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Slice vs Hook in Golf: Definition, Causes, and Tips to Fix

Slice vs Hook in Golf: Definition, Causes, and Tips to Fix

Golf is an excellent recreation, however one that may be extremely irritating. Being off by even the slightest of margins along with your swing can typically yield disastrous outcomes on the golf course.

After I first began enjoying golf, I fought an enormous banana slice that triggered me to lose greater than my fair proportion of golf balls. Fortunately, with a while and instruction, I used to be in a position to right it and begin hitting straighter photographs on a extra constant foundation.

Undecided what the distinction is between a hook and a slice? You’ve come to the appropriate place!

On this article, we’ll train you the variations between a hook and a slice, the widespread causes of every, and tips about the right way to repair every one. Hopefully, after studying this text you’ll be nicely in your approach to hitting straighter photographs and taking pictures decrease scores.


Hook vs Slice: Understanding the Distinction

golf slice vs golf hook

Most newbie golfers battle with slicing the golf ball, particularly with the bigger golf equipment like the driving force and fairway woods. However hooking is widespread too.

What precisely is the distinction between some of these golf photographs? It’s the best way that the ball curves.

For a right-handed golfer, a slice happens when your shot begins straight however then takes a depraved proper flip. Extreme slices often find yourself within the timber, a water hazard, or simply plain misplaced! Evidently, this may be immensely irritating to any golfer since dropping a ball or hitting one into the water leads to a one-stroke penalty.

The alternative of a slice is a hook. Once more utilizing our right-handed golfer instance, a hook occurs when the golfer’s shot begins going straight however then takes a pointy left-hand flip about midway via. This additionally can lead to misplaced golf balls or photographs that find yourself within the timber or water.


What Causes a Slice?

There are a number of totally different the reason why golfers slice the ball. We’ll cowl a few these intimately under.

Improper Grip / Too Weak

The grip is among the most important elements of the golf swing. Give it some thought – your palms are the one hyperlink between you and the golf membership. Having a grip that’s “too weak” will typically trigger you to slice the golf ball as a result of you’ve gotten an open clubface at impression.

Once we say weak grip, we aren’t referring to grip strain. We’re speaking about what number of knuckles you may see in your high hand whereas holding the golf membership. With a grip that’s too weak, you’ll solely see one knuckle in your high hand. Right here’s a very good image for example a grip that’s too weak and will trigger slicing.

weak golf grip


Out to In Swing Path

Slicing can be brought on by an out to in swing path. This typically happens resulting from an improper takeaway when beginning the golf swing. People with an out-to-in swing path typically activate their palms, wrists, and arms manner too quickly as an alternative of merely turning their shoulders away from the goal.

What’s the results of an out-to-in swing path? The golfer finally ends up slicing throughout the golf ball and placing that infamous spin on the golf ball that causes a slice.


What Causes a Hook?

Simply as with slicing, there are many the reason why golfers hook the ball. Listed below are the 2 most important causes for hooking.

Improper Grip / Too Sturdy

We talked above concerning the risks of getting a grip that’s too weak and the way it’ll typically result in slices. Alongside those self same traces, a grip that’s too robust will often result in hooks as a result of the clubface is simply too closed at impression.

Once more, we’re not speaking about how onerous you’re gripping the golf membership however the place of your palms. Right here’s an image of a grip that’s too robust. Discover you could see three knuckles on the left hand.

strong golf grip

In to Out Swing Path

These infuriating duck hooks typically occur due to an in-to-out swing path. This additionally occurs due to an improper takeaway throughout the starting of the golf swing.

An in to out swing path begins when the golfer pulls the membership too far inside close to their physique. When this occurs, the golfer will hit extra of the within of the golf ball and the outcome will likely be a hook.


Is it Higher to Hook or Slice?

To play at your finest, it’s essential to get rid of each hooks and slices out of your golf recreation. Each sorts of mishits could be detrimental to taking pictures a very good rating persistently. Each sorts of swing flaws ought to be labored on on the vary with a number of apply time.

