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Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

You must improve your putting skills if you wish to play golf more consistently and achieve lower scores. You should focus on improving your putting, especially at short range where it is most important.

A putting green at home is a great way to boost your confidence on the dancefloor. But they aren’t all created equal.

However, one product has become a hit with golfers worldwide and some big names believe in its effectiveness – the Perfect Practice Mat.

Dustin Johnson, Nick Faldo and other big names in golf trust the Perfect Putting Mat. Nick Faldo is a six-time Major Champion. “If you want to make more putts, you have to practice more or you have to practice better. The Perfect Putting Mat helps you do both.”

Needless to say, if you get a ringing endorsement from one of the greatest names in golf, you can’t beat it. Keep reading to learn what makes this putting mat unlike most other indoor greens and see if it’s right for your game.

Perfect Practice Mat Review

If you’ve visited the Left Rough before, you know we’re big fans of practice. This game requires precision, from the tee to the green. The more you practice the better you will be.

There is a lot of competition for the space indoor putting greens. Some are just glorified carpets with little effect on your putting. While others are so large and hard to assemble, they’re not worth it for a lot of players.

You can also find out more about the following: Perfect Practice MatThis is the perfect combination between simplicity and developing solid putting skills. As the company said on their website, “Most putting pads are awful. They’re bumpy and wrinkly and ugly… nothing like putting on a real green. We thought we could do better, so we worked with tour players and top golf coaches to create a putting mat that rolls pure, looks great, and has features that will immediately lower your scores.”

I must agree with them, as many putting mats look cheap and are unrealistic for a real golf green. This mat is different. What makes this mat so good for improving your golfing game?

Let’s get into the details…

High-Quality Design

I’ve seen this mat advertised all over the internet and I always think to myself, “This looks like a quality mat.” The mat is the most important part of a putting green. turf, design, and ball return put it miles ahead of most competitors who don’t spend as much time on the details.

While looks are important, it’s not everything as you still need the mat to simulate a real putting green. The Perfect Practice matIts velvet-like turf will ensure a consistent, smooth roll of the ball.

According to the firm, high-quality turf produces green speeds between 10-14. To put this in context, the average US golf course is rated at 10 (some are higher, some lower), while PGA Tour tournaments are rated between 12-14. Needless to say, putting on this mat will make you feel like you’re on the golf course.

The mat also has a rubber bottom that will keep it in place even if used on a hardwood flooring. This will make sure it doesn’t move and gives you the best roll possible. Plus, since it’s sized perfectly, it’s good for right or left-handed players.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

Built-in Putting Lines

It’s all about knowing the line you want to putt on and starting the ball there. So many golfers struggle to see the start line and thus don’t get the most out of their putting performance.

The Perfect Putting Mat’s track lines make it easy to see your line. These lines make it easy to get the ball started on the correct line and improve your visualization for when you’re on the course. So many competitors skip these lines and it’s a huge disadvantage for the everyday golfer.

Ball Retrieval System

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat has an automatic ball retrieval, unlike many of its competitors. This is a magnetically attached roll-back system that returns the ball for more efficient practicing. It is positioned on the side of mat and looks better than mats with retrieval systems.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Ball Return

Three Sizes

This mat is also unique in that it comes in three sizes.

  • Compact size – This model is eight feet long and ideal for smaller spaces. You can also put it in your golf travel bag to take on upcoming trips. The biggest difference between the two is that only one cup is available in full size, and not a smaller secondary training cup.
  • Standard size – The standard size is 9’6” and has both a normal-sized cup and a smaller, training cup. This is the most common size, and it fits in most spaces. Plus, it’s still easy to store if needed.
  • Extra large – The final size is quite long for an indoor putting mat at 15’6”. This mat is exactly the same size as the standard, but it’s longer. It works well in large spaces.

They even have a “Barstool Edition” which changes the green velvet turf to match their blue/red design of Barstool Sports. This model would make a great gift to any golf buddy, or a cool accessory for the man cave.

