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The 7 Best Lag Putting Drills to Setup an Easy Final Putt

The 7 Best Lag Putting Drills to Setup an Easy Final Putt

3-putts are the bane of an novice’s existence. Even with correct method pictures, the placing inexperienced is the place it falls aside for informal golfers.

This is because of poor alignment and pace management. This situation prompted me to compile a listing of sensible lag placing drills to enhance your putts per spherical document.

The drills listed under are perfect for efficiently navigating huge greens. This lets you confidently get your ball to inside a number of toes for a 2-putt tap-in. For those who hit the inexperienced in regulation, that offers you a simple par.

As well as, these workout routines enhance your alignment that will help you decide breaks on longer putts.


1. Measuring Tape (The longer the putt, the longer the backstroke)

Once I began taking part in golf, I used to be advised that the energy of my putt relied on my follow-through and never the backswing. Because of this, I took the putter again the identical distance for each putt, inflicting me to go away longer putts wanting the cup.

It didn’t take me lengthy to acknowledge this flaw, and I adjusted the backstroke accordingly. My coach employed a measuring tape and helped me mark the required backswing size for every distance. Over time, it turned like second nature to ship the putter head again the specified span for a 5, 10, 20, and even 40-foot putt.

How To Do The Measuring Tape Drill

Decide a goal, and arrange three balls every 5, 10, 20, 40, and 60 toes from the cup. Subsequent, prolong the measuring tape to 30-inches, and lock it. This measurement covers the size of your stroke for the totally different distances.

Roll putts from 5 toes, and get a buddy to mark the highest of your again putting-stroke on the measuring tape. Document the gap for future reference. Proceed to strike 10-footers and comply with the identical process. Observe this up with 20, 40, and 60-feet putts.

As soon as your backstroke lengths are decided, return to the 20-foot marker, and take out the measuring tape once more. Lock it on the measurement of your backstroke to information you. This helps you produce the required launch in your takeaway for optimum distance management.


2. Really feel The Velocity

I noticed Phil Mickelson run by this placing drill, which helps you acquire a greater really feel for lengthy putts. This trains you to induce a fascinating backstroke size and optimum energy on the downstroke for improved pace management:

Phil suggests that you just produce the same amount of power in your follow-through for every shot. This provides a component of consistency to your strokes. The one variable is the size of your backstroke.

How To Do The Really feel The Velocity Drill

Lefty does this drill from 40, 50, and 60 toes. Now, as an expert, the greens he putts on are considerably longer than those you and I are accustomed to. Subsequently, I counsel beginning at 20 toes earlier than progressing to 40 and 50 toes.

Place 5 balls at every distance mark, and hit putts to your goal. I like to recommend figuring out a spot on the inexperienced fairly than a selected gap for this train. Repeat the duty from that vary if you don’t card a 100% success price. After succeeding from 20 toes, transfer on to 40 and at last, 50 toes.


3. Manilla Folder

manila folder putting drill

Lengthy straight putts are troublesome to evaluate as is. Nonetheless, it enhances the problem of pace management whenever you add a downhill slope to the equation. Inadequate tempo leaves you with a downhill second putt, risking a bogey.

Conversely, the surplus tempo might ship your ball hurtling to the perimeter of the inexperienced. You need the ball to trickle all the way down to the cup, leaving you with a easy tap-in for par. The manilla folder drill helps you decide pace exactly.

The thought is to cease the ball on the folder as if it have been the highest of a slope. Gravity takes over from this level and guides the ball in the direction of the flagstick.

How To Do The Manilla Folder Drill

Establish a degree on the inexperienced to put the folder, after which measure at 20, 40, and 50-feet intervals. Set 5 balls up on every mark and start from 20 toes away. Produce 5 profitable lag putts that cease on the folder earlier than transferring onto the 40-foot setup.