If we needed to choose one over the opposite although, we’d select the hook over the slice. Hooks can often be corrected by some slight tweaks whereas slices typically want some main swing changes. An fascinating remark is that newer golfers typically combat a slice whereas seasoned golfers generally combat a hook.


Methods to Repair a Slice

Here’s a checklist of a number of tricks to attempt when fixing your slice.

1. Don’t Swing So Arduous

I’ve seen it time and time once more on the course. Golfers who stroll as much as the tee and attempt to “kill” the golf ball often find yourself slicing it to “hell and gone” as Will Smith mentioned in The Legend of Bagger Vance.

The reason being that while you overswing, you typically grip the membership manner too tight and the palms can’t flip over correctly at impression. This makes it too troublesome to sq. the clubface. The subsequent time you’re on the tee field, act such as you’re simply making an attempt to clip the tee, not homicide the golf ball.

2. Right Your Grip

Slicers usually have a grip that’s too weak. If that’s you, attempt strengthening your grip only a tiny bit. You don’t should go overboard however attempt to see two knuckles at handle as an alternative of just one. This will provide you with higher management of the membership head and make it simpler to hit the ball squarely.

3. Right Your Swing Path

In the event you’re combating a slice, attempt correcting your swing path. More often than not, slicers have an out-to-in swing path. Follow a clean takeaway that’s impartial, which means not too far in and never too far out.

In case you are preventing a nasty slice, an incredible drill that can assist right your swing path is named the Headcover Drill. Head to the apply vary with a bucket of balls however put one among your headcovers (or a towel) underneath your left arm (for a right-handed golfer).

While you go to hit your photographs, hold your arm near your physique so the headcover gained’t slip out. It would really feel a bit bizarre at first however hold with it. This straightforward drill will show you how to hold your arms nearer to your physique and can show you how to get used to swinger on a extra correct path.

Right here’s a video that demonstrates this drill:


4. Attempt to Hook the Ball

We all know this sounds bizarre however stick with us right here. Golf generally is a recreation of opposites. More often than not you may repair one drawback by exaggerating a couple of issues in your swing.

Slicers often minimize throughout the golf ball at impression. As a substitute of slicing throughout and hitting primarily the skin of the ball, concentrate on making contact with the within of the ball. You might find yourself hitting the ball tremendous straight by doing this!

Additional studying: Methods to repair a slice


Methods to Repair a Hook

Listed below are a couple of ideas for fixing your hook.

1. Weaken Your Grip a Tad

The standard root reason behind a hook is because of a grip that’s too robust. This leads to the golfer making contact with the ball with a closed clubface. This creates that spin that causes the appropriate to left ball flight.

Grip the golf membership such as you usually would and do an trustworthy evaluation. In the event you can see three or 4 knuckles, weaken your grip by one knuckle to see if that cures your hook.

2. Sluggish Every part Down

One other huge purpose that golfers hook the ball is being too fast with the palms or hips. Once more, this will trigger a shut clubface at impression and trigger that each one too acquainted proper to left curve.

Follow taking slower, smoother backswings. This could show you how to hold a steadier tempo all through your swing and will straighten out your hook.

3. Right Your Swing Path

Identical to with slices, you’ll want to examine your swing path when making an attempt to right a hook. Hooks typically come from swinging on a path that’s too in to out. Follow a swing path that’s extra impartial and never too inside out.

Golfers who battle with hooking the ball can attempt a straightforward repair which will rapidly repair this widespread challenge. Whereas on the apply vary, experiment with standing one to 2 inches nearer to the golf ball at handle. This can take some getting used to since you’ll suppose you’re standing too near the ball.

While you stand somewhat nearer to the ball, you gained’t have sufficient room to swing from in to out. This can make you swing on a extra vertical aircraft and may assist get rid of these annoying hooks.

4. Examine Your Alignment at Tackle

Plenty of golfers who battle with a hook are inclined to intention manner too far to the appropriate of their targets to overcompensate. Whereas this may increasingly work okay for some time, take into account aiming straight down the center of the green. In the event you’re making an attempt out a brand new grip, you would possibly as nicely attempt the right alignment.