. Many mid-handicap players fall within this category.

The SIM Max V Steel Sole optimizes turf interaction and prevents the club from digging into ground during downswing. Twist Face technology encourages straighter shots and the C300 steel clubface promotes maximum ball speed.


PXG designed the 0211 HybridIt is suitable for all levels of golfers. The stiff shaft is ideal for golfers with lower handicaps who need a lower launch.

The HT1770 stainless Steel clubface generates a high ball speed over a larger area on its face for consistent yards.

Railed Sole Geometry reduces the CG and increases the MOI. Their partnership gives straight, long shots a high trajectory and square clubface at impact. The Honeycomb TPE Insert dampens vibrations to provide a smooth feel.



For Beginners

Hybrids are not every golfer’s cup of tea, but they offer exceptional forgiveness, which beginners need. My favorite is the straight, forgiving, and affordable hybrid. Powerbilt EX-550 irons.

My best friend was a Powerbilt irons user growing up. He became a scratch-golfer using Powerbilt irons. I am pointing out that there is nothing wrong in using a lesser-known brand.

The EX550 set contains a variety of hybrids, including your 4-iron and your pitching wedge. The package also includes a sand-wedge, but it is a standard wedge. Their hollow-body design allows for straight shots and precise shots thanks to its high MOI.


The 0211 irons from PXGYou will achieve a remarkable coefficient of restitution which ensures consistent ball speed for all strikes. This allows average golfer to keep their yardage regardless of whether they catch the ball in the heel, or toe.

An Angled Top Rail construction places the CG in the middle of the face to increase MOI. For straighter approach shots, your irons will be able to align with contact.


Tiger Woods and Collin Morikawa are two of the names associated with the Taylormade P770 range. TaylorMade constructed these players’ irons to feature the traditional muscle-back look with a twist.

These irons are loaded with game improvement technology that optimizes ball speed and improves feel. They offer superior golfers a level of forgiveness that doesn’t hinder your ability to shape shots.



For Beginners

Wilson Harmonized wedgesThis simple, inexpensive design can be used to improve the short game performance of high handicappers.

A versatile sole grind allows you to open the clubface to get underneath the ball and launch it high. This trajectory allows you stop the ball quickly on green and allow you to get up and down.

A durable anti-glare finish also increases comfort and reduces distractions at the address. The Harmonized collection also includes a 52-degree gap wedge and 56-degree Sand wedge. A 60-degree Lob is also included.


Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedgesYou can expect a remarkable mix of forgiveness, spin and control. There are five different grind options to suit any condition or angle of attack in golf. The head of each wedge is designed to seamlessly transition from your 9-iron or pitching wedge to your gap and sand wedge to your lob.

Groove-In–Groove Technology was used by engineers to create sharp edges that allow for high levels of spin. This improves control over the green for better chip and pitch results.

The Mack Daddy 5 Jaws wedges feature 50, 52 and 54 degrees of loft. 56, 56, 58, 58, and 60 degree loft.


The Vokey SM8 Chrome wedgesThis club range is a popular choice because it generates exceptional spin and high MOI. They provide superior greenside experience through their design that provides optimal feel and control.

Spin Milled grooves are the star of the show and maximize backspin speed to help you stop the ball quickly near the cup. Forward CG also increases MOI to ensure the clubhead remains square and stable through impact.




Wilson invented the Harmonized M5 JumboFor beginners, it provides immediate forward roll, a high MOI, an increased alignment aid, and a high MOI. These features combine to help high handicappers achieve consistent speed control and accuracy on all their putts.


The famous Odyssey White Hot OG2 Ball putterIt is a high quality construction that delivers consistent topspin and forward rolling on all strikes. The two-ball feature is a strong alignment aid that will keep you on target.


Scotty Cameron designed the Select Newport putterFor superior golfers, the blade provides exceptional feel, control, speed, and forward rolling. Traditionalists will love the classic blade design.