4. Gate Placing Drill (Accuracy)

tiger putting drill

The primary 3 drills revolved round important pace management. However, in case your putter face isn’t sq. by impression, it sends your ball off line from the start. Subsequently, you stand no probability of sinking your putt. The gate placing drill encourages you to sq. the putter face up at contact to ship your ball in your supposed line.

Tiger Woods utilized this drill to his warm-up routine on the follow inexperienced. He positioned two tees parallel to one another, roughly 2-inches in entrance, forming a gate marginally wider than his putter head. He aimed to ship the ball by the gate to induce a straight roll.

For granted-hand golfer, he would pull the ball left of the cup if his putter face was closed at impression. Quite the opposite, his ball would miss proper if he left the face open at contact.

How To Do The Gate Placing Drill

Insert two tees into the bottom 2 inches forward of your golf ball. The tees ought to sit parallel to 1 one other, forming a gate construction. Make use of this follow routine 20, 40, and 50 toes away from the outlet, working in your accuracy from that distance.

Your mission is to get the ball to inside a radius of three toes of the outlet, guaranteeing a tap-in 2-putt.


5. Decide The Velocity Of The Greens

The problem amateurs have with lag placing is figuring out the amount of pressure to strike the golf ball with. I like to recommend using this placing follow drill in your pre-round preparation. It provides you a really feel for the structure of the greens and what you may count on for that day.

As a substitute of selecting a selected gap on the inexperienced, putt from one finish to the opposite, watching the break and pace of your roll. In case your ball flies off the opposite facet of the inexperienced, it is advisable to dial the tempo down. Contrarily, brief putts require further oomph to get the ball throughout the dancefloor.

How To Do The Decide The Velocity Drill

Place 5 golf balls on one finish of the inexperienced, and putt the ball to a delegated goal on the opposite facet. Stroke the 5 balls and take note of the consistency of the roll and the break. The intention is to cease the ball inside a 3-feet radius of your goal for optimum distance management.


6. In The Zone

Within the Zone is one in all my finest placing drills that provides objective to your coaching routine. It will get you into the mindset of stopping your first putts inside a 3-feet radius across the cup. Nonetheless, it additionally encourages a assured stroke to scale back your danger of leaving a putt brief.

I like this drill as a result of it helps you identify your progress by scoring every putt. Your total mission is to attain as many strokes underneath par as potential, placing from totally different distances.

In the end, this train is constructed to advertise assured putts that roll previous the outlet fairly than being left brief.

How To Do In The Zone

Seize an alignment stick and place it 3 toes previous the outlet, then measure intervals of 20, 40, and 50 toes from the flag. Subsequent, place 5 balls at every interval, and put together to putt.

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Begin with the closest 5-balls. Each time you sink a putt, it counts as a birdie. However, if you happen to go away it brief or blast it additional than 3-feet previous the cup, it leads to a bogey. Tally up your rating from the primary distance and proceed to the 40-foot mark, and at last, attempt your luck from 50 toes out.

After getting putt all of your balls, rely your total rating. Then repeat the drill to attempt to enhance your private finest rating.


7. Go away It Under The Gap

As an novice, you by no means need to go away your self a downhill tester for par. There are too many elements to contemplate that may trigger you to overlook the putt and card a bogey. That’s the reason you need your second putt uphill at any time when potential.

It’s simpler to hit a agency, uphill putt than decide the gap of a fast downhill roll. The go away it under the outlet drill helps you decide your strikes to perfection to trickle the ball all the way down to the outlet for a simple tap-in.

How To Do Go away It Under The Gap

Rent the providers of your trusted alignment stick and place it 3-feet previous the cup. Sit 5 balls down on the inexperienced on the 20, 40, and 50-foot mark, and stroke the ball. The thought is to cease your golf ball between the cup and the alignment stick, encouraging a simple 2-putt from far out.

You have to not progress to the 40-foot mark till all 5-balls are 3-feet under the cup. You have to possess an ideal document earlier than persevering with.