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Skechers Go Golf Torque Shoe Review

Skechers Golf Shoes Review

Your golf shoes are crucial for getting the most from your game.

Most people think of improving their game by thinking about equipment and swing mechanics. Don’t get me wrong, they’re vital to shooting lower scores, but your footwear plays a big role too.

It can be difficult to swing aggressively during a round if your feet hurt. Not to mention, you can develop blisters and possibly even affect your lower back, which is golfer’s kryptonite.

Your golf shoes can make a huge difference in your ability to play better golf. You will love the shoes if you are looking for a shoe that is more comfortable and supportive than you can imagine. Skechers Go Golf Torque shoes.  

Skechers Go Golf Torque Golf Shoes Review

A new pair of shoes caught me eye as I was making my weekly trip to the golf shop. As someone who normally plays golf in FootJoys, I was surprised to find a new pair – the Skechers Go Golf Torque shoes

What appealed to me the most was the look – the all white shoe looked more like a cloud than it did a golf shoe. I was required to walk in some tournaments, so I knew I needed shoes that would keep me comfortable so that I could concentrate on the game. Since then, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with them and can’t stop raving about them to my golf buddies. 

What makes them so great for everyday wear? Let’s review… 

Simple, but stylish design

While Skechers is known for making wildly comfortable shoes, they don’t always look the best compared to other brands. The Go Golf shoes, however, are a strikingly beautiful and stylish golf shoe. They aren’t a traditional golf shoe in terms of design but look phenomenal in any of the color options.

Two patterns are available for the Torque. One is a small pattern in the middle of a shoe that is barely noticeable in white. The other design is subtle and wraps around the back. 

Extreme Comfort

Skechers is renowned for comfort, as I have mentioned before. These shoes are extremely comfortable thanks to the Ultra Go foam cushioning. 

They also feature a flexible traction outsole and a cushioned comfort sole. If you’re someone that loves to get out and exercise vs. riding in a cart, these are a great pick. 

These shoes have an insole that is attached to the shoe. You can’t swap out with an insert that provides more arch support or padding. 

Skechers Men's Go Torque Pro Golf Shoe Sneaker, White/Navy, 10

Six Color Options

Another perk about these golf shoes is that you can choose from six  color combinations. Here’s a look:

  • All white (black sole): This is an excellent option when playing in hot, summer weather. 
  • Gray (blue sole),: This gray color is great for warmer temperatures and has a bright, blue sole.
  • White (navy sole) – If you want a shoe with more style, the white/navy shoe is a great choice. It features a different pattern at the middle of the shoe.
  • Black (white sole). They come in two options. This one is the exact same as the white sole with navy. They have a different pattern at the middle. 
  • Gray (lime sole). If you want to make a fashion statement at the golf course, the gray and lime sole is a fun, colorful choice. 
  • Black (red sole): If you’re the type of golfer who loves to wear Tiger’s signature black and red outfit on the golf course, you can’t go wrong with this color combination. The sole is red, while the shoe is black-and-white. This combination is arguably the most beautiful. 

No matter what color you choose, all of them come with a traditional lacing system. 

FAQs and Other Options by Skechers

Check out the answers below if you have any questions about these Skechers golf shoes. 

Skechers Go Golf Shoes Review

Are Skecher torque golf sneakers waterproof? 

Yes, these are 100% waterproof and will keep your feet dry, even when it’s wet and rainy on the golf course. I’d suggest skipping the all white design if you intend to use them in winter and opt for a darker color instead.  

These shoes, which are waterproof according to Skechers’ extensive research, seem to be the most durable. The majority of other shoes are not waterproof and water-resistant so they are great for winter conditions. 

Is there a waterproof warranty?

Unlike a lot of other shoes they don’t explicitly say there is a waterproof warranty. Some reviewers on Amazon have mentioned they do have a warranty but it’s not as clear-cut as other brands. I’d suggest emailing their customer service department before buying if you have any warranty questions. 

Skechers golf shoes are true to size 

They fit true to size. I normally wear FootJoy shoes, but I tried these shoes on at the golf shop and knew that they were right for me. For reference, I’m a 10 in FJ shoes and a 10 in Skechers. You can purchase the same size if you already own Skechers. They are the same throughout all models. 

Skechers Men's Go Torque Pro Golf Shoe Sneaker, White/Navy, 10

Skechers are not like other brands in terms of width. I purchased the standard width and they felt slightly wider that my FootJoys. Others golfers agree that the wider version is much more spacious than others and should allow for your feet to breathe throughout the round. 

Skechers makes spikeless shoes for golf?

Skechers continues expanding their product line. They make shoes with traditional spikes, and some without. Here are some of our favourite spikeless designs:

  • Skechers Pivot Spikeless Golf ShoesThese are some of their most attractive shoes. Even though they’re spikeless in design, they still have an outsole with turf traction that is better than a lot of competitors and provide a good amount of traction. These shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof, so they’re better for warmer, dry conditions. They are also extremely lightweight and very affordable.  
  • Skechers Max Rover Relaxed Fit golf shoes: If you want a pair that is more of a relaxed, casual style you’ll love the Max Rover. These casual, slip-on, spikeless golf shoes have a relaxed fit and provide great support for your game. These are lightweight, water-repellent, and have a Goga max high-rebound cushioning, which is great if you’re walking the course. The only downside is that they’re only available in two colors; all gray or black/gray. Otherwise, they’re an awesome choice. 

Which Skecher shoe is the most comfortable?

The “Max” version from Skecher is known as the most comfortable. They have a “GoWalk” shoe design but aren’t quite as stylish as the Go Golf Torque in my opinion. 

Skechers: What do professional golfers wear?

Skechers is more a shoe brand than a brand for golf (like FootJoy), as they make shoes that can be used for any sport or occasion. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have some big names wearing these shoes either. 

Skechers are worn by some of the most prominent names in golf, including Brook Henderson, Colin Montgomerie and Billy Andrade. 

Final Thoughts on Skechers Torque golf shoes

I’m quite impressed with these Skechers shoes and think for the price, they are some of the best on the market. They’re lightweight, extremely comfortable, and look great in any of the colors available. They also have real spikes, which allow for maximum control and will not slip from shots, especially in adverse weather conditions. 

They’re also wider than most, so you don’t have to worry about squeezing your feet in and getting any blisters after a long day on the golf course. This shoe is great if you enjoy walking and riding, and want maximum comfort.

Click here for more information about these Skechers Golf Shoes.

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