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The 5 Best Toe Hang Putters of 2023 (Pros & Cons of Each)

The 5 Best Toe Hang Putters of 2023 (Pros & Cons of Each)

It is not easy to find the right putter for you stroke. There are many factors to consider before buying. Your putting stroke, the type of hosel you use, and your weight bias are the most important.

This post will discuss the best toe-hang putter for players with moderate, severe, and extreme arch strokes. These putters range from budget-friendly, entry-level flat sticks with a face insert to high-end flat sticks with a smooth surface.

What is a Toe Hang Pile?

Toe hang putters are made with extra clubhead mass and are designed to open your backstroke and lag behind your forward stroke. This is a good option for golfers with arched strokes, who open the putter on their backstroke and close it on their forward stroke.

The TaylorMade tutorial below will give you a clearer idea of the stroke path.

Toe hang can vary between putters. The lowest level is minor toe hold, which works well for golfers who have a straight-arch stroke. These golfers need minimal lag on the forestroke and can straighten up along the way.

Next, we’ll discuss moderate toe hanging, which is typically 20 degrees. Moderate toe hang is best for players who have a medium arch stroke and require some lag assistance on their forward stroke.

A putter with 40 degrees toe hang is considered extreme and is not recommended for golfers who have exaggerated arched strokes. These golfers open the putter face too much on the backstroke, and then snap it shut to square it up for impact.

The Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano is a great example of a extreme toe hang putter. It’s our top pick from this list.

What to Look For In a Good Toe Putter Head Shape

First, determine whether you prefer mallets or blades. Mallet-style putters have an oversized head design and a large active zone to ensure consistent spin, even on heel or toe mishits.

You can also get a higher level of moment of imertia (MOI), to help you align your clubface at contact.

A blade putter’s head is, in contrast, compact and attractive to look at. It also delivers superior feel and feedback. However, the club head’s smaller design allows for greater forgiveness and perimeter weighting.


Next, consider your putting stroke and your personal preference for hosel. Different shafts have different weight balances, creating different amounts of toe hang. Toe hang putters are best for golfers who have an arched stroke. However, there are many options to suit your arch.

My experience is that players with high arching strokes will benefit from a flow or short neck hosel. For golfers with a hybrid straight-arching stroke, a plumbers neck design is ideal.

Best Face Material

After you have gotten the basics out of the way think about your preferred face material. A milled surface is my first choice. I like the feel and friction it creates for pure rolls. These putters can be expensive and not within the budget of most golfers.

A polyurethane face insert can be used instead. It neutralizes vibrations from mishits and promotes topspin.

Grip Size

The last factor to consider is your grip. There are many options available, from a slim pistol design to a jumbo structure that restricts wrist movement. The thicker grips are preferred by many average golfers as it reduces face twisting and improves grip pressure for a fluid stroke.

Top 5 Toe Hold Putters to Consider

1. Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano – Best Overall

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter (Seven Nano).

Odyssey White Hot Original OG Putters are made with the original White Hot formulation. They have the same feel, sound, performance, and feel as the original White Hot. Odyssey engineers have combined a rich, silver PVD finish with fine grinding on the surfaces.

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  • Excessive toe hang
  • Forgiveness
  • Encourages greater distance control
  • Durable
  • Clean finish


  • Putter moderately costly
  • It causes severe lag in your forward stroke, making square up difficult.

The White Hot OG Seven NanoThe 40 degree toe hang makes this a powerful tool for those golfers who have extreme arching strokes. I also liked the smooth feel and consistent forward spin on all shots.

This putter is very difficult to square up at impact. Only those with high arches are allowed to play with it. Its stroke preferences aside, you will appreciate the soft feel of the ball as it leaves the clubface and heads towards the cup.

Next, I was able to consistently topspin the rich PVD-milled surface. This improved my distance control and resulted in fewer three-putts. This was a big help when I hit the ball off center.

Finally, the mallet putter head has ample weight which expands the sweet spot, and provides superior forgiveness for all shots.

2. Wilson Harmonized M3 – Best Budget

Budget selection

WILSON Harmonized M3 golf putter

Toe Heavy putter. New grip size. Multiple density areas on the Micro injection face implant.

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  • Rock bottom price tag
  • Forgiveness
  • Consistent forward roll
  • Enhances feedback
  • Red and white are a beautiful combination


  • This is not the most beautiful putter head design
  • The alignment aid is a basic

Wilson has always impressed me with their forgiving, affordable golf clubs that add value to the average player’s game. The Harmonized M3This mission is the best as it comes at an affordable price and delivers consistent results for high handicappers.

Although the M3 may not be the most visually appealing putter in the game, it is very toe-heavy, and I recommend it to anyone with arched strokes. I found the alignment aid simple and efficient. It gave me an idea of where my ball was heading at address.

The micro-injection polymer insert on the face was a great idea. It increased feel and feedback. It also features a pleasing black-and-white pattern that is easy on the eyes at address.

Finally, I felt the M3 did a good job encouraging forward roll as well as ensuring consistent distance control for all putts.

