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How to Choose The Right Putter Length Based on Your Height

How to Choose The Right Putter Length Based on Your Height

As a shorter golfer, I’m pretty accustomed to having to order golf clubs that are the proper length for my height. Amateur players often don’t realize that their putter is not the right length.

If your putter is not the right length, it can cause problems with alignment, consistency, or overall effectiveness of your putting strokes.

We’ll be taking a deeper look at how to choose a putter length that suits your height.


Why is length important for puttering

Alignment and setup are two of the most important factors in determining the length of your putter. The proper length of your putter will allow you to get your body in the right place. You can position your hands and arms correctly once your eyes are above the golf ball.

Golfers who have difficulty aligning their hands and arms will benefit if they have their hands and arms in the right place. You can now see the line with your eyes and make your golf shot travel towards the target by keeping your eyes focused on the ball.

Golfers who have a straight-through or straight-back putting stroke will find it easier to keep their strokes consistent by keeping their eyes on the ball.


Broken down of Correct Putter Length based on Height

Consider your height to determine if you are using the correct putter length. We’ll tell you, however, that this is only one way to determine the putter length. Your stance and arm length will also play a role.

Putters can be purchased off-the-shelf in 33, 34, and 35 inch lengths. On our chart of the putter lengths sorted by height, you will see that the lengths are slightly more broken down with half-inch sizes.

This is because putters are customizable to meet any player’s needs. You must also consider the weight of the club when custom fitting a putter. This will affect the length of the putter.

Many golfers ask about the possibility of holding the putter lower in the grip. If this is possible, it may be a good idea to keep the putter length shorter. While it can be useful to keep your eyes above the ball, it can also make the stroke more restricted.

This general guide will show you how to determine the correct putter length based on the player’s height.

Player Height 

Putter Length 

Less than 5’0”


5’0” to 5’2”


5’2” to 5’4”


5’4” to 5’6”


5’6” to 5’8”


5’8” to 6’0”

6’0” to 6’2”


6’2” to 6’4”





Other factors that could affect the length of your putter

As we have already mentioned, determining the right length putter is not about your height. Other factors are also important during a fitting. Golfers should also remember that technology and technological factors do not apply to all golfers. They must find a putter that they enjoy and are comfortable with.

Your posture, arm length, and putter style are all factors that can impact your putter length.

Arm Length

Golfers with longer arms might need a shorter putter. A club that is slightly shorter may be necessary if your hands reach your waistline while you are bent over to putt. A 34-inch putter is the norm, but longer golfers might prefer a putter that is 33 inches.

With a long arm’s length, you will want to ensure that you have the room to make a pendulum-style stroke, and a shorter putter will likely help that happen. Golfers with longer arms should be cautious when using a belly putter. They also need to ensure that their grip is long enough to support their arms.


The posture of a golfer can vary greatly from one another. You can choose a style and a posture that works for you. This is one of the best things about putting. You don’t have to be consistent with your game.

If your posture keeps you closer or further from the ball, you will need to adjust your putter length. You may miss some putts if your putter has a higher toe and is not as upright.

Golfers who feel too close to their ball due to their setup can make it difficult to follow through and have difficulty with directional control. These golfers are more likely to see putts that go too far to the left.

The good news is that you can adjust your putter length so you don’t have to adjust your swing. This is true with all golf equipment. These small adjustments make it easy to maintain your natural ability while changing the gear.

Style: Putter

The style of putter you use can affect the length you need. Some larger mallet-sized putter heads can be a bit bigger, so a tall or short golfer might feel that they need to adjust their setup to get close enough to the ball.

Smaller profile blade putters don’t present as much of an issue, but this is undoubtedly a factor when you go for a putter fitting. Although some height adjustments to accommodate the style putter may only be a quarter inch or half an in, they are still important to consider.

Don’t choose a putter style based on your height. Instead, get the putter adapted to your game.


Putter Length FAQs

It may take more time and attention to find the right length putter without going to a professional fitting it. A tape measure and your current putter are essential.

To see the changes that are necessary, always compare your current putter to the one you plan to use.

What is the Standard Putter Length

The standard length of a putter is 34 inches. The majority of golf manufacturers offer 34-inch and 35-inch models of their putters. The 33 inch model can be a little more difficult to find but they are available. Although it is possible to alter the length of your putter after it has been purchased, it may be difficult or impossible without the help of a professional.

Are there putters with adjustable lengths?

Ping developed a line of putters that could be adjusted in length. Although this was a nice feature, once you know the length of the putter you need, you don’t need to adjust it all that often. It’s one thing to have an adjustable driver that allows you to adjust the loft of your club, but it’s not necessary to have putter length adjustment.

Can I adjust the length of my own putter?

Many golfers alter their own clubs by reshaping them and cutting them down. To make a putter a bit longer, you can also add extensions to its end. These inserts can be very easy to put in and are a great option for tall golfers.

Are Putter Fittings Worth It?

Fitting your putter is becoming more and more popular. These fittings help golfers to understand more about their putting stroke and why it’s vital to get the correct putter length. The fittings will reveal how often you hit center of the putter head, and what you need to do to make it happen more often.

Does Putter Length Impact Weight?

The length of the putter can impact the weight of the putter, and it’s one of the most important considerations that golfers must make when they decide to change their putter length. Every time you change your golf clubs, you should always have a lie loft and a scale. Check the putter weight to ensure you don’t struggle with distance control.

Is a custom putter necessary?

A custom putter length may be required for golfers who are shorter or taller than the average. A custom putter will ensure that the putter face is square at impact. A custom putter will allow you to have the best shot on short putts, which can quickly change your score in a round.