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The 6 Best High MOI Putters on The Market [2023 Edition]

The 6 Best High MOI Putters on The Market [2023 Edition]

It is essential to improve your putter stroke in order to lower your strokes. Spending hours on the putting green is the best way to do this.

High handicappers can ask for forgiveness from mallet putters in the interim. This post will reveal my list of 6 top high MOI putters for 2023.

You’ll notice these putters carry a mallet design and offer exceptional leniency, a consistent roll, and a superb feel. You can also use an advanced alignment aid to keep your putter square to the target at address.

For more information on golf equipment, those just starting out are in the right place. For later reference, bookmark our guide on the 10 best beginners putters.

Benefits of using a high MOI putter

Square Putter Face at Impact

High MOI putters are designed so that your clubface does not twist during your stroke. They also ensure that your clubface remains square at impact. It helps you align your putter with the target to improve your accuracy.

If you stroke blade putters using a limited moment inertia (MOI), and you tend to twist your face, it is possible to leave the contact open or close at contact. This can lead to you pulling or pushing your ball. You may miss your target and end up three-putting.


A high MOI putter not only improves your accuracy but also provides greater forgiveness. A high MOI putter typically is made from multiple materials to reduce the total weight of the golf clubs. The engineers then reposition the weight around the clubhead in order to increase MOI and expand their sweet spot.

As a result, you’ll find that you produce consistent ball speed and topspin on all strokes across the clubface.

Distance Control – Improved

Higher MOI putter face stability provides more benefits than forgiveness and better accuracy. For consistent rolling, a strong clubface allows for the face to contact the ball quickly and is more stable.

You’ll notice that this feature helps you get your ball into the vicinity of the cup more often than not to give you a shot at a 2-putt.

The 6 Best High MOI Putting Teams

1. TaylorMade Spider Tour Black #3

Top pick

Spider Tour Black Putter #3

Modern mallet putters are made with multi-materials to ensure stability, high MOI and better roll.

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black #3The lightweight 6061 aluminum core and 304 Stainless steel provide a high-MOI design. It had a soft feel and optimal topspin, which I appreciated.

You’ll notice that the Spider Tour is a modern mallet-style putter which offers the average golfer maximum forgiveness on all strikes. The engineers were able to save weight by using lightweight aluminum. This was then redistributed to the perimeter to ensure straighter putts.

The PU Foam sits between the frame and the body, which I found to be very useful. It dampened vibrations from off-center hits, and produced a muted sound for all putts.

I was able to achieve consistent topspin and forward rolls with the Spider Tour Black putter. This can be attributed the Pure Roll Face insert. This enabled me to roll smoothly and reduced skidding off of the clubface.


  • Maximum MOI
  • Produces roll consistency and topspin consistency
  • Straighter putts
  • Soft Feel
  • Forgiveness


  • Expensive
  • 33 inches is the shortest shaft available

2. PXG Lightning 0211

It offers extreme stability and consistency. The wide-body design allows for a bold Runway Reticle alignment aid and a flared dual-step geometry. This helps golfers stay focused and execute every putt smoothly.

A quality putter can set you back a lot these days, except for the PXG Lightning 0211. It is a quality, low-cost, high MOI putter that will produce straighter results. It has a smooth roll, rapid ball speed, and smooth rolling.

The Lightning 0211 putter is easy to use for beginners thanks to its wide-body design. This allowed engineers to pack it in a high MOI and an advanced Bold Runway Reticle Aignment Aid. You’ll find that the high MOI putter promotes a square clubface at contact to improve your accuracy.

A double bend hosel was included in the 0211 to create a face balanced hang. This setup is great for golfers who have a tendency to putt right into the cup. You’ll find that it encourages your putter to remain square to the target at impact.

Optimized Pyramid Face Pattern was the next feature that stood out to me. Engineers manipulated the groove depth in order to improve the feel of each hit and increase ball velocity.


  • Forgiveness
  • Higher MOI construction encourages better accuracy
  • Soft Feel
  • Smooth roll
  • Golfers who like to wear suits with a straight back stroke will love these suits


  • Golfers who have an arc stroke will not find the hosel to be suitable.
  • It isn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

3. Odyssey 11 Triple Track

This tool is designed to help you frame the ball correctly with the correct alignment at address. It also has a high MOI for greater accuracy.

