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Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag Review

Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag Review

Nike might not make golf clubs anymore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a ton of other great products for golfers. Nike offers a wide range of products for golfers, including clothing, hats and accessories.

One of the most popular products that they offer is the Nike Air Hybrid golf bag. It’s an all-purpose bag that is great whether you want to carry it during the round or strap it on to a cart.

Here’s why it’s such a popular item amongst golfers around the world.

Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag Review

As I’m sure you know, not all golf bags are created equal. Some have tons of storage but are so bulky and heavy, they’re nearly impossible to carry.

While others are super lightweight but don’t offer any protection for your clubs. You’ll also find that they have limited storage, making it difficult to bring food, gadgets and other items to the course.

If you’re on the fence about investing in this new bag, keep reading to learn all the benefits.

Here’s what makes this Nike golf bag such a good choice for most golfers.

Cart or Carry Bag

The Equaflex Max Air dual-strap design makes this bag a carry bag, not a cart bag. This bag is classified hybrid golf bag. The straps are padded and rest comfortably on your shoulders.

It has a unique system of straps that pass through the bag and onto the cart. This strap-through design allows the straps of the bag to easily pass under the main handle, and then secure the bag to the cart. This feature ensures your bag is always strapped adequately to the cart and won’t bounce around as much as you’re driving.

Being a carry bag first, it’s still also very lightweight (about 6.5 pounds) and won’t make you grab a push cart for the back nine.

Overall, it’s a very good-looking bag and isn’t bulky like a cart bag with a great color design.

Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag Review

Full-Length Individual Dividers

Stand bags are now using individual dividers. This bag features 14 full-length dividers so that each club can be placed in its own spot.

After using standbags that only had five dividers and multiple clubs fit into each one, this is an amazing benefit. You don’t have to worry about your clubs getting stuck at the bottom of the bag. They are easily accessible from the cart.

Plus, the full-length dividers mean they won’t touch and hit each other when driving in the cart or as much when you’re traveling. This will help to protect your clubs and prevent any dents or scratches.

Nike Golf Stand Bag - Air Hybrid, Sports, Lite - Unisex (AIR Hybrid - Black (14-Divider))

There are a lot of pockets and storage.

The bag is equipped with 14 dividers that keep each club separated. It also has a similar number of pockets. The Nike Air Hybrid has plenty of storage space thanks to its seven pockets and two beverage compartments. The insulated pocket will keep your food and drinks cold all round.

What’s great about this bag is that no space goes unused. The left pocket is big, and there are also three pockets in the middle of the bag. These are great for small valuables such as balls, tees or a tee.

Plus, on the right, there are three more pockets, including one large, full-size pocket for apparel. The large apparel pocket also provides access to the bag’s center in case anything is dropped. There is also a place to clip your towel and velcro your gloves, as well as a small pocket for Sharpies.

Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag Review

Three Color Options

Another great perk about this golf bag is that it’s available in three different color selections.

The first design is an all-white design. Everything except the stand, zippers and stand is white. While it looks awesome, I wouldn’t recommend this one if you live in colder climates with bad weather. It’s not an easy bag to keep clean in wet, muddy conditions.

Other options include the white, black and red design as well as an all-black design. All black is the opposite to all white, and is perfect for playing during winter months. While the black, white, red bag is a perfect mix of both and doesn’t have too much white that can get dirty.

Nike Air Hybrid 2, Golf Bag, Bonus Color Option

If you want a little more flare and color with your bag, you’ll want to check out the Nike Air Hybrid 2 version. The bag has all the features of the original, but it is black with neon green zippers and snow camouflage. This color scheme will make a statement when you’re on the course.

No matter which one you choose, it will look great. It will also have the same pockets and straps.

Other Features

Additionally, this bag has a water-resistant rain hood for when you’re playing golf in the elements. The hood comes in a simple, all-black design that can be easily attached to the bag. Speaking of rain, there is an umbrella holder on the outside so you don’t have to take up any pockets and can keep it on the outside of your bag.

There are only two downsides that are worth mentioning.

First, the ball pocket doesn’t zip off like some bags in case you want to get it embroidered. A lot of players like to add their name or business logo, but Nike didn’t make it easy to do this.

Additionally, there isn’t a specific pocket for your rain hood. I used to have a bag that had it built into the hip pocket which was nice as it didn’t take up extra room. The ball pocket is so large that you can fold it and store 10+ balls without even realizing.

Nike Golf Stand Bag - Air Hybrid, Sports, Lite - Unisex (AIR Hybrid - Black (14-Divider))

Will a putter grip that is oversize fit in a divider divider?

Yes, it is true that the top divider slot measures a lot larger than the other 13 slots. This is great for oversized putters and/or grips. Plus, it’s a good place to store your Alignment sticksYou can also use other training aids.

Nike Cart Bags: Do they exist?

Not at the moment. Nike currently only produces carry or hybrid golf bags.

Final Thoughts about the Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other: Nike Air HybridThis bag is very versatile, whether you ride in a cart or walk the 18 holes. It also works with a push cart.

While it’s not the cheapest golf bag available, it definitely warrants the higher price tag. With so much storage, 14 individual dividers, and good looks, it’s certain to last you a long time.

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