3. Odyssey Eleven 2 Ball Tour Lined – Most Forgiving

Odyssey Golf Eleven Putter 2Ball Tour Lined

2-Ball putters have won 364 World Tour victories and 36 Major championships over the past 20 years, making them the #1 Tour Putter. The Stroke Lab shaft has improved performance.

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  • Forgiveness beyond compare
  • For accurate roll, encourage square faces at contact
  • Pure feeling
  • Keeps topspin for off-center strikes
  • Glare resistant finish


  • Moderately price
  • This is not the prettiest brand putter.

The Odyssey Eleven 2 ball Tour LinedPutter has the highest forgiveness of any toe hang counterparts in 2023. Odyssey used 20 degrees of toe hang for moderately arching strokes. These mallet putters also have a glare resistant finish and a higher MOI, which allows for more precise putts.

Odyssey’s classic two-ball alignment aid is backed up by an additional line to give you a clearer picture of where your putter face is aiming. The enlarged head is able to carry a high degree MOI. This helped me square my face at impact for a perfect putt.

I was happy to have the added leniency, tighter dispersion, and onset by the positioning of a forward-center of gravity (CG), that maintained topspin on off center misses.

The Eleven 2 Ball Lines also feature the famed Odyssey White Hot Insert for a pure feeling and soft acoustics upon contact.

4. TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast – Most Consistent Topspin

TaylorMade HydroBlast Putter X SpiderMade

The “Y” design shape allows for all golfers to center the ball and clearly visualize the path to the hole. For a softer feel, use a white TPU Pure Roll insert. The Pure Roll grooves are at a 45° angle encourages optimal forward roll as well as better sound, feel and overall roll characteristics.

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  • Produces consistent topspin in heel and toe mishits.
  • Attractive finish with putter head design
  • All putts have a soft feel
  • Golfers who prefer a slight arc stroke should wear suits golfers
  • Expanded sweet spot
  • Amazing alignment aid


  • Moderately price
  • Traditionalists may not approve of the bulky design of the clubhead

I find the TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlastThose with arched strokes will find the most consistent rolling toe putter with a flow neckhosel. This putter also features an advanced alignment aid that helps golfers aim better.

The Pure Roll insert felt soft and pleasant to the touch. The 45-degree grooves were strategically placed to maintain topspin across the face, and provide consistent distance control.

This putter has been given a HydroBlast look by TaylorMade engineers. The club head is also streamlined to allow you to deliver consistent topspin, accuracy, and consistency in all strokes.

The Spider X HydroBlast also has a 320-gram frame made of steel and a 15-gram sole that can be used for perimeter weighting. This improves the distance control and accuracy by increasing the sweet spot and stability at contact.

5. Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 – Best Premium

TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Phantom X – Putter (11.5 Degrees).

Titleist blade putters have the same buttery-soft feel as Titleist blade putters, but without sacrificing forgiveness. The low bend shaft design suits players who produce excess face rotation during the stroke.

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  • Delivers a pure roll
  • Buttery soft feel
  • Elevated forgiveness
  • Promotes straighter putts
  • Built for a golfer with a moderate to high-arched stroke


  • Premium price tag
  • You need to purchase the adjustable swing weights separately

Scotty Cameron needs no introduction. They have been crafting soft-feeling and smooth rolling putters for as long as I have lived. The Phantom X 11.5 offers the buttery-soft feel enjoyed in their blade putters without sacrificing forgiveness.

I have always loved the feel and roll produced by a milled putter face, and this putter is no different. It is delightful to see the purity of the ball roll you generate as the ball glides swiftly across the dancefloor towards the cup.

Players who have excessive face rotation during the stroke will appreciate the low-bending shaft design. However, an exceptional MOI setup guides you to square the clubface at contact for a straight putt.

Lastly, I felt the alignment aid provided a clear and concise view of my aim, thanks to the black back flange with a white stripe.

The Case for (and Against) Toe Hang Putters

What I like about them

Lag On Forward Stroke

The extra mass in the putter’s toe forces it open on backstroke and keeps it there until the ball hits. This is a good option for players with an arched stroke who tend to close their putter faces at impact to square it.

I believe the additional open angle of the clubface helps players with arched strokes to not close the clubface violently on impact. Instead, the lag on your forward stroke causes resistance and encourages a more gentle closing at contact.

What I dislike about them

It’s difficult to square the Putter Face

Putter toe hang will increase the angle at which your clubface is open during the backstroke. It encourages lag on your forward stroke to avoid your face from snapping at impact. This is great for arched strokes but it can cause players with straight back and forward positions to be exposed when the ball hits them.

Exacerbate Pushed Putts

Toe-hang putters can be difficult to square at contact so some golfers leave their face open and push putts to right of the hole. Toe-hanging will only make things worse if you have trouble sending your putts to right.

Who I Believe They Are Best For

Toe-hang putters work best for golfers who open their putter face while backspinning and then close it at impact. The intensity of your arched stroke will determine how much toe hang you have.

Toe hang is essential if your face rotates too much during the stroke. Toe hang is minimal to moderate if you do an arch-straight combination stroke.

The additional weight in the toe keeps your face open during your backstroke, causing it to lag on your forward stroke. You have more control over your putter and the putter face doesn’t close quickly, causing your golf ball to hook left of cup.