The next highest MOI putter on the list is the Odyssey 11 Triple TrackThis product is designed to give high handicappers and mid-high handicappers exceptional forgiveness on all hits. Because it provides effective alignment aid, and a soft touch, inertia is the best choice.

Odyssey chose to reduce steel section of shaft to decrease overall mallet mass. They did. By 7 grams. The engineers placed this mass inside of the clubface to increase forgiveness for all shots, even miss-hits.

The 11 Triple Track was also very stable and maintained a consistent ball pace. I was able to dance with maximum accuracy and distance thanks to the 11 Triple Track.

You’ll notice that this Odyssey putter boasts an impressive Triple Track alignment aid on the top of the face. I was able to line up every putt and ensure that the putter face was in line with my target line. The famous White Hot Insert on the Odyssey 11 Triple Track enhances feel, acoustics, consistency, and playability.


  • Aid to enlarge the triple track alignment
  • Soft Feel
  • Stability enhanced
  • Forgiveness
  • Maximum MOI


  • Expensive
  • The 11 design does not suit every golfer’s taste.

4. Cobra King Agera

The intricate 3D-printed nylon lattice structure optimizes the weight distribution in the putter head to create maximum stability and MOI.

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The highly forgiving mallet putter with the next highest MOI is the highly forgiving Cobra AgeraThis allows you to strike the ball cleanly with different approaches. It has a wider sweet spot that allows for exceptional forgiveness on the green.

You’ll notice the Agera contains a 3D printed nylon insert, which reduces the total mass of the putter. Cobra then distributed the weight saved to the clubface.

A 284-gram steel frame, a 22-gram aluminum cap and 30 grams of Tungsten in the heel support the clubface’s forgiveness. The partnership between these components raises the putter’s MOI to encourage a square face at contact to keep your golf ball on line.

The Cobra Agera’s excellent MOI qualities are complemented by a clean, consistent contact and pure roll. The SIK Aluminium face insert uses Descending Loft Technology (DLT), which applies four descending lofts to ensure that every golfer is able to catch the ball.


  • Exceptional MOI
  • Encourages greater accuracy on the green
  • You can be sure of a clean strike regardless of your angle
  • This pure roll is guaranteed
  • Lamkin Smart Grips tracks data on each putt, which you can later analyze


  • Expensive
  • 34-inches is a short shaft option

5. Ping Tyne C Putter

The Ping Tyne C is one of the most patient face-balanced putters. It’s perfect for a straight stroke. Its enhanced MOI profile, made from 17-4 stainless, tungsten and aluminum, lowers the total putter weight. Ping then distributed the weight around the putter head to allow for heel-toe forgiveness.

The Tyne C has a high MOI and a Dual-Durometer insert for precise results on all puts. The Pebax front layer improves your ability to feel precise on short putts. The firm back layers provide feedback to help you control your distance on long shots.

Because of their uniform depth, the Shallow Uniform Grooves performed extremely well for me. You’ll enjoy a soft feel and produce consistent forward roll on all strokes.

Finally, the Ping Tyne C features an optimal center gravity (CG). This allows for consistent, clean strokes and keeps your club head square.


  • Gives you more feedback on long puts
  • Short putts with a soft feel
  • Smooth, consistent roll
  • MoI increased
  • High forgiveness


  • It doesn’t suit golfers with an arch stroke.
  • Expensive

Link to purchase at PGA Tour Superstore

6. #2 Tour Edge Exotics wingman

The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 2 closes our list of high MOI putters. This face-balanced putter provides players with a straight back stroke and through stroke. It ensures soft feel, optimal forward roll and reduced skidding.

The Micro Groove Face was immediately noticeable and performed as expected. I felt a pure, soft touch at impact. There were no vibrations. I also noticed that the horizontal microgrooves raised the forward roll and prevented skidding off the face.

Moreover, you’ll see that Tour Edge decided on a Carbon Fiber Sole Plate to redistribute mass to the aft of the clubhead, boosting MOI. It was able to resist twisting and remained straight at lift-off for straighter results.

The Lock-On Contrast Aligment Technology was also a nice touch. It’s easy for any golfer at address to align their putter face and the target. Finally, the Exotics WIngman 2 has adjustable weights to increase or decrease the heel or toe mass.


  • Super forgiving
  • Weights that can be interchanged
  • Advanced alignment aid
  • Affordable
  • Produces a clean roll across the green


  • The putter head’s design is busy, which can lead to off-putting
  • It is not designed for players who have an arc stroke.

Link to purchase at PGA Tour Superstore