Additionally, if you don’t want an oak design, you can opt for acrylic as well. This design is a bit more sleek and modern.

Easy to Assemble

Even if it is one of top-rated and high-quality products, the assembly process is still important. Most putting mats can be unrolled right from the box. Some need a couple of hours to flatten, while others can be used right out the box.

Then, you can be thankful that the Perfect Practice Putting MatDespite its more complex design, it is very easy to put together. Follow the three-step procedure to start rolling putts.

  • Unroll your mat, massage it so it’s flat, and bend until it’s ready to go.
  • Use a low-heat iron or a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining bumps.
  • Add the putting track to the ball return track and start putting.

It’s that simple! What’s great about this putting mat is you can easily vacuum it (which is great if you have pets) and won’t damage it.

Plus, if you need to store it away for any reason, it’s easy to do. Follow the three steps once you have it out of storage.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review


Still not convinced that this is the best training aid for your sport? Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below to help you make a decision.

How does a perfect putting mat function?

Roll putts as soon as you have mastered the 3 simple steps! It’s really simple to use, and the built-in site lines can help you start building confidence immediately in your putter.

Why is the perfect practice mat elevated?

The elevated cup (or the cups, depending on which model you buy) is elevated for various reasons. First, it makes the putts harder to hole and thus more engaging. This challenge should make it easier than ever when you’re on the golf course.

The mat can also be raised to make use of the built-in retrieval mechanism. This allows you to get the most from your practice time.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

How can I get the Perfect practice mat to lie flat?

After receiving your mat, take it out of the packaging and lay it flat. Once it’s rested, bend and manipulate the mat so it’s as flat as possible.

Use a low-heat iron or a vacuum cleaner to remove any wrinkles or bends. You can also place something heavy on the trouble spots, such as a book or other heavy object.

How long does the perfect practice putting mat last?

This mat comes in 3 sizes. The mats are available in three sizes. The shortest is eight feet while the longest is over 15 feet. There is a size that will fit your home, office or other space.

Remember that the compact eight-foot design only comes with one cup. This is a regulation size cup but doesn’t offer a secondary, smaller, training cup like the other two models.

You can also find out more about the following: Perfect Practice MatThis is a great way to improve your game. I’m confident that when you use it regularly, it can give you tons of confidence when you’re on the course.

Pair it with these accessories for an even more effective experience.

  • Dave Pelz Putting TutorThis small device can be used to consistently putt. It is easy to set up the line for your putts so that you have a better chance of making it. You can use this on a real green or a mat like this. Plus, there are beginners to advanced settings so it’s great for every type of golfer.
  • Perfect Practice Putting GatesBuy these putting gates to fine-tune your putting. You can use this on a new mat or on the course. With the training cup, even a small hole will feel like it’s in a bucket. We’ve got a full hands on review of the Perfect Practice Laser Putting Glasses here.
  • Perfect Practice for Putting MirrorMirrors are a great addition to any putting mat. You can use them to putt. This makes it easy to double-check your eye placement over the ball and ensure you’re not over it. This tool allows you to confirm that your eyes are directly over the ball, or slightly below it.

Final Thoughts

This putting mat is the same one that helped Dustin Johnson, two-time major champion, and Sir Nick Faldo. This mat is a high-quality product that will help you perfect your putting within 15 feet.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat has many benefits.

  • Easy to store
  • High-quality turf
  • Easy setup process
  • Three sizes to fit every space
  • Beautiful design of oak and turf
  • It is compatible with other putting training tools
  • Built-in sightlines for a more efficient training session

Never forget that this is a very important part of the game. Even a bad round of golf can be saved if you have your putting down to a science.

It is true that it works best if you are willing to work. Make sure to schedule time in your calendar for regular use of this product. Don’t let this amazing putting mat sit there without getting regular use.

>>Click here to order today.

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